The Chasers War On Everything (ABC TV) Review


The Chaser’s War on Everything will be missing from ABC TV in the first half of 2008.

The boys (Andrew Hansen, Chas Licciardello, Julian Morrow and Craig Reucassel)are planning a national tour from March until June called The Chaser’s Age of Terror Variety Hour

Thu Sep 6, 2007 8:00pm: Eleven people from the ABC TV program The Chaser’s War on Everything were charged with offences under the new APEC legislation. Eight ABC cast and crew members and three hired drivers have been charged with entering a restricted area without justification.

The group was arrested after staging a fake motorcade through Sydney’s CBD and were stopped near the InterContinental Hotel where US President George W Bush is staying after going through 2 checkpoints with obviously fake ID. They were only stopped by security when Chas exited the car dressed as Osama bin Laden 🙂

Fans can purchase Chaser DVD’s at bargain prices from Chaos DVD’s

chasers war on everything

George W. Bush waged a war on terror, but only The Chaser has had the vision and courage to wage a War On Everything. No target will be spared in the satirical team’s 2nd season of The Chaser’s War On Everything on ABC TV.

As in previous years, The Chaser team will consist of writer/performers Charles Firth, Andrew Hansen, Dominic Knight, Chas Licciardello, Julian Morrow, Craig Reucassel and Chris Taylor.

In the event of a federal election, The Chaser will present a series of election specials with segments including “Pollie Wants A Cracker” – where the Chaser team will ambush our politicians and offer them a giant oversize cracker which has a satirical message written on it.

Among the regular segments returning to The Chaser’s War on Everything in 2007 are:

  • The classification bit at the start
  • The opening credits
  • The Ad Road Test
  • What Have We Learned from Current Affairs This Week?
  • The Crazy Warehouse Guy
  • Firth in the USA
  • The end credits

Filmed in front of a studio audience, the Logie Award-winning team of both CNNNN and The Chaser Decides will be doing what they do best – confronting and lampooning key players from the world of politics, business, religion, media and culture. These signature Chaser ambushes will form the core of the new series – alongside news-of-the-week analysis, comedy sketches, and their uniquely irreverent field experiments such as:

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  • Can you book a dinner table in the US under the name bin Laden?
  • How many times can you let your mobile phone ring during a Russell Crowe gig before he cracks it?
  • And how would Virgin Blue’s wacky and humorous in-flight announcements go down if you performed them verbatim at an actual comedy club?

The Chaser’s War on Everything will be tough, bloody and unforgiving. Don’t become the first casualty by not tuning in.

The Chaser’s War On Everything is filmed in front of a studio audience on Tuesday nights at the Sydney ABC studios in Harris St, Ultimo. When I attended the audience was let in at 6:40pm and let out at 7:50pm. This included time for audience warmup and a few retakes at the end to fix pronunciation errors. Note: because a large part of the show is pre-taped outside the studios, the audience spent a large part of the time watching these pre-taped segments on the studio monitors.

Tickets are free. Please be advised that the show is unlikely to be suitable for young children. Please contact the ABC production team to request tickets If you’re unable to make it, please advise the production team as there’s probably a waiting list!

You can view previous Chaser episodes through their Vodcasts available in WMV or MP4 format (appx 80 mb/episode)

53 thoughts on “The Chasers War On Everything (ABC TV) Review”

  1. I love this show!!! It’s really good, but when (and if) is CNNNN coming back on?

    EDITOR: I dont think CNNNN will ever be back. I cant remember where, but I read that that CNNNN required a lot more preperation work, a fancier set, wearing decent clothing while filming etc to copy what Cable News hosts would wear..

    In comparison Chasers War On Everything has a really basic set, they just wear ordinary clothes and would require a lot less preperation and equipment because the script is conversational, not spoofing cable news

  2. Love the show, particularly the piece on “Spotlight” was Spot-On! Keep up the extraordinarily Good Work!

  3. Ha ha ha love it – u rock. so smart funny blah blah etc etc! Ok cool but cos i left this comment . . . tip!

  4. A fantabulous show – it puts parliament and news show to shame. Great Job Swap with the Head of Macquarie Bank. Keep up the great expose.

  5. recent travels on rail system between victoria and NSW caused many upsetting moments. Locker system at Souhern Cross (Melb) for storing luggage designed to rip off clients and when answers for lack of response to problems asked…employees clam up or just refuse to acknowledge english!! Smartecarte the provider would be a great subject for your programme to “investigate” or better still hold up to ridicule…..the way they treated us when we were dealing with them. Documents and railway staff witnesses are available to back up our side of the story

    EDITOR: Any ideas should be submitted directly to the chaser team via

  6. The ABC has launched video podcasts of The Chasers War On Everything! Podcasts will be in MP4 and WMV format and around 80MB in size per episode

  7. omg this is the koolest. its mi fav show bring it back on the air quick!!

    EDITOR: please note that whatever program the Chaser boys do for the ABC, it’s not likely to air until early next year [2007] when the ratings season begins.

    PS The first 13 episodes of the 2006 series of the Chaser’s War on Everything have been released on DVD.

  8. i absolutly love the chaser, it is by far the funniest show on tv, nothing beats it. Andrew Hansen is so talented he is able to write 12 songs for the whole first season and he has so many different character voices that he does, Chas Licciardello is such a hilarious man and it amazing that he can show his butt on tv so many times, Chris Taylor is quite an attractive guy, i dont see how he hasnt got a girlfriend, unless he does and when they do those kind of skits where it needs to be a single man he just steps in and pretends he doesnt, Craig Reucassel what a character he may have a gap between his teeth but it makes him look quite cute he is a funny guy just like the rest of the chaser team, Julian Morrow is kind of the father of the team he is the most mature and has a very sensible kind of look about him.

    oh, and just in case the question can be answered, do you have to be over 16 to see the show, because Andrew told my friend (15)and her sister (8) that he has seen kids there her age and then i thought that may be but if your younger then 16 do you need a adult to be with you, me and my friends really want to go but we’re not sure and we dont want to arrive there and get kicked out.

    EDITOR: For starters obviously they’re on holiday now so there won’t be any studio audiences for The Chaser until a new series starts.

    Not sure about any age limits for being in the studio audience. I would suggest calling ABC Head Office on 139994 to ask what the policy is

  9. have you heard about the new play written by chris taylor and the music was written by andrew hansen. i swear these chaser boys just never stop, their amazing!

    and did anyone happen to catch my favourite album with chas as a main person on the show and andrew had a minor part in it but big for his major fans! i love the chaser so much its not funny!!!!!!!

    EDITOR: I hadn’t heard about it but you’re correct, here’s a copy of their PR release:

    The brand new play Dead Caesar by Chris Taylor is on 1, 2 and 3 February at Sydney’s Wharf Theatre. With original music by Andrew Hansen, it’s a theatrical comedy masterpiece. Frankly. The production will be a rehearsed reading in the “workshop” tradition of Wharf2Loud.

    Unable to restrain themselves, Andrew is also in the cast and Chris will pop on stage briefly.

    Bookings: Sydney Theatre Company – (02) 9250 1777.

  10. im going to see Dead Caesar, i bought the tickets the other day! it should be a really good show, im really looking forward to it…..

    umm….one question, do you know when the show is coming back on the ari, ive looked on every chaser site i can find and there is nothing that talks about their new season….well actually there is, it only says that they have managed to be able to record another season of it but they dont know what time slot i will be in….other then that theres nothing, can you help me?

    EDITOR: I don’t know anything more than what the SMH said:

    Among the prime-time staples to return [to ABC TV in 2007] are Enough Rope (in the second half of next year), Australian Story, Spicks and Specks, The Einstein Factor, The New Inventors, At the Movies, The Chaser’s War on Everything and a suite of popular British imports, including the Ricky Gervais series Extras.

    However keep in mind that 2007 is a Federal election year so assuming Howard calls an election in the 2nd half of the year than if the ABC wants to be efficient than they’ll start The Chaser’s War on Everything later in the year so the boys can go straight into Election Chaser mode rather than scrambling to write those stories after dumping all their other jobs when Howard suddenly calls an election if the The Chaser’s War on Everything had already finished its run (does that make sense ?).

  11. Update: A new 26 part series of The Chaser’s War on Everything will be broadcast on ABC TV in 2007 in prime time on Wednesdays at 9pm (after Spicks and Specks) starting from March 28th.


  13. Hey your show is sooooooooo brilliant my family introduced me to the 1st DVD at christmas and now both my boyfriend and i are hooked! Looking forward to the 28th of March.

  14. hey you guys rock… liked the time you hugged the prime minister with an axe can you do that again except wearing the no gary no t-shorts well dancing around him to Destiny’s Child – Lose my breathe now I’d like to see you do that!

  15. You guys are very witty.I wanted to thank you all for saying the things no one else wants to . I’m a faithful fan. Just two things, first i really think craig is just wonderful( as are you all but craig is just beautiful) the other is a can’t get that bloody filler song out of my head!looking forward to next week.

  16. omg i luvv chasers! its the best show around!
    i luvv andrew hansen he is soooo hott!
    im in luv wiv him!

    how old is he? like 30? well im 14 so i cud marry him.. cudnt i?
    unless he’s already married. if he is i hate his wife!


  17. OMG! I love The Chasers War On Everything!!

    Andrew Hansen is so HOT and funny!
    I have met him and Chas, they were both so nice!
    My favourite segments are:
    If Life Were A Musical
    What Have We Learned from Current Affairs This Week?
    And The Crazy Warehouse Guy!

    I love all his songs!

    And then I fall asleep but I’m still waiting in my dreams!
    Reading 50 back issues of national geographic magazine!
    For Christ’s sake can I go in soon! – hehe. That was when Andrew & Chris were in the Doctor’s waiting room!!

  18. The Chaser’s war on almost everything has left one hallowed and sacrosanct public institution
    unscathed. Not that I blame you boys for it at all though. I’m sure the legal beagle’s at Auntie would have an apocolyptic epileptic grand mal fit if you blokes ever took the piss out of our ever so respectable High Court Judges!! In fact, the ABC has a special pair of lilly livered white gloves that ABC employee’s must wear when in the presence of males who wear black dresses and funny wigs. Monica Attard’s recent interview of Justice Ian Callinan is a perfect example. Callinan had accused his fellow judges of “subversion” in his written judgement in the 2006 Industrial Relations case. Subversion is treason and this was as frothy at the mouth as a judge could possibly get. The other judges were fuming and a lot of pressure was brought to bear to make Callinan back down, which he did, on ABC, and Monica went along with the required propaganda and bullshit that everything is just jim dandy and all the judges really love each other and have the deepest respect for each other. What a crock.

    I’d love to see the Chaser parody the meaty roasting that Callinan burned his brother judges with in his written judgement, and then follow it up with a purial serving of Callinan eating humble pie and telling Monica that he has the deepest respect for the same blokes he said were criminals.

    I love watching you blokes taking the piss out of the high and mighty and I hope you dont have to consider renaming the show “The Chaser’s war on almost everthing.”



  19. Haha the george bush thing they did with bin laden was funny az . . so much for the million bux of security

  20. Yea I agree with Sam, Binladen trick was a great joke congrats to CHASERS they cant outsmart the chasers

  21. PS. Loved your latest prank. The public will storm the prison to free you if they dare send you there.

  22. Thank God for the Chaser. Great Joke and just shows how poor our security really is. Thanks for the reality check. It will be a great injustice if anyone in the Chaser is actually charged

  23. i think it is horrible that some televison show would think that using our canadian flag for your entertainment would be in the least funny. you claim you used our canadian flag thinking it would be easier for your team to get past any security.

    don’t you think that these crazy people out there won’t think that’s a good idea let us use canada because no one will bother canadians. they are so peaceful people. well we are and as a canadian i am shamed by your show and your country thinking you can use any means in a form of humour.

    in these days of terror and fear i don’t think any country would appreciate using their country’s flag for any gag under these conditions. i am not a person that usually complaining (as canadians we aren’t big mouths like some other countries but back off our country. i hear the show is available in canada and the us and believe me i will not be watching your brand of humour and i will suggest to any canadian disgusted like myself to write to these people and get it off your chest too. really bad taste australia.

  24. I do not agree with everything the Chasers do. But I’ll be there for them in their upcoming court case re the motorcade in Sydney during APEC. A crime? Not! A willful malicious stunt? Not! A frivolous stunt sending up politicians who think they are way too important? Yes! If any of the Chasers go to jail, we should all protest outside, dressed as either bin Laden or Mickey Mouse, and carrying “The Chasers are cool Dude, free the Chasers” signs. Picture it – hundreds of bin Ladens or Mickey Mouses -it sends a message to the police who are being far too serous about this.

  25. Most of what the Chaser guys do is pretty funny and considering we live in a world where everyone is paranoid about everything yeah we need a little humour, However some stuff should just be avoided with a ten foot barge poll.
    The APEC stunt was funny but the Osama costume was a bit much considering ….. At least they had the desency to do it before Sept 11……

  26. Where can I obtain the previous episodes on podcast? Every now and then, iTunes bumps the episodes up and removes the old ones…

    EDITOR: sorry, the ABC has removed older episodes from their website

  27. I think the australian public is forgetting to what is happening around the world with terrorism on the agenda. we keep thinking this is all funny with the “Chasers” breaching security during APEC Week. To that idiot who decided to dress up like Bin Laden, i dont think you would be laughing “if” one of those snipers shot you in the head now would it????? and let me guess?? it would be “Un-Australian” if the police were just doing there job to shoot Bin Laden breaching security.

    Yes! of course keep the aussie humor but c’mon everyone…. there is a fine line when to cease.

    Pull your heads in and stop before someone gets hurt one of these days

  28. Congratulations guys!
    It is now very obvious to any thinking person, who has the highest IQ!
    Chasers or Australian security……
    Keep up the wonderful work – I really admire your courage and satirical skills. Please stay energised, there is nothing else on TV that comes anywhere near the quality of your programme.

  29. I love the Chasers War On Everything! The guys are so funny! I really want to get into the studio audience but i missed out on tickets (which would sell heaps quick. When do they go on sale?) and I’m only 15.

    I bought all of the Chaser DVD’s and the CNNNN DVD. I just can’t get enough of the Chasers!! I also got Rolling Stone because you’re on the cover!

    Dudes keep up the good work! I’m gonna see you one day! Please do a 2008 season!! And keep on making seasons, there will always be someone for you to chase!

  30. i love this show……the very firsttime i seen it i thought it was a crack up ad cant stp watching it now…………gr8 job!!!!

  31. Obviously you select only positive feedback for publication so I wonder why I bother?
    Found your questioning of Sophia Loren to be best described as childish and was embarrased as an Australian.
    Your behavior at the OPEC conference could easily have resulted in a tragedy.
    Your team consistantly abuses the fact we live in a country where your outlandish and disresepful behaviour is tolerated.

    Grow Up! or reshedule your show into the childrens viewing time.

  32. I saw tonight’s “A Current Affair” program with Anna Corrine. A Current Affair gives me such a laugh. I’m not sure who is funnier…well second thoughts it would have to be “The Chasers”. I thought they held their ground well.
    Unfortunately for “A Current Affair” they came off second best with the same old dragged out, over baked, hyped up journalism to suit their own agenda. Seriously for them, silence would have been the best form of revenge.
    Chasers Your point has been proven and you don’t have to show the tape. What I saw on “A Current Affair” was pure satire….coming from “The Chasers” that is..

    I’m going off to their web site tonight to have another giggle @ their rediculous style of journalism.
    p.s. Are you sure “A Current Affair” isnt a comedy??
    I have no offal..iation with either “The Chasers” or “A Current Affair”

    Caz 48 y/o mum of two

  33. I’m going off to “A Current Affairs” website tonight that is…How funny..going off to Channel 7 to watch “The Chasers”
    Thanks “A Current Affair!”

  34. Oh opps,
    Such sloppy reporting…….It’s Anna Coren from “Today Tonight”….
    “A current Affair..Today Tonight?” Same thing isnt it?!!!!!!

  35. the show man i wait all week to watch the show im 14 all my freinds watch the show everything else sucks but this is the best i like how you bag howard and the bloody muslims one day i want to be on the show good work he he he he.

  36. Hi guys, when Is the War coming back?? I was just wondering because I have all seasons on DVD and I am anxiously waiting for it to come back. Thanks guys


    Hi Tim The Chaser’s War on Everything will be missing from ABC TV in the first half of 2008.

    The boys (Andrew Hansen, Chas Licciardello, Julian Morrow and Craig Reucassel)are planning a national tour from March until June called The Chaser’s Age of Terror Variety Hour

  37. I think the Chaser’s War on Everything is a great show. Good on those guys for getting up and having the guts to do what they do. They make people laugh and they make people cry but thats just the recipe for a great show. I love the fact that they try their hardest to stir up trouble! 🙂

  38. I think it is quite ironic that the chaser has set out to comment on the news and in the process they have become newsworthy themselves. The APEC summit stunt is an example of how they were able to push the boundaries and ended up making the news (as well as being used in their own material for the show!)
    The chaser boys are great, i think they are champs! I heard the stage show is super!! I wish they hadn’t sold out of tickets… Maybe i will just buy the dvds and relive the good times!

  39. I really want them to come back. It’s so stupid that they aren’t allowed to do a commentary on the royal wedding.

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