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So, you can’t pay that $5,000 on your credit card. Or you’ve missed your mortgage payment for the third time in three months. How long will it haunt your credit record? The official answer is five years – seven if you’re a bankrupt.

Most people worry about these black marks hanging around forever. The truth is that payment defaults stay on your credit file for five years and then the slate is automatically wiped clean.


Bankruptcy is only listed for seven years but the credit ramifications are enormous – your name is forever on the public record with the Insolvency and Trustee Service Australia and your ability to borrow money or buy things on credit will be severely limited.

Credit records provide lenders with a look at your credit history – including loan defaults, applications for credit, court judgements and serious credit infringements – to give them an idea of your ability to repay.


Identity Fraud costs the community $2.2 billion a year. Read more about avoiding being a target of fraud. In its simplest form, an individual’s personal details are “stolen” and used to gain credit – either cash or goods and services.

The upshot is that the individual is left with a potential liability for the debt, a damaged credit reputation and the inconvenience of amending a corrupted credit file.

Protection is the best deterrent, so make sure you know what is on your credit file by requesting a free copy from Veda Advantage.

Make sure you follow the instructions which say “Free service” because the first few options on the request your credit file page are “so called” premium services that will post you a copy in 1 day if you pay them a fee compared to posting you a FREE copy in 10 days.


Please note that you may only request a copy of your own credit history. For security purposes, prior to receiving a credit file you will be asked to verify your identity.

To obtain your file you will need to provide the credit agency with:

  • A clear statement that you are requesting a copy of “My Credit File”
  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your driver’s licence number
  • Your current residential address
  • Your previous addresses
  • Your current employer or a previous employer
  • Name of the organisation to which you last applied for credit
  • A daytime telephone number
  • Your signature.

If for whatever reason Veda Advantage doesn’t have your full credit history you can also request a free copy of your credit record from Dun & Bradstreet

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  1. i just read yr article on credit default history. the bank told me that the default stays against my name til paid, then after the 5yrs its wiped. i have these debts due to credit fraud. someone stole my id. she paid debts in my name with stolen cards.

  2. MOBILE phones and credit cards are pushing increasing numbers of young Australians into bankruptcy. New work by debt recovery company Prushka has found … up to 80 per cent of so-called part-nine debt agreements, under the Bankruptcy Act, were with people running up debts because of their credit-card or mobile-phone habits.

    excerpt from article “Young in debt over mobiles, cards”

    Although it is very easy to rack up huge debts on a mobile phone or credit card with today’s easy access to debt, there are ways to avoid these financially painful habits eg:

    * I usually use SMS rather than calling people from my mobile. If I have to have a long conversation I’ll do so when I can call the person’s landline number or i’ll only call from my mobile for less than a minute.

    * I only have 1 credit card, always pay it off every month and have never had to roll over the credit card balance onto other cards because of mounting interest bills.

  3. I declared bankrupcy in August 2002. I will receive my Superannuation payout in 2008 (May) Would any company consider granting me a loan even if it is after 7 years? i have no other debts
    Thank you

  4. So you’ve found your dream home … and you’re racing against the clock to convince the bank to lend you the money for it. Unfortunately, if there’s a problem with your credit card, you’ve got Buckley’s.

    Everyone who has had a credit history for seven years or more has a credit ratings file, but thousands of Australians are unaware that theirs is tarnished.

    Excerpt from Sun Herald artice “How to keep your credit record clean”

  5. I have been told I have bad credit history. The thing is, I had a court judgement made against me by one of the insurance companys for a car accident, at the time I could not pay all the insurance companys. Later I was able to pay them all some of what I owed them, and they all accepted the agreed amount. I have payed them and I asked the insurance company if they could get my credit history repaired, they said they would once they received the bank check, well that was one and a half years ago,now we find out we have a bad credit history. How can we fix it?
    Thanking you

  6. Once I thought it’s stupid to look at your credit report every other months. But since you can have your identity stolen any time… I came across an article about identity theft security measures and was impressed by the facts they say. My conclusion – you either have no credit history or take additional job to pay for credit protection services

    EDITOR: Checking the record every few months is a bit overkill. Anyway in Australia you can ask for your record once year for free without paying so its defintely worth doing so

  7. In the US we have a law that makes all credit agencies give us a free copy (without the score) every year. Does Australia have the same type of laws?

    EDITOR: Free copies are definitely available as I have outlined in the article, I believe 1 free copy can be requested / 12 months

  8. If your are defaulted with incorrect spelling in your name , ever though you used you actual DRL number and DOB, how would you go about getting the corrdct name changed on the default listing?

  9. with the condition the economy is in right now, life will be harder for people if they have bad financial habits… if they end up with bad credit rating… then things have turned from bad to worse! identity theft though, is a totally different story… some ways to protect yourself, make sure that your gas receipts, atm and credit card statements are not left behind. tear, shred, burn any private statements that contain financial information that you no longer need. always have your social security safely kept. if your doing some transactions with somebody, double check, do research if they are legitimate or not. always keep a close eye with your credit report and your financial statements… they may be quite simple, but things like these could be easily overlooked because of some other ‘pressing matters’, but it will help you prevent identity theft from happening to you… not fool proof but, it helps…

  10. Bad financial habits are not the only things that can stop you from being able to get credit. I earn $180k p.a. and applied for an $80k personal loan with a credit union.

    This was declined. Because of this I can’t apply for even a miserably small ($500) personal loan for the next three months as banks have a policy that if you are declined from getting credit from one institution within the previous 3 months then you will automatically be rejected.

    This is absolutely ridiculous as it has nothing to do with my ability to service a personal loan.

    EDITOR: That must have been annoying for you, its even worse for self employed people when applying for credit cards etc. You can have liquid assets in the 6 figures and still get rejected because they want to see salary payslips

  11. I have been late with my personal loan repayments on several occaisions. They have always been paid but have been late. Will this affect my credit rating and if so for how long.

  12. when i moved to my new address i went into optus and told them i moved form gold coast to hervey bay they changed my address on the computer but i never got any phone bills went for a car loan with esanda finance got told i had a outstanding phone bill i havent paid so i rang optus had a talk with with them and they said they could not find my new address on file so now i got a black mark on file i paid the amount for the bill, now went for a new loan got knocked back on the mark am really pissed off with it i want to try and get the mark taking off i know its on for 5yrs but is there anyone who can help me and let me know hopw to get it taking off thanks

    EDITOR: These are a few options:

    1. Get a copy of your credit record as i outline in my article

    2. If you believe there are inaccurate details on your credit file, please contact the credit provider and give them the reference number on your credit file so they can investigate the matter for you.

    In addition you should also contact Veda Advantage’s Public Access Team on 1300 762 207.

    3. The Queensland Office of Fair Trading may be able to help you

  13. Are you sure that credit agencies do not charge anything for retreiving credit report? What advantage they get by working for us for free?

    EDITOR: Australian credit agencies have to provide individuals with a free copy of their credit record if they ask for it

    They make their money by charging companies to access the credit records

  14. with the condition the economy is in right now, life will be harder for people if they have bad financial habits… if they end up with bad credit rating… then things have turned from bad to worse! identity theft though, is a totally different story… some ways to protect yourself, make sure that your gas receipts, atm and credit card statements are not left behind. tear, shred, burn any private statements that contain financial information that you no longer need.

  15. Just thought that I would add as an aside, that bankruptcy is not the be all and end all. Infact people have managed to come back from that experience and rise to peaks that not many have climbed.

    Aussie John Symonds, of Aussie Home Loans fame is such an example.

  16. Just on the topic of credit files, not all credit defaults are retained for five years – some can be retained for seven. For example, if you simply fall behind in payment and wind up with a default listing, it is likely that this will stay on your file for five years.

    However, if you ‘clearout’ – for example, if you change address and don’t notify your credit provider, or if they are unable to locate you after making reasonable efforts – the default listing can remain for seven years.

    Contrary to common belief, paying the outstanding amount does not remove the listing from your credit file. The credit provider would be obliged to update the listing to ‘paid’, however the listing itself would still appear on your credit file, and would be visible to any company doing a credit check on you.

    Unless the default was invalidly listed in the first place, which is fairly uncommon, then the default will stay for five or seven years, whether you pay it or not.



    EDITOR: thanks for the comment Chris, havent seen any comments by you for a while

  17. I think it is very important that every person in the world learns to manage his finances well. People taking huge loans are unable to repay the amount back to lenders.

    So be well aware what you are getting into before you take a loan or apply for a credit card.

  18. Ok, I split from my wife for reason not stated here. And in the process I had a mobile phone account and a Mastercard account with Virgin. When I moved out I changed my address with the Mastercard but not the mobile, as she said she would pay it off as she smashed the mobile (long story). So from my first move to my second place, I never got the final bill for the mobile. So this then went to a collection agency (the black mark). Once I got this final demand letter I paid it straight away.
    Now after been rejected for a loan I got a hold of my file and this was the problem. So what can I do about this matter? please help me…

  19. Similar to the last story…..PLEASE HELP …..separated from my ex wife 3 yrs ago. about a year ago i applied for a loan and was rejected. Upon getting a copy of my credit file, 1 unresolved matter. Turned out to be a water board bill unpaid from waaaay back. I immediately paid it. I then applied at several financial institutions and was rejected again. I paid the $27 again to access my credit file. This time there was a small amount owing on a joint credit card I had with my ex wife, also years back, but hadnt shown up on the previous report i paid for. How is this possible???? I paid this immediately. Now i’ve applied again and rejected. The institution doesnt say precisely what caused the NO answer, they just said a couple of things on my report. I have no outstanding items on my credit file, i have no credit cards, I am on $92000 gross and want $30k over 5 years. I have enough to cover the loan without question and yet am being rejected for measly sums that were paid the second I was made aware of them. Am I stuffed for 5 years now and unable to borrow, because my file is black marked, included rejected loan applicatoins? I have no idea what to do now.

  20. It’s interesting seeing the differences between Australia and the US bankruptcy laws. After 7 years in the US you can rebuild your credit and even get a loan for a house after a short period of time if you are resolving credit properly.

  21. Whatever you do – do not use a credit consolidation company…they are all rip-off’s!

    You need to apply to a couple of credit cards. As soon as they arrive – cut them up – but leave the accounts open.

    If you are making 92K and you don’t have any other debt…why can’t you save up 30K and pay cash? Should only take you a couple of months if you are very conservative in with your spending.

  22. It is always good to be checking up on your credit report as a lot of times you will find incorrect information or fraud on them.

  23. Bad credit costs a fortune in increased interest payments. It’s worth a small fortune to repair your credit. Fortunately, you can do it yourself free.

  24. The important thing you should do once you’ve got your credit report is to check every detail on the statement. Remember the credit reference agencies receive millions of transaction records every year. The potential to make mistakes is high and you should not be surprised if there is a mistake on yours. If you do have credit problems and potentially adverse items on your credit report I think each of us owes it to ourselves to make sure we are not also being punished unnecessarily.

  25. My situation is slightly different. 2.5 years ago we were given a quote for a service and then received a bill for twice the amount. When we argued, the business owner would not listen and would not compromised. She took us to court. We tried many times in vain to settle out of court. The Magistrate found that we were charged inaccurately and applied an amount much less than anything we had offered previously. The amount due was paid immediately. Unfortunately, unknown to us, it is legally the responsibilty of the Courts in QLD to lodge a default with Veda Advantage on the day of the court case. We were not told of this at anytime, so until we applied for a loan we were unaware of the judgement listing on our credit file. We have been investing in Property for over 12 years and have never had a default on anything. Yet, the Bank decided that they would turn us down this time because of a $528 Judgement. Is there anything we can do to remove this from our file? Or do we have to miss out on the bargains now to be had, as it will not drop off our file until 2012? By then the market will be on the way up.

  26. I have been paying for my credit card every week. I applied for a new one a week a go and unfournately my bank wouldnt let me.please help me because i have no idea whats going on. I have a full time job i have been paying $50 out of pay cheqe every week without any delays for the last two and a half years.someone has to have a good reason!

  27. I am now 33 and when i was 19 i stupidly got a loan with a friend for a car. She had the car and then defaulted on the loan due to illness. I was interstate at the time and had limited contact with her. as the years went on, i had not needed to get any loans for anything until a couple of years ago when i returned to QLD and thought i could do with a car to get around. I have found that the 17990 loan jumped to 33k and judgement has been entered on my credit file. I know i co signed (so am legally and jointly responsible for the debt), but in saying that, will it ever leave my credit file or will it be there forever ? i am in the process of tracking the girl down – gotta love facebook at least for that kind of information

  28. Hi Everyone, As previously stated in the details, you can get a free copy of your credit file from Vedaadvantage. It will take approx 10 working days.
    I have a service that will allow you to get a copy of your credit file by email within 3 business hours. Unfortunately it is not free but we have found some people need their file a lot sooner.

    We have also been recommended a lot of business from they do home loans for people with bad credit.

    if I can be of help, please go to

    By the way, we also offer a creditfile repair service if thay is of any interest and details are available on the website..

  29. I have a default listed on my credit file. It was about $400 that was owed to an electricity company. I paid the amount in full late last year when the company called me to inform me of the default. It was from over two years ago when I moved out of an apartment I was living in with a friend. I asumed that she paid the final bill as she moved out a month after I did. I know I should have double checked this, but I have always had the same mobile number, the one listed with the agency that they contacted me on last year. Why was I not informed earlier?? If they had have called me two years ago when the amount was first overdue I would have paid it and I would not now have a bad credit file. Can the company get away with this? Is there any way I can get this off my file? I now can’t even get a low limit credit card, and I shudder to think what would happen when I apply for a car loan as I’m planning to do sometime later this year.

  30. Hi Felicity,
    In short, yes, you have a good chance of having the default removed from your credit file.
    You will need to get as much info as you can, send it all through to us and we can get the ball rolling.

    This is not a free service though. You will need to invest $1496 to remove one default and $499 for any additional defaults. (Full costs can be found at )

    Also, you need to be aware that there are no guarantees of having the default removed.
    You could go through the process and not get all of your defaults removed.

    Our success rate is 80.50% of all defaults we tackle do get removed so you have a very good chance of cleaning up your credit file.

    The web address for general information is

    The process will take approx 21 days from receipt of your fully completed application form.

    If you would like additional information, please feel free to call 1300 667 218

    Thank you, I hope this helps.

    Graham Doessel

  31. i have recently had my car repossesed because my bank dishonered my account 3 times can anyone help me. as i am a disabled pensioner and need a car

  32. I went through some times and got a credit consolidation place and even after paying off all my debt, it still haunted me that I went there. When I applied to get my luxury apartment, that is what bit me in the end…

  33. hi, i want to change my last name to my mothers maiden name, will this give me a seperate and clear credit rating???? (in australia)

  34. If you have been placed in default correctly due to non-payment on a bill, rarely will a company remove the listing. Only update it from being unpaid to paid. This is due to responsible lending in australia, I know plenty of companies who abide by this.

    If you had a judgement entered against you by the court, that will remain on the registry and the information will be available for any future credit checks. Again this can be either a paid or unpaid judgement.

    It would be suggested that if you ever reach the end of a loan term, have a default notice expire against a debt, have been overdue more than 3 months on any bills/repayments, or finally pay something out to give a call to the company you have been paying or obtain a copy of your credit report to see how your name is standing. better to find out right away rather than not hear anything and assume its all well and good then find out years later that you were defaulted against and couldnt get a home loan or car finance.

  35. Getting the free credit check is the first step to taking control of your finances(as has been probably stated over and over again). That way you know what to fix and which gets priority. It certainly pays not to go in default!, expensive to fix!!

    I like how Dymphia says about John Symonds. inspiring


  36. I am amazed by the amount of credit check companys out there, to the ones leaving there details and promoting there companys: How can someone afford to pay $1496 if they are broke or financly in trouble? you are a bunch of leaches and money grabbers, in this world there are always some people trying to scam some down and out people, get a honest job. to people out there there is alway a free credit check go to your local goverment web site for details. cheers good luck & keep your money under your bed like me lol 🙂

  37. hello great informative website, my query is gmac finance listed a clearout on my file in 2007 it is still there and i believe it is highly unfair and inacurate as i was allways in contact with them , anyway my problem is gmac no longer are in business and have been sold to macquarie bank who told me they have no records of my accounts as they no longer are in business so what are my chances of having it removed?

  38. Thomas is right, if the default is listed correctly then the chances of removal are slim at best. There was a choice survey done a few years back that found around 30% of all credit files could have defaults on them so it is worth you checking the validity of any listings on your credit report.

    In relation to judgments and court writs, they too can be removed and often it is just a matter of getting all parties to agree and to to have the matter reheard in front of a magistrate.

    Keep in mind though if your bad credit listing is of a commercial nature (ie. You had a loan in your business name or the debt you defaulted on was for any other commercial or business purpose) then the chances of removal are greatly reduced.

    Anything that a credit repair firm can do, so can you, just like you can defend yourself in court, some people have the time, the education and the ability to do a great job, others don’t have the time and prefer to have professional help. Just know that you can do it yourself if you want.
    For those that are thinking of getting professional credit repair help, do your home work. There are good and bad like in most industries. Look for lots of information about the companies or people you are thinking of dealing with. Make sure they are reputable.

    Dan, as I said a moment ago, credit repair is something that, if the default is able to be removed, it can be done by the individual or by a firm representing the individual. Having said that it is not an inexpensive and it is not without risk. Just like going to court, there are no guarantees that the default can ever be removed.

    A listing on a credit file can only be removed in the event that it was placed there incorrectly. It is your job as an individual or in the case of using the services of a credit rating repair firm, their job, to discover if infect the creditor has complied with all of the relevant legislation in the lodgment of the default.

    Recently (last year) new legislation came in to replace the old uniform consumer credit code. The new legislation places more pressure on credit providers to ensure the rights of the consumer are respected. Hopefully this may mean less mistakes in the future.

    You can get a free copy of your credit file from the three main credit reporting agencies in Australia. They are Vedaadvantage Dun and Bradstreet and forthose in Tasmania, Tasmanian Collection Service
    These credit reporting agencies are legally required to provide you a free copy of your credit file once a year within 10 working days of properly requesting.

    Josh, GMAC… If Macquarie bought the loan book I would presume they have certain legal responsibilities. Contact your solicitor or legal aid and they might be able to guide you on that issue. Something to keep in mind though is that the credit provider has a positive obligation to be able to prove that they have complied with the legislation. If they can’t prove it, it brings the validity of the default into question.

  39. Thankyou for your reply it is much appreciated and great that you take the time to help people out as this sort of thing can leave myself and im sure alot of people pulling our hair out(or what is left) i guess i needed technical help in trying to get this clearout/default removed i spoke to the company who took over my debt after my credit provider went insolvent asking for the proof that the default/clearout was placed correctly and they followed the correct criteria in listing it in the first place, they then told me that neither has my records anymore , so my question is if they can not provide me with documents or proof is that grounds for me to ask to have this removed? thanks again! just add that all they could provide me with was notes that they called etc but my file no longer exists

  40. I am having a similar issue. Last year in May I applied for a car loan for my business (sole trader). I went to DnB (as I’d moved a few times over the years and anything was possible) but fortunately there was nothing on my file. So with that knowledge I applied. 2 days later was telephoned by the yard advising there were 2 defaults on my file. WTF??? I asked how it was possible and they told me that DnB was useless database and no one used them – Veda was the one that people checked. I immediately went to Veda and found 2 defaults listed by Credit Corp Group. I knew nothing of them at all so called this Credit Corp mob. They advised me that they were purchased debts from 2 companies in 2004 and 2006. Seeing 6 years had passed on 1 of them I was not obliged to pay it but the default would remain. The other was to be paid to avoid legal action. I had no idea about either of the 2 so disputed the 6 year old one and settled the recent one. CCG removed the older one from default citing in an Email it was ‘placed in error’. Having paid the other one I wanted to deal with it after my loan went through. I tried again but was told irrespective of it being settled it was still a default and bad luck basically.

    Since then I have been trying to get CCG to prove the debt. Turns out it is a CBA credit card which they have an application for. They have not provided the copies of the ID documents they claimed were used to open the account and there are some inconsistencies on the application form. After 3 letters, 2 calls and a letter to Veda disputing this the default still remains on my file and no documents I have requested have been presented to me. They claim CBA have an indefinite time period to present those. My question is, why does CCG not have those ID documents (my birth certificate and drivers license) seeing they bought the debt. I have no written a 2nd request to Veda for file review and have sent a copy of all documents to date relating to this issue to the Financial Services Ombudsman. Keep on these agencies cases. I will be successful at getting the listing removed and then I will pursue my money back for the settlement I made last year. Then I guess I’ll see what else I can go for, after all the listing has caused me to lease instead of loan at a much higher repayment rate.

  41. I have a $25,000 paid default with Macquarie Leasing, and we are stuck with a home loan through GE Home Loans paying a huge rate 10.7% on 750,000.00. We have proved our ability to pay our home loan at the ridiculous rate. We have tried to re-finance so we can afford to live but nobody will re-finance us even though we have proven our ability to pay. It seem the only way we can get rid of G.E is to sell the home we love. Is there another way that we can re-finance and keep our home?

  42. Andrew Pringle – There probably is but I guess you will pay a similar rate. It seems the solution to bad debtors is to make them pay even more. It amazes me that the less you seem able to pay back a loan (and I am only talking about on paper) the more you have to pay to borrow money. I am in the same boat….paying $500 more per month to lease a vehicle which clearly demonstrates I can service a proper loan for the same vehicle. I think in your circumstance that you might be worth spending the $2000 to have on of these firms attempt to remove the default listing off your file.

  43. Update to post #44 – Veda have now begun a secondary investigation and it seems this time I have been allocated a Case File #. I guess thats a step further than the last time I disputed this. I’ll update the outcome as soon as I get some headway.

  44. Thanks Aaron, we have tried paying to have the default removed, but Macquarie leasing do not remove defaults for love or money, regardless of reasons they were caused, like the overlooking of a transfer of lease by a solicitor at the sale of a business. Strange how they can stuff up and we get held accountable for the next 5 years.

  45. Hi Aaron,
    DnB only started recording ‘Consumer’ information in 2004 and have bben traditionally known for reporting business information..
    We are seeing an increasing number of clints coming ‘unstuck’ with issues being listed on DnB..

    Credit Corp mob. They advised me that they were purchased debts from 2 companies in 2004 and 2006. Seeing 6 years had passed on 1 of them I was not obliged to pay it but the default would remain
    The 2006 debt should come off automatically after 5 years for a ‘default’ and 7 years if it was listed as a ‘clearout’

    They claim CBA have an indefinite time period to present those.
    They do have a legal obligation to provide the documents within 30 days of your request.

  46. The 2006 debt should come off automatically after 5 years for a ‘default’ and 7 years if it was listed as a ‘clearout’

    Graham, yes but unfortunately they only listed the default of this in 2008 which leaves me 2 more years of it sitting there. Irrespective however, the fact remains that I never had the debt and therefore the listing should not be there at all. This isn’t a case of that I had the debt and never paid id for whatever reason, this is a case of wrong identity I guess. Still no news on the case and nothing from the FSO. I am guessing that by removing the default they are setting a precedence that CCG had listed in error and thus in turn makes them liable to return my money so I guess a cover up is easier. I guess this Veda bunch get kickbacks from these debt guys.

  47. I am 24 and have no previous credit history. I went for a personal loan today and was knocked back due to bad credit, I was referred to Veda and currently awaiting my credit report. This has placed a lot of stress upon me as I haven’t a solid idea as to why.. The only thing I can think of Is a phone account that was under my name when I was 16, my parents have assured me that that has been paid for.. If not, it’s well past the five year mark.. Is there something I’m missing?

  48. I have applied for numerous loans/credit cards in the past and now its got to a double figure. Is there anyway to clear my file so I can get approved?


  49. I have a payment default from a debt of $3000 that now has the status of paid. Because of this default I cant even apply to get a phone plan. Has anyone else had this sort of issue?

  50. Hi Kylie,

    Kylie August 24, 2011 at 3:49 pm
    I am 24 and have no previous credit history. I went for a personal loan today and was knocked back due to bad credit….
    The simplest thing you can do is to grab a copy of your credit file and see once and for all what it is that is stopping you from getting finance.. Once you know, you are in a position to rectify the problem..

    michael September 4, 2011 at 11:14 pm
    I have applied for numerous loans/credit cards in the past and now its got to a double figure. Is there anyway to clear my file so I can get approved?

    Again, as i mentioned to Kylie, grab a copy of your credit file/s and see what it is that’s stopping you..

    Tim September 28, 2011 at 3:54 pm
    I have a payment default from a debt of $3000 that now has the status of paid. Because of this default I cant even apply to get a phone plan. Has anyone else had this sort of issue?

    Tim, this is not an unusual circumstance.
    a default marked as paid will still impact on your ability to borrow money or obtain finance of any sort.

    Just a quick note also, when you get copies of your credit files, make sure you get one from BOTH Veda Advantage AND Dun and Bradstreet as more and more lenders are now checking both while determining if they will approve your application..

  51. Thank you for that information as I only have checked VEDA. When lenders review your default do they take into consideration the amount of the default and the amount of time that was taken to repay the debt or is a default just a default no matter what the circumstances are?

    Are there any companies out there that provide information on where you stand and what finance is available for your individual circumstance? After reading the above it seems by applying for finance and getting rejected will leave further marks on your credit file.

    Thank you.

  52. Update – Still no action from FSO, Veda or Credit Corp. Yesterday I got my brand new Van. Got the finance all by myself even though my file has this default. I explained to lender I have a case, I explained my file was clean otherwise and I was up front about my file before applying for credit so there were no surprises. They loaned me $37,000 and at a good interest rate of 1% above normal. You can get credit if you work at it. I am not sure what is going on with veda/FSO but I will follow up this week.

    Michael – you need to STOP applying all the time, this does not look good on your file.

  53. So let me get this straight, if you go bankrupt you cant get any form of credit for 7 years, from renting a house to getting a car, even a mobile phone contract, let alone connecting power, water and gas? So how does one survive at all? Move in with parents for 7 years?, oooo fun… And even after that its still almost impossible to get any finance for anything.

  54. Aid an

    Yes you can get credit but it will be hard and you must inform a credit provider of your bankruptcy however you will find it hard.

    Essential services such as gas tell and electricity is different. Lets be honest anyone who has signed up for these utilities knows you can call yourself Ronald McDonald for all they care no retailer such as Telstra or AGL checks properly who you are they just check if Ronald McDonald with licence number XXX has a default with their particular company.

    I have never been asked to prove my identity for a gas phone or electricity account before. Mobile is different of course

    Renting is different state to state but I’ve also never had to be checked for credit for a rental before either. After all you pay in advance and give a bond so no credit is ever provided unless they allow arrears in rent

  55. Hope someone could help me, back in 2003 I got defaulted on a loan I took. The reason for this is I had to relocate overseas for 1 year and this was due to reasons beyond my control. Anyhow in 2011 I called a phone company to get the phone connection under my name and they refused to give me the connection saying that there is a default listed under my name… After this a couple of weeks later I got a letter from a collection agency demanding for a pay. Now my question is does VEDA give these information to credit collectors as soon as they get a lead? Or else how did the collection agency found out about this?

  56. Hi Bobby,
    If you defaulted your loan in 2003 then there is a good chance it would have affected your credit rating…

    If your creditor could not contact you for a period of time, it is also likely that they listed you as a ‘clearout’, which is a ‘serious credit infringement’ which remains on your credit file for 7 years.

    Let’s look at the timeline.

    Issues in 2003
    One year of no contact 2004
    Clearout listed on credit file until 2011

    It’s now 2012, you should think about going to Veda Advantage to get a free copy of your credit file. (it’ll take approx 10 working days)

    The Clearout should now have dropped off automatically.

    As for the debt collector chasing you, I can’t imagine why they would be, there is a statute of limitations on the debt of 6 years, but a lot depends on the date of maturity of the original debt.

    You can get all the info and web addresses on how to get a free credit file for Veda Advantage, Dun & Bradstreet and Tascol, the 3 active Credit Reporting Agencies (CRA) currently operating in Australia, from or you can dig through the CRA websites until you find them. They’ll push hard to charge you a $36 fee but you can get them free.. 🙂

    Let me know if I can be of any further help.

  57. i got a telstra bill a few weeks ago from 4 years ago it was the only bill they sent in that time when i called them abt it the lady said they just needed to know where i lived so they can default me i dont think they can do that is that the case

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