Sydney Morning Herald discount student subscription to SMH

If you are a University, high school or primary school student/teacher or someone in your house is than you can get a special educational discount subscription to the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) for between $25 and $135 dollars a year!


  • To get the discount uni student/staff prices with home delivery during summer you need to sign up between Oct 7 2008 – Nov 14 2008
  • Summer holidays 7-day home delivery for uni students/staff subscribers starts in early December and ends at the end of February
  1. Primary and High School students (or you as their parents) should ask your school if it participates in the Herald in the Classroom program. The Sydney Morning Herald is available for school delivery to teachers and students for only $27/term (thats $108/4 terms)
  2. Teachers can get the SMH and Sun Herald home delivered 7 days/week for $135
  3. University students get an even better deal by purchasing a SMH Tertiary card for $25 a year you get every weekday edition of The Sydney Morning Herald for the 40 weeks youโ€™re at uni just by flashing your Tertiary Card at participating outlets and during uni holidays get the SMH and Sun-Herald home delivered 7 days/week.
  4. University staff get a similar deal SMH Tertiary Staff card for $50 a year.

You may wonder why the SMH sells these copies for so much less than the cost of buying a copy at newsagents. My guess would be:

  • It lets them claim increased circulation figures to get more money from advertisers
  • They hope that the school children and university students who participate in the program become long term readers and subscribers after they finish school/university

Call SMH Customer Service on 1300 306 355 with questions about your subscription, missing deliveries etc

The Age in Melbourne (another Fairfax newspaper) has a similar discount newspaper offer for university staff and students

24 thoughts on “Sydney Morning Herald discount student subscription to SMH”

  1. I’ve got a teriary card for the SMH,but I’m worried about the home delivery service on sat. and sun. as i will move to another place. I wonder if I could change my address online

    EDITOR: You can contact the SMH Tertiary card team by calling 1300 306 355

  2. The Sydney Morning Herald is running a special offer for the SMH Tertiary Card 2007. If you signup before October 31 2006 you get 7-day home delivery during the summer uni holidays ๐Ÿ™‚ The cost is still $20/year

  3. I just purchased SMH tertiary card from internet, but how can we get the card? it will be sent by mail or do we need to pick up at uni campus?

    EDITOR: I expect that they post the membership card to you, but you can confirm that by calling or email them (see contact details in comment 1.)

  4. When does the summer holiday home-delivery start? I paid before October 31 and am still getting weekend delivery (possibly from the 2006 subscription?), but nothing during the week…

    EDITOR: When i woke up this morning the tuesday SMH was on my front lawn so it looks like the 7 days/week summer delivery has started.

  5. No doubt a bargain but home delivery service is appalling as you need to complain before it gets delivered!!

    EDITOR: Considering that each day’s paper costs you less than $0.10c for students I think that I could deal with having to complain once to get the home delivery started.

    Anyway my home delivery started yesterday with no problems, and todays paper arrived before 9am as well.

  6. Hello,
    I paid for my 2007 card before the end of October and have still not begun to receive the weekday deliveries for the summer period.
    My weekend papers are arriving as usual but nothing else – is there someone I should speak to about this?

    EDITOR: You should call them on their 1300 number (see the first comment on this page) Amy and find out what’s happening

  7. The newspapers came really on time for me. The only problem is sometimes I got up late and someone in my building took my papers. So get up early and get your papers before 7:30

    EDITOR: Mine usually turn up before 7am on weekdays and around 8:30am on weekends. Our street is pretty quiet so luckily no one has nicked any of my papers

  8. I’m about to start at the University of Sydney in 2007 and was wondering if “The Australian” ran a similar programme. I swear when I was at the information day I saw it going for $15 a year but I’m not sure and can’t find anything on the Internet.

    D’ya know?


    For starters I don’t think much of The Australian or any of Murdoch’s other mouthpieces like the Telegraph or Fox News from the standpoint that they practice poor journalism and are neither fair or balanced but if you want to spend your money on them then it’s your choice. Not that I think the SMH is perfect either, I think it’s standards have slipped as hard edged investigative journalism has been replaced with blogs and other fluff to fill up space.

    I have heard of a program by which high school students can get The Australian cheaply if enough staff & students at their school buy through the school but I was unable to find any discount deals for uni students. I suggest the best way to find out if there any discounts is to ask your campus news agent.

  9. Haha, I agree BUT I’ve had the SMH delivered for the past few years and watching the amount of sport, celebrities and et al crap on the front page it’s rather nauseating. Not to mention the amount of ads on every page – reading the Murdoch broadsheet is almost refreshing!

    But, yeah, I’ll have to go ask at one of the campus news agencies when I start.

  10. $15 for the same deal as sydney morning herald (5 pick-up, 2 delivered). i signed up for both (total of $35) as my family tends to buy the weekend papers at supermarket/newsagent. saves a lot of money.. i signed up today (monday 22 january ’07) will i get 7 days paper delivered to home for both, until the uni semester starts (then have to pick up the mon-fri paper from campus, and weekend paper is delivered home)?

  11. Hey

    I rang them this morning, it seems my card was sent on 21st Feb so I should be receiving it shortly so I am kinda annoyed that I can’t get my herald for the first week of uni
    but yeah
    it should be coming soon

  12. still waiting for the card… perhaps it was lost in the mail? I rekon I should’ve received it by now

    EDITOR: It may be delayed because they would have had a lot of signups during Orientation week. Perhaps you should call their 1300 number to see what happened to your card

  13. When my friend signed up at our union news agency shop, they got their cards straight away…
    I called yesterday but they had no idea what had happened….will call again today….

  14. I like freebies. Keep up the list of freebies because i am going to take advantage of them. Nice blog. I like your posting, im also a subscriber.

  15. Another one of the million benefits i get for being a student. All this study is probably worth it. I still would like papers like the sydney morning herald to be free for all to read. Maybe the government pays for it. That would be great. But thanks for showing me this, will save some money.

    Regards Andrew

  16. I booked SMH for a whole year as a uni student, but for the first week of March, I didn’t get any Saturday and Sunday home delivery, could you check it for me?

    Thank you very much!

    Yours sincerely,
    yunling CHE

    EDITOR: No I can’t check for you because of privacy laws. I suggest you call them on 1300 306 355

  17. Smh is definitely a bragain. However, their cutomer service is appaling. I emailed them three times asking about why my newspaper was not delivered, I got one reply for my first email saying that they were having problems with my address ( custom resident hall address on campus) I dont understand what the problem was. Still my newspapers were not delivered. Then, I called them the lady claimed that she couldnt hear me and told me deliveries started late and gave me a date which I knew was crap because others in my hall with subscriptions after me were getting deliveries a week before this. The customer service lady then ruely hang up. Their service is appalling and I didnt even get a reply back if I could cancel and get my money back. def not going to subscribe next year.

  18. Just thinking about the question of why they would offer such a deal (ie. why offer at a much lower cost than purchasing at newspapers) and the economic reasoning behind it. Can anyone think of other reasons other than the ones listed at the top.
    Many Thanks

  19. Does anyone know when delivery starts this summer? I haven’t got any papers yet..

    EDITOR: my home delivery started on Monday this week

  20. Hi

    Signed up for The Sydney Morning Herald for $30.00, and The Australian for $20… One problem is my lectures start late and the Newcastle Uni campus bookshop / postoffice won’t hold the papers behind the counter – apparently they’re not allowed to” was the excuse I got. I don’t attend uni on Wednesday, so I probably will have to make a special trip, do some study on that day, to make travelling there to pick up the paper worth it. I’m at Newcastle Uni four days a week. Thought it was a bit lousey they couldn’t put it behind the counter for me to pick up, but being a polite gent I didn’t complain.

    I signed up yesterday to SMH, and today to The Australian.. Neither have debited my account yet…. do they take long to process one’s order. This is going to save a fortune on newspaper bills, and my parents being self-retirees, need all the savings they can get.

  21. i want to subscribe the smh tertiary but my uni name has appeared on the uni list. I am currently enrolled in curtin sydney university. thanks.

  22. Hey, I’ve recently lost my wallet, including my SMH student subscription card, is there any way of me getting a new one?

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