Scrapheap Challenge (ABC2 Digital TV) Review

abc2 logo If you’re an Australian who watches digital TV you have access to the ABC2 channel. One of ABC2’s most popular shows “Scrapheap Challenge” returns on February 9th on ABC2 and will be shown Monday-Friday in the 6:30pm timeslot

This engineering game show sourced from Britain’s Channel 4 sees teams of contestants create a working machine from whatever they find in junkyards. They have just 10 hours to complete a task like building a power boat (view the video below), or making a jet car, bridging machine, car-crusher and a machine to fling a British Leyland Mini as far as possible.

Scrapheap Challenge Reviews

“It takes the Brits to invent a programme that turns rubbish into amazing creations. If you think it so bad,why not pop over to the commercial channels and watch them turn potentially
good stuff into rubbish! laugh”
ABC2 viewer “Mirage”

“I totally agree! It’s amazing to see what the contestants can make in 10 hours. If you gave that project to a bunch of engineers (like me) we would probably spend $100,000 and 6 months designing something that worked only twice as effectively as their 10-hour job!*

I love the tension and comedy involved when the two slapped-together machines have to race each other! I laugh out loud regularly! This show is a great watch. I’m so glad it’s currently on Monday – Saturday.

I’m glad I found this show – it serves as a great replacement after SBS axed their weekday Mythbusters repeats! And there are apparently 9 series of this awesome show so this should keep us going for a while!

Thanks ABC2!”
ABC2 viewer “Atreides”

“This show is fantastic. It is amazing what they do with scrap in just a few hours. One of the best shows on ABC !”
ABC2 viewer “Steve222”

Take two teams of, say, farmers, wrestlers or academics, add a technical expert, throw them into a junk yard and give them 10 hours to design and build a designated contraption, then pit them against each other.

Rockets, boats, amphibious vehicles and giant catapults – you name it, they’ve built it in this popular and inventive British series. It’s a recipe for confusion, argument and a lot of fun.

You might scoff at these grown-up boys playing with their grown-up toys, but these are the people who, after the apocalypse, will start rebuilding the world from the junk that’s left over. Admire their ingenuity and befriend them.
– Gordon Farrer (The Age)

8 Replies to “Scrapheap Challenge (ABC2 Digital TV) Review”

  1. This show is brilliant. It’s back on ABC2 on Sunday mornings (two episodes back-to-back) and from Monday 18 May 2009 back on weekdays at 6:30! Don’t miss it!

  2. The latest season (11) being shown on ABC2 replaces the hosts and changes the format and is truly horrid. I look forward to the reruns of previous seasons and may check the stores to see if I can find them on DVD.

  3. Agreed. They stuffed up the format badly with the latest series in 2009 (Series 11) – You’ll see soon enough UK folks! There is less emphasis on building a machine to perform a specific challenging task in a limited amount of time from limited material (amazing but true) and more on silly competitions (more suited to a sideshow at a fair) that aren’t even properly run half the time.

    The host’s team (Dicks Diamonds) dynamics seem contrived since there’s a new team member each show and the team interviews laboured. You don’t get to learn much (previously they would explain the dynamics of the machines or you would get some expert opinion) or see much about the challenges the teams faced in building under pressure. To top it off the blonde guy on Dick’s Diamonds may have long hair but he’s no Lisa either!

    This used to be a must see for me but now I’ve gone off it (at least series 11).
    Thank goodness the reruns are still on ABC2 (Australia) on Sunday mornings.

  4. Hate the new show. Leaves a lot to be desired. Not a shadow of the other series with Robert Llewllyn and Lisa. Should call it something else like richard’s craniums. Tired commentary, lots of testosterone fueled pseudo-bullying and taunting, and no substance. If I hear the word “sexy” one more time I’m going to throw my dinner at the telly.

  5. I like this show but stopped watching it on Australian TV since its aired in the wrong order
    (Like too many shows in the last 11 years)

    If you like this kind of show you may like:
    Junk yard Wars (USA) , Monster Garage (USA) , American Chopper (USA) and Top Gear (UK)

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