Solving Common CSS problems

The following Web Standards Articles are written by some of the best designers/coders in the business and are sure to help all web designers whether new to CSS/XHTML or quite experienced with problems commonly faced when using CSS:

  1. Bullet-Proof Rounded Corners – great for those times when a designer hands you a design mockup with lots of rounded corners
  2. Son of Suckerfish– the best dropdown/flyout CSS menu in existence
  3. Sliding Doors – the best tabbed navigation lists
  4. Writing Efficient CSS – using CSS isn’t much good if you don’t use it properly, so read this article which will help you write quality CSS
  5. Two Column Layouts – A repository of 2 column CSS layouts that anyone can reuse
  6. Three Column Layouts – A repository of 3 column CSS layouts that anyone can reuse
  7. Max Design CSS – the world famous Listutorial, Floatutorial, and Selectutorial articles provide great advice for using Lists, Floats and CSS Selectors respectively
  8. These articles will give you insight into problems like forcing DIV’s to be all the same height, getting a footer to span underneath several columns and other height/width DIV difficulties
    1. Faux columns
    2. Any Column Longest
    3. 3 Columns with spanning footer
    4. min-height: fixed
  9. Top tips to validate XHTML – of course they’re top XHTML tips, because I wrote them 🙂

7 Replies to “Solving Common CSS problems”

  1. I have a Iriver T30 and When I plug in the I river it wont get regonized by windows media player.It says windows media player does not detect a portable device. althought it comes up in the corner of my windows task bar and askes If I want to sync using windows media then It doesn’t detect it. I am using windows player 10 and XP like they ask. What’s up with this thing?

  2. When we are designing one web site we faced one problem with opera and Internet explorer

    In that code written in javascipt depending on the browser type one of the two stylesheets are selected one for IE and other for remaining browsers

    What problems are possible to come in Opera for CSS

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