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Series 13 of Top Gear will start on SBS TV Monday, 31 August at 730pm. There are 7 episodes in this series, which was broadcast in the UK on BBC TV just over 2 months ago. Celebrity guests this series include Stephen Fry, Usain Bolt and Jay Leno

A highlight of this series is a race from London to Edinburgh between steam locomotive No. 60163 Tornado with Jeremy riding in the cab of the train, James May in a Jaguar XK120 and Richard Hammond on a Vincent Black Shadow motorbike.

In 2005 Australia’s SBS Television licensed series of irreverent BBC motor magazine Top Gear from BBC Worldwide Australasia and started to air the show on Monday nights at 7:30PM alternating with Mythbusters throughout the year. Matt Campbell, SBS TV’ s network programmer, said of the pick-up: “Top Gear is a car show for grown-ups that takes car culture seriously, but not too seriously. It is a show with broad appeal.”

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Profiling super cars, stunts, time trials, celebrity races and road tests, the show is known for the acerbic wit of its presenters, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. In the UK, Top Gear regularly attracts more than 5 million viewers (40% of them female) to BBC2, and is the channel’ s most-watched programme. Recently Series 9 attracted peak ratings of over 8 million viewers!!

Jeremy Clarkson’s irreverent style turned the motoring industry on its head when he first appeared on Top Gear series many years ago. A few things have changed over the years. The hair’s a bit thinner, the cowboy boots have gone and the Ferrari has been replaced by a Mercedes.

Thankfully, though, Clarkson is still more than capable of reducing car manufacturers to floods of tears with nothing more than a long pause and a few well considered words.

In November 2005, Top Gear won an International Emmy in the Non-Scripted Entertainment category. In the episode where the presenters showed the award to the studio audience, Clarkson joked that he was unable to go to New York to receive the award since he was too busy writing the script for Top Gear.

With its extraordinary popularity in the UK, the Top Gear presenters are a dominating force, making and breaking some car models with their recommendations and making manufacturers cringe.

Along with car tests and comparisons, news and reviews, all delivered with stinging wit and disarming honesty, Top Gear features the popular segment, Star in a Reasonably Priced Car – a segment enjoyed by both car enthusiasts and novices, when well-known celebrities try for the fastest lap on the race track. With its three presenters egged on by a studio audience, Top Gear is the most entertaining car show ever to appear on Australian television.

The Sydney Morning Herald TV Critic Ruth Ritchie reviewed Top Gear recently and concluded:

So what’s the best show on television? SBS’s Top Gear. Obviously. Not just for revheads, this unusual British show all about cars is a masterpiece of modern entertainment. Great ideas, executed with sensational production values, by utterly charming, credible hosts – it’s heaven. Witty, fast, irreverent, Top Gear is fuelled by genuine passion and enthusiasm. Not a blonde hair extension, dancing celebrity or forensic team in sight. Perfect TV.

Top Gear is estimated to have over 350 million viewers worldwide and airs globally on channels from Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Russia, Norway, Netherlands and Israel to the Philippines and New Zealand, as well as BBC international channels BBC Prime, BBC Asia and BBC Japan.

Series 9 was scheduled to air on BBC Two from 8 October however on 20 September 2006 Richard Hammond was seriously injured while driving a jet-propelled drag-racing car at 480+ km/h for a story being taped for series 9. Many people feared that the BBC would use the event as a chance to axe the series (as can be seen by the many comments on this page around that time), however to the relief of millions of fans the 6 episodes in Series 9 aired on BBC2 in early 2007.

Top Gear – Australian Version

Get the latest news about Top gear Australia presenters, broadcast date and much much more

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  1. We would like to see more of Top Gear, an excellent television show, it appeals to a very broad range of people,a lot of our friends watch it who we didn’t think would ever watch a motoring type show, please keep the show coming, we thoroughly enjoy each episode,when will you be broadcasting the next series? Hopefully very soon.Thankyou Anne & Neil Ellett

    EDITOR: I agree completely 🙂 Regarding the next series (aired in Britain during 2005) all SBS has said is:

    we’ve screened the fifth season, which aired in Britain in 2004, and will show season six later this year.

  2. A friend emailed SBS about Top Gear and got this reply:

    Unfortunately, there are no plans to screen the Winter Olympics episode.

    However, we are pleased to inform you that we have purchased a new series of Top Gear. At this stage the series has been scheduled for Monday the 21st August 2006 at 7.30pm.

    Also, a repeat of the first series will begin on Friday 31st of March at 2pm.

    SBS TV Marketing

  3. This show is awsome. i am a car freak and watch this show religously. i record every episode on DVD. Its great to finally see a great car show on rather than the crappy Aussie ones like Drive and the Car Show. But can you please put the current season from the UK on as i like to see new cars on top gear not ones that have been out for a year already

    EDITOR: unfortunately this is how it will stay as SBS buys each series well after its finished in the UK. The only way for Australians to get the current season from the UK would be illegal downloads via Newsgroups or Bittorrent

  4. WOW! I’m from the Philippines, and I think this should be aired here since my work is automobile-related. And now, I so love cars! Watching this will be more of a learning experience for a car novice like me.

    EDITOR: Top Gear is shown in the Philippines on channels: Studio 23 and BBC News International

  5. I missed last nights (31/7) programme

    Is there any way i can get a copy do you know if this series is available on dvd or if there is any other way to get a copy of last nights show.

    EDITOR: Series 6 is not available on DVD yet as far as I know, SBS will probably repeat this series 6 in a few months so you can catch last nights episode repeated then.

  6. My wife watches Top Gear but I’ve little interest in the show until I heard that James, the long-haired one, is a clssically trained pianist.How about introducing a little class into the show with a demonstration of his skills? It might shut Jeremy up for a minute or two. No bad thing.
    P.S. Would James get a haircut if I offered to pay for it?

  7. Love Top Gear its eagerly awaited every Monday by all even the wife and young sons,we are glad its not on pay tv any more and hope it stays that way
    I was particularly looking at the vans: VW,RENAULT and FORD [JULY 30 IN UK]. will that happen here?

    best wishes soling family

    EDITOR: If you’re referrng to a Top Gear episode that was shown in the UK on JULY 30 IN UK, it should be broadcast on SBS sometime next year (2007)

  8. Hi, I just started watching Top Gear a few weeks ago and it is absolutely brilliant. Just wondering what season and episode number we’re up to?

    EDITOR: SBS is currently showing Series 6 which aired in the UK from 22/5/05 to 7/8/05 with 11 episodes.

    This week is episode 6:

    • Jeremy races Richard and James from London to Oslo, Norway. Jeremy goes in a Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR, James and Richard go via water
    • In the news: The new Nissan Micra C+C, new road maps, new Mercedes-Benz S Class, and the stunning Alfa Romeo Brera in the studio
    • James continues with the finalists in the Greatest Driving Song competition with this week’s song, Steppenwolf – Born to be Wild
    • The £170,000 Aston Martin DBR9 in the studio and the Stig taking it around the test track

    You may be wondering where I got this information … it was copied from which lists the contents of each show (by mousing over the episode number) and offers links to illegal Bittorrent copies of the show

  9. my boyfriend gt me watching top gear have u seen the one where they burn da caravan it is so funny i watched it 5 times n i was still lafin the 5th time

  10. Ahh..thanks very much. I have actually come upon that site before – I was confused as we don’t have the ‘Star in a Reasonably Priced Car’ nor (for example, in ep 5) the Greatest Driving Song sections. Is there a reason for this?
    Thanks again.

    EDITOR: There are 3 versions of Top Gear
    a. the full hour long version – shown in the UK on BBC TV
    b. the 50 min lightly editted version – which is what we get to see on SBS
    c. the heavily cut, less than 30min version – Shown on Pay TV eg: Foxtel

    SBS uses the 50min version provided to it by the distributors BBC Worldwide so it can fit in program promos, news breaks and ads in the rest of the 10 minutes

    Considering it’s free* i’m quite happy that we’re able to get any version at all, especially considering how small SBS’s budget is and how the Howard government has been reducing its funding in real terms.

    =paid for by Aussie taxpayers and SBS advertisers

  11. i came across a trivia question
    name the most powerfull production car ever made?
    answer :Koenigsegg CC 655 bhp

    know anything about it i dont
    regards Mecky

    According to the Guinness Books of Records:

    The Bugatti Veyron, which when into production in October 2005, has a power output of 756 kW (1,001 hp) from its 8-litre (488 cu in), 16-cylinder engine. The engine has four turbochargers, a top speed of 253 mph (407 km/h) and sells for �810,345 (US$1.4 million).

  12. Is there any way to download episodes of top gear without using torrent because torrent doesn’t work on my network…. pls help

    EDITOR: No idea, I only linked to that page because it has episode guides. Remember that downloading Top Gear via torrents is illegal under Australian Law.

  13. I was so so shocked to hear about Richard Hammond having that horrific crash.
    I read it on the internet and heard it on the radio here in Australia.
    What a lovely guy he seems to be, with his clever wit, good looks and that beautiful smile. I’m a female in my late 40’s and I never miss a show of Top Gear here in Melbourne.
    My prayers and thoughts go out to him, his family and work mates.
    A lot of people world wide will be praying for his speedy recovery.(no pun intended)

    EDITOR: gosh, I was away from the radio and internet for most of today so didnt hear the news until now late at night.

    More details at from the BBC (as at Thursday, 21 September 2006, 11:59 GMT):

    Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond is stable but remains seriously ill in hospital after he crashed a jet-powered car during filming for the BBC show.

    The 36-year-old was thought to be driving at about 300mph on an airfield near York when he crashed on Wednesday.

  14. Love the show…best wishes to “The Hamster”, we need him to keep Captain Pompous in line!!!

    Please can we have an accurate start and finish time for this programme. I am out on a Monday evening, and have to tape it, the **** commercials usually mean I miss a bit at each end, despite juggling the timer. Let’s have more of this programme!

    EDITOR: I record Top Gear on my PVR to watch later and have found the standard 19:30 – 20:30 time covers the whole recording each time with plenty of space at the end of the recording. Perhaps your VCR’s clock is not accurately set? (the best way is to synchronise it to an internet atomic clock eg:

  15. Richard Hammond please Get Well Soon!!! My thoughts are will you and your family and friends during this trying time but i know that it wont be long till you are back behind the wheel of another fast car/bike,etc.
    We all love you because of your passion and love of what you do and it is infectious so thankyou for sharing your passions with us, we are greatful.
    please take care
    Natascha, SA

  16. Hi all,
    love the programme – always has us doubled over in laughter.
    Hampster – sorry to hear of your accident – our best wishes to you, your family and friends – oh, and also to Jeremy and James.
    wishing you a speedy recover
    gail and bruce

  17. Hi from both of us in Australia we love the show top gear, you all make a great team so get well soon and burn up more tracks going side ways love and huggs

    kind regards

  18. To Richard,My Husband and I wish you a speedy recovery,pardon the pun(he he)Hope you are back on our favourite show really soon.Even though the other to blokes are funny you make the show for me.
    All the best

    Glen & Stacey McDonald
    Gol Coast

  19. i watch top gear as much as possible and thoroughly engoy the show,my kids also watch it.we were sorry to hear about richards accident and wish him a speedy recovery

  20. I was shocked to hear about your crash, hope you make a full recovery soon and look forward to seeing you again on Top Gear. I love the show and the banter between you all. Take care.

  21. Richard,

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Our thoughts are with you and your family.

    Keep the show going boys!!

  22. Giday Richard Hammond,
    Hope you are recovering well and fully for our next series of episodes of Top Gear.
    Get Well soon

  23. To “The Hamster” and his family we would like to send our heart felt prayers to each of you and wish you a speedy recovery. Your the BEST!


  25. Dear Richard please dont kill your self we in Australia have just lost the cro`c hunter i dont think we could handle the loss off you the funny one,the show just would`nt be the same without you,
    get well soon lots off luv
    Veronica {Qld}.

  26. Hi guys, we’re from Central Queensland in Australia and so love watching your program. We stop whatever we’re doing to sit down and get some dirt on the cars you air. Love the show keep it coming. Would love to come over for a recording of the series next year, time permitting. Can you send some details.

  27. Get well Richard as I think you are very good at what you do, you make the show fun and enjoyable to watch. My thoughts to your family and friends, I love watching the show every Monday here in Australia. Thank you Darren

  28. I was very sorry to hear about the accident, very sad, Hamster … We wish you a fast recovery, our thoughts are with you and your family.
    I love your humour, and the show, i look forward to it each monday night, great entertainment !!!
    Take Care
    Antoinette …

  29. Richard, all the best for a speedy recovery . nothing like speed on ashphalt circuits.

    when is the next series ????

    EDITOR: Since Top Gear has been a ratings success, I expect SBS will buy Series 7 of Top Gear (which aired in the UK between Nov ’05 and Feb ’06) and broadcast it early in 2007.

  30. Get well soon Richard our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, workmates and friends at this most trying time.Hope you make a complete and speedy recovery.
    Best wishes,

    Stella & Alan

    EDITOR: Gosh that’s a lot of comments in a short time!

    The latest news from the BBC is:

    Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond is continuing to recover in hospital, with friend Jeremy Clarkson saying the crash victim has taken his first steps.

    The 36-year-old has now been moved out of the high dependency unit and onto a general ward, his family said.

    Meanwhile there are rumours that the BBC may use the crash to justify not continuing the series after a BBC spokeswoman announced:

    “It had been intended that the new series of Top Gear would begin on 8 October. Given the circumstances, it’s still too early to say when the series will return. Jeremy, James and the Top Gear team have been completely focussed on Richard and all that the wonderful staff of the Leeds General Infirmary have done for him.”

    “The priority for now must be ensuring Richard makes a full recovery, but we would not think of finalising plans for the next series without discussing it with everyone involved. When it is suitable, the team will do this and we will announce a new transmission date.”

  31. We wish Richard a very speedy recovery and look forward to seeing his smiling face once more on the television.

  32. I wish Richard a speedy recovery also and no dout he will be back on the show soon. Great show and love the humour. So get well hamster so we can see more from you all and have a laugh.

  33. Richard I wish you a speedy recovery and best wishes to your family I am a huge fan of TOPGEAR it is realy good to see you guys having so much fun doing what so many revheads like me would like to be doing .
    Very best wishes Garth

  34. Best wishes Richard for a speedie recovery. Don’t let the BBC stop the best show on the television.
    Look forward to seeing you on the next edition of Topgear.

  35. I am sorry to hear of your accident Richard, hope you recover soon, enjoy your show and your comments, I am a qualified mechanic/Auto Electrician of 15 years experience and thoroughly enjoy the spin you blokes put on the products you test. (Totally envious.)
    I hope you make a full recovery and keep that big bugger in order.

  36. I would like wish Richard a quick recovery hope his feeling positive. Don’t change and hope to see you back on the show. I love what you do and how you do it. Top Gear is just that top TV. All the best from Sydney AUSTRALIA 25.9.2006

  37. To Hammond,
    We wish you well mate.
    Hope you and the show are back on the road soon.
    Your fans in Western Australia

  38. I am from Australia and I love Topgear, a great laugh every week but informative at the same time. Can’t wait to see you back out there telling it like it is.

    Sending my best wishes for your recovery, all the best… 🙂

  39. Richard, My kids and I are from Australia and watch Topgear every week and we love it! All the best for a speedy recovery!
    Virginia, Harrison and Rachael

  40. All my family love Top Gear. So sorry to hear of your accident. We all wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing you on TV again. Best wishes Hammond…… Lynn

  41. Oh No Hamster, you wrecked it. That last run was a bit peppery.

    What’s the excess on a jet car?

    Hope the recovery is even quicker than the vehicle, and look forward to seeing your little bandaged head back on my box.


  42. Thoughts are with you for full and speedy recovery. Love the show and look forward to seeing you back on Top Gear. Best Wishes.
    The Vollers. Queensland. Australia

  43. I am 5 and I watch you on tv. My Mum said that you had an accident, I hope you get lots of bandaids and get better soon. Ben.
    (Typed by Mum who also wishes Richard “Hampster” Hammond a quick and trouble free recovery!)

    I know all my car loving friends are shattered, “But not like you mate.”
    The Best to you and your Family, Have a Speedy recovery,Hope to see you soon.
    God Bless From Aussieland.
    Peter N.

  45. I’m 72 and it was me who told my 34year old son to watch your wonderful show. It’s the best! Pity I’m too old to be a Stig! My hopes are for Richard to make a complete recovery and return to the show asap.
    Tas. Australia.

  46. My husband has me hooked on your show, I just find it extremely easy to understand and have such great laughs at all your antics.We wish Richard a speedy recovery and hope he is well enough to come back to filming a great TV show (perhaps not taking part in such dangerous activities though!)
    All the best Steve and Lucy from Australia

  47. Few shows remain on Australian tv that are non-repetitive and Americanized, Top Gear is one of such Top Shows, it is indeed a program that you cannot wait to watch because it’s simply fun!!! and witty!!! not to mention for car and motor racing enthusiasts it’s something not to miss.
    Thank you Jeremy, Richard and James and the mysterious Stig for their efforts! and Richard, from the millions around the world! We love you if not like you and hurry up and recover because we miss you man!

  48. Dear Richard. I love the banter between you, James & Jeremy on the show, it wouldn’t be the same without you. Please make a speedy recovery & come back soon. Also enjoyed the Crufts coverage you did a couple of years back.
    Best wishes to you & your family.
    Gail Knightbridge.

  49. We really hope Hampster, family and friends are are coping at this difficult time. We look forward to seeing you back on Top Gear soon, brilliant show, brilliant presenters. All the best.

    Martin and Kim Tasmania

  50. Top Gear is the top programme for the week in our home. We just love the banter, the pace and verbals.Your enthusiam is contagous. We were shocked to hear of Richard’s accident and wish him a speedy recovery.

  51. We hope Richard (hampster) has a speedy and complete recovery, get well soon mate!

  52. G’day, My family are all very keen watches of Top Gear seen here on sbs. I am wanting to know if it is possible for me to buy the T Shirt which is given away on the Show with the words I’m or I am the stig. Also if it is available in a size to fit a 14year old boy. If you would please let me know the availability and the address of where I can send for it. I have checked out the availability of the shirts here but they are not available in Australia. Hoping to hear from you soon . Many Thanks Norma Hillier

    EDITOR: if you’re willing to risk buying from ebay there are several 2nd hand “I am the stig tshirts” for sale

    UPDATE: Apparently the Top Gear tshirts sold on Ebay are unlicenced fakes and may be of dubious quality. The official distributor details are in comment 58. below

  53. Hi

    There is now a range of official Top Gear products on including the ‘I AM THE STIG’ shirt

    These were launched on 8th November. Worldwide delivery. Order now for Christmas. But be quick as stocks are limited.

    Amber Promotions
    Top Gear Merchandise

    EDITOR: I can verify that Doug is running a legitimate business, I got 2 tshirts (1 for myself the other for a christmas present). They left the UK on 8th December and arrived in Sydney, Australia on the 13th in plastic packaging (so it’s waterproof) with each shirt also wrapped in plastic. Note: someone will have to be at home to sign for the package because it’s sent by Registered Post.

  54. The eighth series of Top Gear completed its run in the UK on 30 July 2006 after its eighth series. The ninth series was due to start airing on 8 October 2006, however this was delayed due to the aforementioned car accident involving Richard Hammond. According to an announcement at the Top Gear Awards on 12 December 2006, the show hasn’t been axed and the ninth series will premier on 28 January 2007 in the UK 🙂

    At that time SBS in Australia will be several weeks into broadcasting Series 7 🙁

  55. I am always exited when top gear comes on tv its fantastic but i wish the SBS would play more current episodes and stop editting them to make them shorter and leaving bits out of the brilliant show

  56. Dear SBS. Thankyou for all your wonderful programmes. Top Gear, Dakkar, Biography, the list goes on and on.

    EDITOR: Yes SBS does broadcast lots of good programs on a tight budget. It’s a shame they’re annoying their audiences by embedding ads in shows because it really reduces the enjoyment and spoils some of their serious programming like Cutting Edge documentaries

  57. When are those Poms going to step out of the rain and come “Down Under” ? They could put some decent 4WD’s to the test LandCruiser Vs RangeRover

    EDITOR: Long long ago in his youth Jeremy did a series called “Jeremy Clarkson’s Motorworld” and one of the episodes was in the Australian outback

    You can view the episodes on Google Video assuming that they haven’t been removed by Google because they’re illegal

  58. Came across this site by accident. I’m based in the UK. thought you’d like to know the new series of Top Gear started last night. Richard Hammond is back. The show hasn’t changed at all. Still brilliant. Hope you get to see it soon. They do show footage of his crash at the end of the show. Amazing to think he survived at all.

    EDITOR: thanks for that, we should get to see the current series 9 in early 2008 🙁

  59. Hi guys,

    I am lucky enough to be at the filming of the show each week at Dunsfold aerodrome with my Top Gear merchandise stand. Most of the audience wanted to take home something Top Gear as a souvenir, and it’s great to chat with around 400 excited petrolheads, many of whom have waited two years or more for tickets. Beautiful day last Wednesday – clear, still and sunny, if still a bit on the cool side. Hugh Grant arrived by helicopter (girls loved him, but he doesn’t do much for me!), then the jaw dropping Veyron arrived (now that DOES do something for me). Simply stunning.


    EDITOR: You’ve got to be kidding me Doug … they really waited 2 years for an audience ticket?

    Doug replied a few days later: Hi

    A good friend of mine runs the ticketing operation. There are around 400,000 people on the list. Sometimes a cancellation comes up and people get them quickly, but this is rare.

  60. We are huge top gear fans and want to know when & where the boys will be filming in australia, and where can we buy tickets to the show??

    EDITOR: as far as I know they’ve filmed very few Top Gear stories outside Europe, the only two I know of are:

    1. Jeremy attempting to beat his Playstation Gran Turismo 4 time in a Honda NSX on the Laguna Seca racing track near Monterey, California, USA.

    2. In series 9, episode 3 the whole episode is the boys doing a road trip in Southern America (Florida, Alabama etc) and trying to beat each other in challenges after buying an American car for with a budget of $US 1000

    I must note that in this episode the producers went far beyond the boundaries of good taste and that one of the challenges was genuinely life threatening which reflects very poorly on them.

    All the shows are filmed at at Dunsfold Park, a former airfield in Surrey, where a custom race circuit was built for the show and a large hangar is used for inside filming. The studio audience is about 400 people who apply to the BBC for free tickets and as noted earlier by Doug the queue for getting a ticket is 2 years from the time you apply.

  61. can you tell me what did Jeremy Clarkson do for a living before Top Gear. Has he any expertise in motoring, driving, racing etc??


    His first job was as a travelling salesman for his parents’ business selling Paddington Bear toys, after which he trained as a journalist with the Rotherham Advertiser.

    In 1984, he combined his writing skills with his love of cars, and together with a business partner (Jonathan Gill) they formed the Motoring Press Agency (later MPA Fingal), conducting road-tests for local newspapers. He wrote for specialist car magazines such as Performance Car from 1986 until 1994. Regular columns in The Sunday Times and The Sun also soon followed.

    Clarkson’s legend grew with each new incendiary piece and by 1989 he was invited to host Top Gear, an extremely popular automotive series on the BBC which he presented from until 1999, and then again from 2002, when it was relaunched in a new format after a brief period off the air. The program made Clarkson a star and he leveraged that notoriety in the ensuing years by releasing a series of motoring-themed books and videos including TV series such as Star Cars, Jeremy Clarkson’s Motorworld, and Jeremy Clarkson’s Car Years.

  62. I heard somewhere on the grapevine that Top Gear is coming to Australia? Does any one have any details or information on this – dates etc

    EDITOR: see comment 65.

  63. Monday 26th Feb.

    Little question why am i viewing a repeat of last weeks Top Gear, the show has only just come back on!.

    Concerned Veiwer

  64. Hello. Tonight’s programme is a repeat from two weeks ago!!!!! Totally disappointing

    EDITOR: You’re kind of right, but not really

    What happened was that season 7 of Top Gear which SBS just broadcast had 6 new episodes and 3 highlights episodes.

    Now the 6 new episodes have finished, SBS is showing the 3 highlights episodes which British viewers also saw at the end of Season 7:

    Episode 7 shown by SBS on 26/02/2007 (today) is a “Super Cars special” with highlights from seasons 6 and 7

    Episode 8 shown by SBS on 05/03/2007 is a “Best challenges special” with highlights from seasons 3, 6 and 7. This is worth watching because SBS didn’t have the broadcast rights for Series 3.

    Episode 9 shown by SBS on 12/03/2007 is a “Guests special” with highlights from season 6 and season 7. This also has bits of the show that Australian viewers haven’t seen including comedian Jimmy Carr taking a tour behind the scenes of the Top Gear production offices, green room, make-up, The Stig’s room, the carpark where he compares Jeremy Richard and James’s cars and interviews James May.

  65. what an unbelieveable show i have always been a car buff and am told of my bias for chevs commodores and gmh products.if they come to aust.

    wouldn’t it be brilliant if they ran some of peter brocks, toranas, commodores and one of his monaro’s around bathurst and gave their opinion on how motor racing has developed in good old AUSTRALIA.

  66. Greetings! In a recent episode aired in Australia, Jeremy mentioned something about viewers suggesting locations around the world to do what they do.
    Would love to see the show brought to Australia, as the guys would have a lot of fun driving around our DRY racetracks, INCLUDING the Mt Panorama circuit at Bathurst!

    An episode at Mt Panorama would be very popular world-wide!

    Food for thought.

    Cheers, Doc.

  67. A few years back Jeremy Clarkson did a very funny series where he visited a different country
    in the EU each week, of course travelling by car. I watched it, but can’t remember the name of the show. Any chance SBS could resurrect it, I’m sure it would be a big hit.

    Glad to hear Richard has made a good recovery.


    You’re correct Carol. Jeremy hosted the five part series “Jeremy Clarkson Meets the Neighbours” in which he took a Jaguar E-type around Europe visiting France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. The programme explored his stereotypes of each of the countries to see whether or not they were true.

    This is how BBC News promoted the show:

    Armed with little more than his prejudices, and the obligatory fast car, Jeremy heads off to continental Europe. After a series of near-death experiences on the roads of Paris, he discovers he quite likes the French, really. And the Belgians are OK.

    But his views on the Spanish and the Germans are almost unrepeatable.

    You can see his promo interview in Realplayer format, and then watch some of the episodes on Google Video (if they haven’t been removed by Google because they’re illegal)


    EDITOR: Settle down, writing demands in ALL CAPS is not a good way to get your question answered.

    Anyway the answer is simple, series 7 has ended and there’s a break until the next series just like any other tv show. Meanwhile you can watch Mythbusters in the same timeslot

  69. I was wondering when Top Gear will be filming in Australia as per the competition they are currently running ‘Bring Top Gear Down Under’. Also when will the location be announced ?

    EDITOR: This is all I could get from SBS:

    While we can’t give too much away it is safe to say that SBS is in serious talks with the BBC regarding Top Gear in Australia.

    I take that to say nothing is certain at this stage. Also all 3 presenters are very well paid people with responsibilities outside the show as newspaper columnists and running the top gear magazine and website franchises so i’m guessing that SBS would have to pay a pretty penny to get them to come here.

  70. Hi,just discovered this site by Accident,didn’t realise Top Gear aired outside of the UK.Been a fan of the show since its early days back in the late 80’s(it was a much differant show then,very stuffy and serious)

    Jeremy made a series a couple of years back about the inventions that changed the world ,including one episode about the jet engine.To show its importance,he travelled around the world by plane as quickly as possible,just stopping off for a short while in certain countries.

    I’m afraid he was less than complimentary about Oz, in fact, i think he hates the place … he stopped off in Sydney, made a few insulting remarks like he does,and was off. I’m thinking that he might be loath to travel back down under … he more or less owns Top Gear and decides what happens so don’t get your hopes up about the chaps making a journey down your way .. sorry don’t shoot the messenger

  71. BBC News has reported that a spin off US version Top Gear may be created:

    The Sun newspaper reported that the show will be fronted by current presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

    It said the US show would be the same as the UK version, but focusing on American cars, such as Cadillacs.

    US stars will also test their driving skills against mystery racing driver The Stig, the newspaper added.

    A spokeswoman for the BBC confirmed that BBC Worldwide – the corporation’s commercial arm – had been in talks, but could not confirm details.

  72. I was just wondering when the new episodes of top gear are going to be aired as i am rather sick to death of the repeats.

    EDITOR: After the current repeats of series 6 finish, Top Gear will be off the air on SBS until series 8 begins in early July.

  73. Hi! I wanted to ask you when the 10th series fo Top Gear are going to be aired. Thanks

    EDITOR: Series 10 of Top Gear is not likely to be back before October 2007.

  74. Hi,

    When is the BBC going to get organised and put all the episodes to dvd and/or Blue-Ray? Either way it needs to be done, I’ve read endless blogs with people asking the same…. I guess that makes me just another fish asking the same…. Oh well, I guess I can keep dreaming that one day they’ll wake up and go, “Hey we could make some serious money from this.”

    Thanks for the space.

    EDITOR: Couldn’t agree with you more Tim.

  75. can you please tell me how richard hammond is, has he recovered from his injuries? and is he continuing with the show?

    EDITOR: Richard is fully recovered and was in all episodes of Season 9 and the recent Top Gear Polar Special. Neither have been shown on SBS TV yet.

  76. I cant believe that sbs is putting up australian series of top gear as an avid fan of the UK version, why ruin something that works and emulating it?!!!?. Bl**dy stupid idea. Take example the series “the office” brilliant in the UK, pathetic in the US and the americans bought the idea from the Brits.

    So they’ll review the same cars eventually as the uk and then we’ll have to put up with oz celebs. Why should we watch it? Not sure if anyone else feels this way, maybe i’m alone in this one but i feel it’ll just be another cop out…. copying everyone else.

    EDITOR: I have to agree with you. SBS could have done a lot more with the alleged 10 million budget for Top Gear Australia by creating some original programs instead of a copy

  77. I’m a mad fan of Top Gear, and was wondering if the Aussie version will completely replace the original, or just been shown on a different night? Also, when will the ninth series of Top Gear air? I am dying to see the full episode where the lads travel to America.

    EDITOR: Series 9 should start on 14th January

  78. Hubby & I watched polar trek but missed end who won??? would love to no Cheers

    EDITOR: Hi Kat

    Clarkson and May won which is a shame because I was hoping the sled dogs would win as I think having a repair crew was an unfair advantage for Clarkson

  79. Iam a MASSIVE fan of Topgear! i love the show soo much and in recent times ive watched up to 2 episodes daily! i record as many episodes as i can onto DVD, i have 30+ episodes with personally made dvd covers in my big topgear collection.

    i have most of the books made by the brilliant trio (by the way Richard Hammond: On the edge – one of the most moving books i have ever read, absolutley amazing)

    I have every DVD released to do with topgear and the trio, i have a Stig Tshirt, ive got the lot!

    I cant wait till Topgear Aus version comes out, but my big question is when will Jemery, James and Richard come to Aus!? i would dearly love to see them come to Aus to do one of their big Challenges, meeting them would be the ultimate! do they have any plans of visiting Australia for a show or some sort of crazy challenge?


    EDITOR: Wow you’re a hardcore fan Steven

    My contacts tell me it’s unlikely that the original UK Top Gear crew will come to Australia to film a show or crazy challenge as they have very packed schedules

  80. Gday.I was wondering if any body has plans to put Jeremy James or Richard in a V8 Supercar driven by Craig Lowndes around Mt Panorama,Skaife or Tander will do.I think we could blow them away with these cars,maybe even arrange a drive.Awsome exposure for the sport as well.

  81. Dear Mr Editor. I actually have applied for a side kick position on SBS’ Top Gear show. I phoned them the other day to see if I had a chance. Laughter was the stern reply.

    Don’t they realise that average can be made into above average. ALL you need is a LOT of make up. What do you think?

    EDITOR: They say that they’re not looking for “a clone of the magnificent and simply unique Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond or James May. We’re looking for Australia’s own Top Gear faces”

    However the reality is that since they’re choosing TV hosts I guess that the people chosen will be reasonably photogenic

  82. SBS TOP GEAR – how daft is that?? Top gear ISNT about the cars it’s about Clarkson, May and Hamster!…….as long as SBS keep broadcasting the UK series and DONT replace it with the AUST one (will the actually show both??)..I’m happy

    EDITOR: they’ll definitely still show both the UK and the Aussie version, whether the Aussie version is anywhere near as good or popular is another question altogether

  83. I remember watching the old Top Gear on BBC World when it was only Jeremy/ It’s a very different show now, so much better. I wonder how the SBS version will look.

  84. May I suggest that you take a trip to Nollamara to check out a Lloyd Charman who is the El supremo of car restoration. There are literally 21 cars under restoration on his suburban quarter acre block. And he knows what he is doing but cant actually read or write. He is quite amazing and the quality of his manual work was noted at primary school and has continued to amaze… He is a perfectionist.

  85. I love top gear show. All the research make to the car is amazing to me. It really help me to buy my car and till this day, the car is awsome. Clarkson is the one that make it all so great!

  86. I also excited when top gear comes on tv its fascinating but i wish the SBS would play more current episodes and stop editing them to make them shorter and leaving bits out of the wonderful show.

  87. British safety groups have reacted with fury to news that UK police will not punish Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson for using his mobile while driving.

    Despite the Mirror newspaper publishing a photograph of Clarkson chatting on his phone while doing 70mph he will only receive a letter warning. Police decided they didn’t have enough evidence to bring charges.
    – source: TV Tonight

  88. Myself and my girlfriend are great top gear fans, although she can’t even drive! I like to check out their vehicles and reviews (along with those carried out by fifth gear)

  89. Why has SBS missed a load of episodes? previous were 2002 last saturday James May appeared as if by magic and we are in 2004

    no wonder torrents are so popular

    And Channel 10 stuffing torchwood too!!!

    EDITOR: SBS doesn’t have the broadcast rights for Top Gear Uk 2003 series until later this year

  90. Does anyone know who the good lookin blonde in season 10 episode 6 i think it is, anyhow they are talkin bout a vibratin seat cushion and she is a person from the croud. O ya AMERICA RULES!

  91. g,day, we love the show here in tasmania (tassie) australia. missed episode 7 in series 10. had the american name vauxalle for our holden commodore.record for my son, he works at night. wondering ig can get the episode or the series to buy.all the best janine.

  92. my boyfriend gt me watching top gear have u seen the one where they burn da caravan it is so funny i watched it 5 times n i was still lafin the 5th time

  93. Its my favorite show! Lol its like heaven! The t-shirts look good! I guess this is another cool thing to the list of things that they have done.

  94. Actually TopGear one of the best TV porgramms about cars, that everyone likes. Fast cars, used cars, new cars, everything. Concept cars and so on. I am trying not to miss it when it is on TV -)

  95. I have just forced myself to keep watching Top Gear in Australia in the hope that it would improve as it went along. Sorry folks…you are trying too hard! You don’t have to shout I’m not deaf! You don’t have to behave like yobbos!

    Let’s have a bit of class. All three presenters fell short of the Top Gear I’m used to.

    Since we now have the Oz version I hope it doesn’t mean we will lose the REAL ONE from the UK.

    I’ll sign myself …the sad and sorry Oz!

  96. your show is crap fast cars do not make save driving show car that are driven by ever day drives not super cars that can only be drivin on super barn in europe

  97. Stick to swimming and cricket boys….Top Gear Australia is just so lame and trying too hard to be cool…..its very consistant with most aussie TV and aussie driving standards…cr*p !

  98. the stig in australia is none other than neal bates brother to rally star rick bates,i know him well.

  99. I, too, am saddened by the loss of the original Top Gear. Jeremy, Richard and James MAKE the show, they ARE the show – it is nothing without them – and it is just too hard to try to watch the Aussies attempting to copy professionals like them. Top Gear Australia is disappointing to say the least. PLEASE give us back those clever, witty and thoroughly engaging gentlemen who know their job and do it with aplomb.

  100. Let’s have a bit of class. All three presenters fell short of the Top Gear I’m used to.

    Since we now have the Oz version I hope it doesn’t mean we will lose the REAL ONE from the UK.

    I’ll sign myself …the sad and sorry Oz!

  101. TOP GEAR AUSTRALIA IS DEAD TO ME. Its so aweful, i dont even think about it on Monday nights anymore.

  102. In response to the credibility of top gear australia.I have been able to watch very early runnings of top gear u.k. and can say in defence of the boys at top gear australia, that in the infancy of the original episodes, the character of all three men was about as palatable as the proverbial now in’famous cooge ice cream.
    I have watched all shows and do begin to see glimpses of the makings of some great character and characters. Please give the guys some grace, because we need to.

  103. sorry fellas but top gear australia makes me cringe. at first glance it appears that top gear uk (TG UK)has sent you the script, and you have tried to substitute the presenters with terrible wannabes.don’t shout, ive got volume control, sarcasm and witty remarks make more of an impact.
    lets keep the spirit of TG UK but don’t try to copy it. they have had years to perfect what they do, and they do it brilliantly. this is australia, do oz stuff in an oz way. don’t let the show die off, make TG OZ our show that we can sell back to them.

  104. WOO HOO!!!!! TGUK is back!!!!! And wasn’t it great?!?!? Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Astons-Martin… funny cop car challenges…banter…oh THANK GOD TGOZ is gone!

  105. Oh God not again!! They have sacked the annoying sweaty windmill, great you may think but no now we have a short, bald, fat, trumpet player to replace him. Unlike Cox he can blow his own trumpet, oh and he is interested in cars, Big Deal!!!

    SBS try using your collective brain cell for good. This series is utter rubbish. Why not cancel it and donate the budget to TGUK maybe they could film an extra episode with it and we would all be happier.

    Cox has business commitments “Yeah right” he’s left the country out of pure embarrassment, I would want to find a small island with a population of less than one to live on after his performance.

    The annoying Ferret (Pizzati) wish he’d Pizzatied off as well. Warren has a bit of talent I think but cannot sustain a show on his own.

    As for SBS giving this utter folly another go well, I would sooner have 100 hundred very smelly people running their nails down a blackboard in my front room than watch this already failed revamp and sad copy of TGUK.

    You just replaced sweaty Cox with a short balding trumpet player. Well done you idiots!! That will fix the fact the show is utter rubbish. I look forward to see the show continue to bomb in the ratings.

  106. the ausie guys didn’t seem to understand one thing.
    Aussies love a larrakin but they don’t like yobbos.
    My opinion has since been confirmed by the newspaper reports that several manufacturers will not provide cars next series.
    The site of these blokes literally wrecking 3 new utes at Kalgoorlie got me realy wild.Even though car companies aint poor it was just plain boorish yobbo behaviour.
    Somehow I doubt it is ever going to work but if they try a second series we will let it run and again give our opinions here LOL

  107. top gear u.k thank goodness its not been replaced with that lowely effort the australians put into thier programming hey 1 guy wasnt 2 bad but the other 2 yobbo’s wernt worth watching or even putting on telivision, it was a f’n discrace to see such crap being aired here.But now that topgear u.k is back i can finally watch sbs on monday nights without being turned off the station for the rest of a week.Go jeremy richard and james and p.s if u guys ever put an aussie topgear eppisode on without actually having the presenters pure aussies it just wont work pure aussies are a lot looser than those guys could have ever been.

  108. This show is awesome. I am a car freak and watch this show religiously. I record every episode on DVD. Its great to finally see a great car show on rather than the crappy Aussie ones like Drive and the Car Show. But can you please put the current season from the UK on as i like to see new cars on top gear not ones that have been out for a year already

  109. Is there anybody in australia who might have a copy of the show where they went on holiday with a caravan, and ended up burning it down????????I laughed so much I couldn’t breath but my partner missed it ,and I didn’t get time to record and apparantly it was not released on dvd.Thanx.

  110. its awesome the uk top gear aint been axed cause i have not missed an episode in 6 years and i would hate to start missing it and after seeing clarkson, and hammond in sydney for the top gear live show i love it even more

  111. go to the top gear website and you get a whole list of videos on there from heaps of series and that one is on there aswell

  112. Just wondering, I know they have plans to release Series 10 – THE WHOLE SERIES – in the US on a 3-disc DVD set and I’m wondering if anyone has heard if it will be released in Australia at all?!?

  113. Yes sir, this series does keep my mind busy, can’t wait for series 10, I try to stream as many tv shows as I can find and Top Gear is a must. Great Blog Too,….Keep it up

  114. Hi there, I have watched Top Gear in the Uk and from my point of view Clarkson is so abrupt in his attitude that I have stopped watching it. The last comment he made in one of the episodes, which obviously reached the world media was probably boardering on discrimination. Give other presenters have been sacked for minor comments, I very surprised he is still presenting. This is of course my opinion.

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