The Status Quo isn’t Good Enough

I struck an interesting problem recently when attempting to gain a contract from an advertising agency to provide website optimisation services for their clients…

I had outlined the benefits of designing a website using a holistic approach to take advantage of the benefits in using web standards like XHTML & CSS, combined with the Apache web server, PHP scripting and MySQL database with quantifiable benefits such as:

  1. Reduced page load times
  2. Saving in Bandwidth costs
  3. Increasing the speed at which browsers can display the site
  4. Improving compatibility with the majority of popularly used web browsers
  5. Improving the sites visibility for search engines

At each turn, the person I was discussing with agreed that they understood that this would improve the return on investment, but their current methods were good enough, and clients weren’t complaining so why bother?

I eventually abandoned discussions, but still stick to my premise that being happy with the status quo isn’t good enough. A business that thinks their method is the best and only way of doing things is sure to encounter problems in the long term. If on the other hand, (like myself) they are constantly developing their methodology and keeping an eye on industry best practice they are sure to succeed.