Buy or Sell 2nd Hand Textbooks and Earn $

Textbookexchange is the best website to buy and sell 2nd hand textbooks in Australia. It is a free service from Student Services Australia and a group of leading student organisations nationwide.


It is estimated that at least 30% of students do not buy all of their “required reading” textbooks. The primary reason is lack of funds. Textbookexchange is designed to help students either recoup past expenditure so they can afford new textbooks, or lower the cost of books they cannot currently afford to buy new.

Use it to sell last semester’s used textbooks into cash and buy this semesters required textbooks without paying new text book prices.

The Textbookexchange site puts textbook buyers and sellers in touch with each other. Textbookexchange doesn’t handle books, money or take any commission – it’s 100% free.

Here’s how it works: Sellers list their books. Buyers search for books.

When a buyer finds a book on Textbookexchange, they contact the seller from the site (by email, sms or phone), The seller responds and you organise to transact. Easy!

You choose one or more ways to transact;

  • meet on campus,
  • meet in the CBD,
  • Australia Post COD

Alternatively if you’re a buyer of textbooks pay by direct bank depost and save on postage because Australia Post COD costs a lot of money. If you choose to do this make sure you get the text book sellers full name, mobile phone number and home address so you have recourse if the book doesnt get posted to you.

If you can’t find the textbook you need on Textbookexchange, have a look at the Australian discount online bookstore Seekbooks

11 Replies to “Buy or Sell 2nd Hand Textbooks and Earn $”

  1. Some other Australian 2nd hand textbook websites are:

    Australia Wide






    If your TAFE or University 2nd hand bookshop isn’t mentioned please add it to the list by making a comment below

  2. Another new site where you can sell and buy books (as well as CDs, DVDs and Records).
    No listing fee at the moment and your listing stays there until you remove it.
    Also you can list your wants and get e-mailled when someone lists it for sale.

  3. Quick note: textbookexchange is completely 100% free – unlike some of the other sites listed.

    It is now the biggest student-to-student textbook site in the world (and its still just for Australian students).

    Under the portal, textbookexchange now also includes free access to “Discount Detective” and “Student Grants”.



  4. Why not buy BRAND NEW textbooks? I got 2 textbooks from a online bookstore and save me $200+. All the discount textbooks are BRAND NEW and most of them are 50% off discount books. That’s great. See if the discount bookstore are useful for you

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