Sydney’s Best Harbour and Coastal Walks (Guidebook Review)

Many people who live in Sydney aren’t aware of the wide range of short, half-day and day walks spread across the city along the harbour and coastline.

Sydney bushwalks

You could visit lots of websites to find out about these walks or simply buy the Sydney’s Best Harbour and Coastal Walks guidebook by Katrina O’Brien which lists each walk including directions, basic maps and a bit of information about the history of the area each walk passes through.

Bundeena to Jibbon Head - Sydney's Best Harbour and Coastal Walks

In fact when I mentioned that I was reviewing this book, my friend Catriona Pollard told me:

That is the book we use for our coastal walks. Its EXCELLENT! We are on a mission to do all of them!

Sydney's Best Harbour and Coastal Walks guide

I would suggest starting with the very popular and quite easy Spit Bridge to Manly Walk which includes several different landscapes along the way including rocky harbour steps, a forested section, small beaches where you can swim and finally a concrete sidewalk at the end when you’re approaching Manly Beach

The photos in the following Spit Bridge to Manly Walk Photo Gallery slideshow were taken using different cameras and camera phones across several different times I’ve done this walk.

More serious walkers will love the 2 day 26km Bundeena to Otford walk which is partially covered in Sydney’s Best Harbour and Coastal Walks upto the 40% mark at Marley Beach.

Otford to Bendeena bushwalk halfway mark

I did that walk in 2007 and while it was tiring I had a lot of fun and unlike many other easier Sydney walking tracks there were few other people on the Bundeena to Otford walk track besides myself and my friends. The full details for that walk are included in Sydney’s Best Bush, Park and City Walks by Veechi Stuart.

Otford to Bendeena bushwalk

NOTE: A copy of this book was sent to me for review by the publishers Woodslane after they found the Spit Bridge to Manly Walk guide on this site.

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  1. Neerav, I didn’t know about your travel blog!! I follow you on Twitter through the connection with Tony Hollingworth, I had no idea you loved travel as well!

    I love the Manly to Spit walk. Living in Manly, this is one of my favourite walks – so beautiful… I’ll definitely go and buy the book then, I’m always looking for good walk ideas.

    PS: here’s my blog address in case you want to have a look one day. It’s All right, I look forward to reading more about your travels then!

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