The Crikey Chronicles – Weekly Roundup of Australian Politics

Every Tuesday on ABC Local Radio Tasmania Tim Cox presents The Crikey Chronicles. It’s the best way to keep up to date with the latest news about Australian Politics in 15 minutes/week .

To give you some background: “Crikey is an independent online media service [whose] aim is very simple: to bring its readers the inside word on what’s really going on in politics, government, media, business, the arts, sport and other aspects of public life in Australia. Crikey irritates the powerful by revealing how they operate behind-the-scenes, and it tackles the stories insiders are talking about but other media can’t or won’t cover.”

If you live in Tasmania you can listen to the show live as Tim Cox is the Morning show presenter on Tasmanian ABC local radio. Luckily for the rest of us The Crikey Chronicles is released as a MP3 Podcast (2MB-4MB in size) every week.

Tim’s discussions were previously with Christian Kerr, the ex-Canberra Press Gallery correspondent for but now they’re with a new Crikey commentator – Jonathan Green.

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Prior to becoming a writer, Christian Kerr was a staffer to South Australian Liberal Senators Robert Hill, Amanda Vanstone and former South Australian Premier John Olsen so he has unique insights into how governments at State and Federal level work behind the scenes and the spin they place on their policies.

In an interview with The Age in mid 2004 Kerr said:

His motivating factor was unpacking politics and shaking out the secrets and lies. “It’s terribly important to me,” he said. “It’s what politics can be unspun.”

To prove that he’s no friend of the Liberal government, to the best of my knowledge he’s the only journalist who has been barred from the lockup on Federal Budget day in May when journalists get to write their stories for the next days newspaper and TV reports.

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  1. Christian Kerr also gets a regular spot on Phillip Adams’ Late Night Live. He and Laura Tingle have a segment called ‘Canberra Babylon’ and it is always worth a careful listen. LNL link here:

    EDITOR: thanks for the tip Steven. Unfortunately Late Night Live is too long for me to listen to regularly

  2. i think there should be a show like that in each country. i don’t have time ti sit each day for a hour or 2 to check everything. i hope they will open something like that in hungry

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