WALL-E Animated Movie Review (PIXAR)

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A few weeks ago I saw an advance charity screening of Pixars new animated movie with the star character called WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) & his girlfriend EVA (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Searcher)

But don’t let the names fool you, WALL-E is a robot movie with heart and soul. Everyone I know who’s watched it, loved it, regardless of their age or whether they usually dislike animated movies. You must watch it 🙂

WALL-E opens in Australian cinemas on Thursday September 18th

The basic plot of the movie is that Earth has been abandoned for over 700 years after being covered in a vast sea of rubbish and waste caused by consumerism gone mad.

A company called “By N Large” (BNL) has taken over all business and government functions on Earth and evacuated all humans in a huge spaceship colony to fly through space until the earth is cleaned up by hundreds upon thousands of robots large & small called “WALL-E”

The evacuation and cleanup was supposed to take 5 years, but instead it took 700. All the WALL-E robots stop working except one.

This one robot, our small hero Wall-E continues to do his job with only the company of his pet cockroach until one day he makes a momentous discovery …

Other People’s Reviews

Pixar’s “WALL-E” succeeds at being three things at once: an enthralling animated film, a visual wonderment and a decent science-fiction story. After “Kung Fu Panda,” I thought I had just about exhausted my emergency supply of childlike credulity, but here is a film, like “Finding Nemo,” that you can enjoy even if you’ve grown up. That it works largely without spoken dialogue is all the more astonishing; it can easily cross language barriers, which is all the better, considering that it tells a planetary story – Roger Ebert

To understand the movie you need to understand the levels. One aspect a movie must have and which Pixar uses very well, is relatibility. There is very little actual dialogue, which makes the movie accessible to all people; the sub-plot is a strained romance, something all too many people understand; and the sidekick is the annoyingly likable cockroach – WALL-E, EVA, and Other Acronyms

Wonderfully inventive, this whimsical sci-fi animation from the wizards at Pixar is topical in its environmental message and full of heart when it comes to its robot/ droid romance. Brilliant execution allows much of the communications throughout WALL-E to be wordless, with smartly used sound effects. While it’s entertaining, amusing and heartwarming, the big surprise is that we become totally involved in the film’s reality, and champion the rusty little robot that loses whatever heart he happens to have to the pristine, sleek super-model programmed droid EVE – Urban Cinefile

It is, the more I think about it, a jewel of a film in conception, execution and message. But the kids, who had been laughing at a recent screening, got very quiet during certain sequences, especially when the Earth seemed irredeemable. “WALL-E’s” glance into the future didn’t do much for my bliss either, but the idea that a company in the business of mainstream entertainment would make something as creative, substantial and cautionary as “WALL-E” has to raise your hopes for humanity – Washington Post

5 Replies to “WALL-E Animated Movie Review (PIXAR)”

  1. People make way too much of the so called environmentalist overtones, as if it’s an extremist position or something.

    this is a good movie, a cute family friendly movie about a future with a planet that’s junked up. There’s no talk about global warming or so called ‘political’ issues. There’s just too much trash.

    The characters are great, the movie’s wonderful for kids and adults.

  2. Neerav
    I just adored this movie – you will love the Blu-Ray version. I remember after I saw it, I had to go out and watch Funny Face so I could hear the original song “Sunday Clothes” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVA3jgpgIY8

    A very heart-felt film: whenever I put it on, the kids come running out to watch it – amazing considering there is no dialogue until later in the film. It’s wonderful storytelling.


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