Top Tips to Validate XHTML

When validating XHTML markup with the W3C Validator, there are a few easy ways to quickly reduce the number of errors it finds:

  1. Specify a DOCTYPE
  2. Specify the Character Encoding
  3. Write all HTML tags and Attribute Names in lower case eg: use table not TABLE and use height=”1″ not HEIGHT=”1″
  4. Encode HTML character entities like the ampersand character & properly, always use & in place of &
  5. Quote all attribute values even those that are numeric eg: use <td rowspan=”3″> not <td rowspan=3>
  6. Empty tags like <hr> and <br> must be replaced with <hr /> and <br />. Note: older versions of Netscape cant interprete the <br/>
    tags. Typing a space before the / in <br /> fixes this problem.

2 Replies to “Top Tips to Validate XHTML”

  1. validating a xhtml script can sometime becomes tiresome. I have found that most people simply code first and never care for validation.

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