The Password Is Fayleyure

The global silliness of the password mentality was beautifully highlighted in a survey conducted last year that found 70 percent of those asked said they would reveal their computer passwords for a bar of chocolate. Sweet. A third of those surveyed volunteered their passwords to interviewers without being offered a bribe. Yet another survey discovered that fully 79 percent of people questioned on the streets of London revealed such desirable security-sensitive data as mother’s maiden name and birth date. ‘We are amazed at the level of ignorance from consumers on the need to protect their online identity,’ sniffed a spokesman for RSA, the pioneering encryption firm that sponsored the research.

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  1. “What’s the easiest way to hack into the computer systems of a credit union? It turns out that all you need to do is copy a virus/trojan onto USB drives and scatter them around the front door of the credit union. This was how a recent security audit was performed at a credit union where the employees had actually been tipped off to the audit. Security experts collected 20 old USB thumb drives and filled them with images and other data along with a trojan that would collect sensitive information and e-mail it back to them. Early one morning they planted the thumb drives around the entrances to the credit union as well as other public places where the employees were known to congregate. In very little time 15 of the 20 USB drives were plugged into company computer systems and started e-mailing usernames, passwords, etc. back to the auditors.”

    excerpt from slashdot article – Social Engineering Using USB Drives

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