Silverstone Strider ST365 Power Supply Unit (PSU) Review

A few weeks ago my computers Antec power supply unit (PSU) failed. After a lot of research I bought a Silverstone Strider ST365 PSU for $AUS 53 and i’m reviewing it in this article.


The reason I bought it instead of just finding the cheapest power supply with the highest wattage rating was because I followed advice given to me by the OCAU PSU guide1:

The Power Supply Unit (PSU) is responsible for converting the (AC) mains power received from the wall socket into various DC voltages used by the components of a PC.

Computer systems need a good clean energy source. When purchasing a $3000 dollar top of the range system most people neglect to also put those extra bucks into a decent reliable energy source for their system.

No longer is the $20 ‘yumcha’ PSU that comes with a $60 case sufficient, as they are noisy and unreliable (often dying after a year or two’s use, taking out components with them), but more importantly are unsuited to powering modern computers due to a weak 12V rail, and don’t have the right connectors (24pin atx, pcie, sata etc)

Features – Silverstone Strider ST365:

  • Backside filled with free flowing airvents from edge to edge to improve cooling
  • Active Power Factor Correction (PFC)2 with auto voltage switching
  • Over-power protection, Over voltage protection, Over current protection, Short circuit, No load operation
  • All titanium black high gloss finish
  • Strong continuous power output
  • Components designed for reliability
  • 1 year warranty

Silverstone Strider ST365 Power Supply Unit (PSU)

Technical Specifications – Silverstone Strider ST365:

  • 360W ATX 12V Dual+12V
  • 300W combined 12V rail / 25A
  • Noise Level: 22 decibels minimum
  • Dimensions: 150mm Width x 86mm Height x 140mm Depth
  • Weight: 1.8 kg
  • Intelligent 120mm variable speed temperature controlled fan directly over the CPU sucks in hot air and vents it outside which increases case cooling performance and lowers the noise level generated by the PSU
  • The 24 pin connector is sleeved and 4 pins can be unclipped to allow use with a 20pin motherboard
  • 4 x Serial ATA (SATA) power supply connectors
  • 8 x Molex connectors
  • 1 x floppy connector
  • 4-pin IDE power connector

Note it has NO PCIE connector, but that doesnt matter for me because I have an AGP graphics card with no intention on upgrading to a PCIE graphics card. Therefore it could also be used in a home theatre PC with integrated video card.

Other People’s Reviews

The PSU being reviewed, the Silverstone ST365 (360w), is about the cheapest brand name 24pin PSU on the market. The cost was a mere $55, almost as cheap as pathetic generic units, so expectations weren’t super high

It is fairly clear that despite being a budget unit, this PSU is as capable of handling heavily overclocked systems as more expensive units, and provides evidence to counter the idea that you need a premium PSU to get the most out of your CPU /video card.

While the lack of a PCIE connector is disappointing, everything else about this unit was impressive

Rating: 8/10
David Hocking on the Overclockers Australia (OCAU) wiki


  1. The OCAU PSU guide has lots of useful information that can help you choose a computer power supply unit.
  2. Dansdata has a good explanation of what Power Factor Correction (PFC) actually does.

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