Speaking In Tongues-John Safran & Father Bob (SBS-TV 2005)

Speaking In Tongues, with John Safran And Father Bob, on SBS Television on Monday, at 9 pm is another reincarnation of the infinitely variable John Safran. Once again it’s mould-breaking, demonically-inspired television.

Safran has teamed up with his maverick match in wit and weird wisdom, Father Bob Maguire. Father Bob and John first met when John took Father Bob to the flicks in John Safran vs. God. They bonded over chocolates and The Passion of the Christ and John even worked as Father Bob’s altar boy

Speaking In Tongues

Now Father Bob and John continue their oddest of the odd couple television relationship in a current affairs-cum-chat show with a spiritual twist … learn more about the show and the hosts at www.speakingintongues.com.au

EDIT: In an Australian first, SBS and Speaking in Tongues Pty Ltd are proud to announce the first video podcast of an Australian television program. Starting right now, you can get Speaking in Tongues delivered straight to your computer the day after each episode airs – free. It’s perfect if you’ve missed an episode, or just prefer to watch the program in your own time.

To start getting Speaking in Tongues delivered to you each week, just paste this URL into your podcast receiver:

  • (Note: each episode is around 80MB in size.)
  • You need software to go out and fetch the episodes. Free options include: iTunes 4.9 or newer, iPodderX or Juice Receiver.
  • To play the episodes, your computer requires Quicktime 7

You can also read an article I recently wrote: TV exploits of Satirical Documentary Maker John Safran: A Retrospective

4 Replies to “Speaking In Tongues-John Safran & Father Bob (SBS-TV 2005)”

  1. father bob is too nice to john and should stand up a bit more whats he going to do bob? just hit him or something he always picks on you so bite back.

    tell him where to go!! from crystal
    ps. go bob you can do it

  2. I saw the show last night 23/01/06 and found it rather interesting and was sorry to hear that it was going to be the last show
    Rod Streets

  3. john safran is rad. i like the way he doesn’t care if he offends these easily offended people. its like, their opinion versus his opinion, and its funny how you can sometimes tell like if john says he has a slayer album he knows he might offend them, but yeah, he’s a sick c**t.

  4. Could you send me more information about your service.. do you speak in unknown tongues which there is no translation for?

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