The Chaser Decides (ABC-TV 2004)

From the team behind the Chaser Newspaper, the Chaser Non-Stop News Network (CNNNN), and The Election Chaser comes The Chaser Decides.

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Featuring a panel of top political commentators, led by Craig Reucassel and Chris Taylor with expert analysis from Julian Morrow and Andrew Hansen. Charles Firth, Chas Licciardello and Dominic Knight who will again report from the field right across Australia.

‘The Chaser Decides’ presents up-to-the-minute information during the three weeks leading up to the 2004 federal election with a detailed round-up of the results one week after.

The only election broadcast to stake out the national tallyroom in Canberra weeks before polling day, The Chaser team provides comprehensive speculative analysis long before the first vote is cast.


  • on-the-road confrontations with leading politicians;
  • voter polling that’s even less reliable than the Morgan Poll;
  • expert analysis that’s even more pompous than Channel Nine’s and
  • a supercomputer with the power to generate an unprecedented number of pointless graphics.

Only ‘The Chaser Decides’ has the resources to cover the election with the seriousness it deserves (none), with stories like “Liberals mount economically responsible spending spree” and “Crean promises his Budget will help 105% of voters” it is successful in being equally biased against all the main political parties

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