SBS TV Coverage of the Ashes Cricket series Australia vs England

SBS TV is the Official Broadcaster of the 2009 Ashes Series in July/August and the 7 match Australia vs England One Day International series.

SBS TV Coverage of the 2009 Ashes Test Series started on Wednesday 8 July from Sophia Gardens, Cardiff at 730pm (AEST) on SBS ONE. All SBS coverage will be live and also available in High Definition on the SBS HD digital tv channel.

sbs ashes 2009

Expert analysis of the Ashes on SBS TV will be provided by former Australian test cricketers Stuart MacGill, Greg Matthews and Damien Martyn for the entire npower Ashes Test Series and One Day International series with on the ground interviews in the UK by Rodney Hogg who played for Australia during the late 70’s/mid-80’s.

The video and audio live commentary feed will be taken from England’s Sky Sports, whose team includes Shane Warne, Ian Botham, David Gower, Michael Atherton and Michael Holding.

The SBS Ashes television broadcast will include:

  • LIVE coverage from 730pm (AEST) on SBS ONE for all the test matches.
  • 15min morning updates at 7am on SBS ONE
  • A 1 hour daily highlights package of the previous days play on SBS ONE at 5pm for Tests 1 & 2, from 530pm for tests 3-5.


Unlike previous Ashes series SBS won’t need to cut away from the cricket because the Tour de France will be shown on the digital TV SBS TWO channel.

Radio Coverage of the Ashes

ABC Radio Sport’s Jim Maxwell will join the BBC’s “Test match Special” commentary team of Jonathan Agnew, Christopher Martin-Jenkins and Henry Blofeld with additional expert commentary from former Australian captain Ian Chappell and 71-Test veteran Jason Gillespie.

Cricket fans in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth can also tune in via digital radio for full uninterrupted Ashes coverage on a special ABC Radio Grandstand Ashes channel

Foxtel Coverage of The Ashes

FoxSports will broadcast the same Sky Sports UK footage as SBS TV but with their own local hosts and expert commentators including former Australian cricketers Allan Border, Mark Waugh, Brendon Julian, Greg Blewett and Damien Fleming.

One Day International Series after the Ashes

As the 2009 Ashes Series concludes the Aussie and English cricketers have swapped their whites for their coloured uniform as the 2009 NatWest Series One Day International gets underway on SBS ONE live from The Oval, London on Friday, 4 September.

Join host Stuart MacGill and his co-presenters Greg Matthews and Damien Martyn and Rodney Hogg on the ground in England. Seven matches will be played as follows:

  1. 4 September 2009 1st ODI at The Oval from 945pm
  2. 6 September 2009 2nd ODI at Lords from 7pm
  3. 9 September 2009 3rd ODI at Rose Bowl from 1110pm
  4. 12 September 2009 4th ODI at Lords from 7pm
  5. 15 September 2009 5th ODI at Trent Bridge from 11pm
  6. 17 September 2009 6th ODI at Trent Bridge from 11pm
  7. 20 September 2009 7th ODI at Chester-Le-Street

The Australian ODI squad consists of: Ricky Ponting (captain), Michael Clarke (vice-capt), Nathan Bracken, Callum Ferguson, Brad Haddin, Nathan Hauritz, Ben Hilfenhaus, James Hopes, Michael Hussey, Mitchell Johnson, Brett Lee, Tim Paine, Peter Siddle, Shane Watson and Cameron White

81 thoughts on “SBS TV Coverage of the Ashes Cricket series Australia vs England”

  1. Ricky slowed it down in the second session to make sure he had enough run rate up his sleeve to use the new ball well… to play Hauritz in etc etc

    the poms are done already

  2. hmm… my previous comment about spin bowling and run rates is important I think… not to make the run rate in the modern game is tantamount to cheating…. what do u think… u must give the opposition 90 overs to hit at… the spinners did well

    EDITOR: thx for the comments steve 🙂

    what do you think of SBS Ashes hosts?

  3. Love the coverage. However, I do miss Under the Grandstand at the lunch break. That was so enjoyable.

    Pity Michael Holding is on the commentary team feed from England. After all we are not playing the West Indies. Bring on Geoffrey Boycott!

  4. I think it’s time for “Mr Cricket” to brush up on his footwork and join the dancing with the stars team. He continues to anchor his feet in the crease and push hopefully at the ball.
    His last 32 test match innings have resulted in 924 runs, only 1 century and he was dismissed 17 times for 20 or less.
    In contrast during his first 32 test match innings he scored 2079 runs, 8 centuries and was dismissed only 4 times under 20.
    He appears to have lost his way and hopefully he will find his feet again before his next innings.

  5. I wish there was an aussie on the commentary team … but i am only impressed by Stuart Magill, the others seem to have axes to grind or ignore the needs of todays game….

    for test cricket to survive it must maintain its run rate and spinners are entertaining and great part of the game…

    watching medium pacers trundling all day and batsmen not playing at them is boring… spinners should have an allocation perhaps …. a percentage of the overs available haha

    EDITOR: true, sometimes the SKY Sports commentators are so boring I struggle to stay awake

  6. yes Sir…. Ian can be quite truculent but they were all a bit better tonight… maybe it depends on the state of the game …

  7. watching the coverage and the bit about inspirational songs. Shane Watson with Whitney Housten is an absolute to the Baggy Green and should be sanctioned.

  8. third batsmen for england showed it within first 20 minutes of start of test match by laughing and goofing around rather then studing the wicket! Swan; praising himself for good runs at end of second day rather then looking at his bowling ability! Australian cricketers focused on the number one prize in World Cricket (TESTS) rather then 20/20 50/overs!!! GO U GO THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. i think that the england team seem not interested in this game atm lets see how after lunch goes

    EDITOR: I’m finding this match really boring and uncompetitive, switched to watching Aussie cyclist Cadel Evans in the Tour De France

  10. Aussie’s playing superb cricket, Moe making some sense tonight! Marto hanging in there with batsmen perspective, Mr Magill…. u have a good head for radio! you talk rot and it was a black day on Australian cricket when you got your first test cap! …. ur a wanker!

  11. Magill had the misfortune of being around at the same time as warney… he has better averages

    Boycott said of Hauritz’s bowling…. “he couldn’t get my grannie out” a great judge what?

  12. if you guys watched Hoggies comments on day one before a ball was bowled he said there is not 100 runs in this pitch.

  13. Is this an England team Captain Strauss (South African), best batsmen Pietersen, previous captain (South African) and Wicket-Keeper Prior (South African)? Three out of eleven – 27%.

  14. Give us a break guys..Ricky allowed mitchell johnson to bowl us out of that game..What a waste of balls..

    EDITOR: yes i thought Ponting grabbed a draw from the mouth of victory in the 1st Ashes Test by batting too long and not attacking

  15. Having lived in Australia since 1971 and with an Australian partner, I win whoever wins.
    We are going to UK for a 5 week visit early next year and when folks down in the village pub ask where we are from I would love to be able to reply “AUSTRALIA MATE ,WHERE THE ASHES ARE.”

  16. Hey Stewy
    Stick to cooking. Leave the Cricket to people who know what’s it’s all about.

    Let’s face it YOU NEVER MADE IT

  17. Hey Magilla, Marto & Mo

    Love way you blokes bounce off each other, it is cricket commentating the like we have not see before. Its brutally honest and from a players point of view, keep up the great work boys.

    Well what can you say about the Australian pace bowling attack and our finger spinner. In a word I would say “Pedestrian” would best describe it. Where are we going to take 20 wickets from and as Cardiff showed we struggled to take 19.

    I know the legends of Warne and McGrath are gone but really Nathan Hauritze, that is crazy, he is not by any stretch of the imagination the best spinner in Australia. I would be interested to hear if he has ever got any 5 bags at first class level. We got rid of him from the Queensland team because he couldn’t take wickets.

    This is test cricket it doesn’t count if you can bowl 30 overs for no wicket and give away only 80 runs, we need wicket takers.

    I am also very worried about Mitchell Johnson he is obviously having problems with his action and his ball release.

    It was obvious to me we should have played Clark at Cardiff, why on earth have we left him out again. What has he done wrong sleep with punta’s misses ???? ????????????? ????????This attack needs an experienced and reliable spear head for the other bowlers to fit in around and for me Clark is our best available wicket taking option.

    Let me know what you think


  18. Just before an ad break during tea, Stuart MacGill said that they would be back “very, very shortly”. How shortly is that? One second? How much more shortly is that than “shortly” or “very shortly”?

    When they came back, he said that Ricky Ponting was in a “very, very difficult position”. How difficult is that? How much more difficult is his position than one that is “difficult” or, indeed, “very difficult”?

    Please learn a few more words.

    Also, too much knowing self-indulgent self-reference by MacGill, especially, and Matthews about their various degrees of competence and incompetence when they were themselves playing Test cricket.

  19. We need more agro from our team. Cumon Aussies knock the pads and helmets off the buggers.
    I know that you can do beat those nasty,sneaky,cheating poms.
    (PS I have a bet on with my UK sister so you had better win)

  20. It would appear that Greg Matthews is the only person to comment fairly on the game. It’s called commonsense.
    As for the cheating comments made. Australia have earnt a chest full of Gold medals for this practise. The underarm specialists
    HO Ho Ho !!!!!

  21. Just watched the sport segment on ABC News, to hear Greg Matthews saying “I can’t remember a worse session in memory … ” ???

  22. reply to andy gobson 12 th july re three england players being born in south africa, do your homework and checkout how many foreign imports were given a quick daffodil and a piece of paper with a stamp on it to enable them to participate in all forms of sport in australia one classic signing was a failure jelena dokic

  23. David Gower talks a massive game but my childhood memories only remember him as a complete sook and a struggling batsmen – dipsh*t!!

  24. The Australian fast bowlers are facing front on to the wicket when delivering the ball, and this is why they are losing control. Just like when firing a rifle, or throwing a dart, to get accuracy in bowling in cricket, it is best to be side on to the batsman’s wicket when the ball leaves the hand. Someone needs to get the bowlers to go back to basics. And it does help the ball to swing.

  25. I have just wached Katich given out on a definate “No Ball” from Flintoff.
    His foot was 18 inches over the line.
    How much are these poms paying the umpires?

  26. These days seems to be bad for Australian cricket team

    Australia do best you will won the game.Millions of Australian r in you arms hit England to make all Australian happy

  27. Hi Stuart and co.what is Shane Warne doing over there commentary wise -the poms are cheating there way to a victory thats the only way they can win and yet he is just going along with it all-i realize he’s on english tv but how least Tony Greg calls a spade a spade when he’s commentating.he should be sticking it the pommy cheats

  28. good program by all 3 of you good straight forward coments.
    How can any side win a test match when you get “3”(so far)dessitions that were clearly not out when batting and “1” when the other side is batting?
    Also has warney turned into a pom as his coments are all negitive to Australia and the opposite to England . He would have gone off when playing if they went againt him
    England have played well “but “incorect dessitions in any sport change the outcome of any match.

  29. Not only do we have to beat the bloody poms but we have beat the umpires too.
    Are they too old or do they need to see eye specialists or are they on the make?
    Now three of our men given out when not out in one batting session.
    If our team wins now considering what they are up against then they deserve medals.

  30. Symon James also David.
    Shane Warne will say and do anything for money…..remember the bookies of India.

  31. well that was a great match [even though] but has anyone caught the name of the Lords Groundsman who prepared the pitch? the initials are M.H.

  32. well it seems he’s working full time for them now… I spotted 2 free plugs for 2 different venues on sunday nght’s coverage… but then Dizzy and Tufnall are doing the same…

  33. its a real shame Stewy,Martin and Mo cant give us a running commentry on this series listening to Warny is gonna make me puke.His commentry is like a $10 hooker from the cross -says anything they think you want to hear.real shame as i have alot of respect for him as a player and dont mind his off field dramas thats his buiz but his total lack to call a spade a spade in this series is realy making me question his fortitude.i think he would side with any team if they were paying him enough dough.he’d probly tell us Dutchy Holland was coming back if we slipped him 20 quid.poor bastard must be broke.

  34. Obviously the only bowling that is effective in England with the older ball is swing bowling and a bit of spin. Otherwise these pitches are a batters paradise.

    The selectors appear to be sticking with Mitchell Johnson on the hope he’ll come good because he can swing the ball. As much as I love Stuart Clarke he couldn’t swing on a farm gate. Siddle is possibly just ahead of Clarke with a touch more aggression, though Clarke’s accuracy is unmatched. I imagine Siddle will be the one to miss out if Bing comes into the side. Clarke probably would have been used if not for the fact that Hilfenhaus is bowling so well and is currently our best swing bowler.

    I can see why selectors put Watson in – we are struggling to bowl England out and so an extra bowler is desirable. That meant either Hughes or North would miss out, and Hughes was the one they chose.

    Unfortunately Watson’s bowling has been a huge disappointment so far.


  35. How many NSW bowlers/batsmen do the SBS commentatirs want in the side?
    A = 10 + a wickeeeper

    come on suppoprt the Aussies not the blues!!!

  36. Stuart, Damio and Mo present as a entertaining, well balanced commentary team. what load of crap!!!!!! Ive yet to hear real support for the team.Must be hard to sit in there box and point out the team short falls!

  37. In watching the final days coverage the camera panned to Collingwood twice in the first over showing him wetting his fingers via mouth and using this to rub the ball and then polish on pants. it also seemed that he had something in his mouth (lolly perhaps) however the camera hasnt really gone back to him. Can someone have a look to see if in fact this is the case (something in his mouth) and if England are cheaing yet again.

  38. Watson caught behind?? maybe not – pity the commentators dont give an impartial view, and have a good look at it. Please let us know Stu, Marto and Greg.

  39. Stuart, Marto and Mo present well balanced entertainment. Well done boys. The ratings show that. Stuart handles the leadership role well. Now that’s no crap!

  40. Bring back Bing if he is fit! He is the best fast bowler in the country, not to mention he has 300 test wickets, along with being the quickest!

  41. I get the feeling that the way Cook plays with a flat bat when pushing forward that he is a sucker for a slow ball.
    What do you think?

    EDITOR: Michael thats a good observation, i was just thinking that he was a caught & bowled possibility

  42. p.coolingwood is the lolly man being the chief ball shinner…..the 3 test when fredy bowled his first ball in afternoon session,coolingwood quickly places a lolly in his mouth then does the heavey ball work.look hard and you will notice him doing it again in this test,,,,

  43. A thought for the next test at the Oval. Replace Hussey with Hauritz. Play five bowlers. The tail enders have been making quite decent contributions with the bat and the pitch at the oval needs a spinner. Don’t drop Stuart Clark!

  44. Hi Stu, Marto and Mo
    What a pathetic display of fast bowling by the Aussies this morning. When I was a young bloke playing cricket in particular being taught how to bowl offspin our captain used to say to us “Bowl every ball at the stumps whenever possible and make the batsman play at the ball. It would be interesting to see how may balls were actually bowled at the stumps.I agree with you Mo except I’d make 3 changes. Drop Hussey and put in Philip Hughes (after all JL is his hero)and drop Siddle and Clark. Bring back “Binga” and Haury

  45. Please don’t drop Stuart Clark from the team. I believe that he really inspired the other bowlers in the 4th Test. Mitchell Johnson was given plenty of chances to reach his best and Stuart Clark is doing very well after his long spell on the sidelines and has worked very hard to get in the team. He should have been in the 1st Test at Cardiff and then we would already have the Ashes.

    We already have plenty of spin in North, Katich and Clarke. We need the Seamers to help finish off the bowling. If the batsmen are firing we will definitely win.

  46. FifthTest – day 1, 1st Session
    How come the poms have produced such a dry dusty pitch at The Oval? Surely a test wicket must be prepared to last 5 days – this one is breaking up already. I would appreciate your comments guys.
    With regard to your commentary throughout the series might I say I have enjoyed your approach – in particular I like your style Stuart!

  47. As an old fart, cricket was my bible from when ever I can remember. I was always “instructed by the managers” to buy cream coloured pants and shirt ( at my expense, even though I was playing grade).

    Watching the test on SBS (Six Billion Stories), Yes, I am a fan of SBS, not just because of the cricket, but it shore does help ratings.

    My question to the panel is: Is there no regulation on the colour of the uniform??>? (the cream of the Ozzies looks much classier

  48. I am watching the test and notice the Poms are in pure???? white and the good guys are in favourable cream. What gives?????

  49. My Conspiracy Theory. The English have been outbatted and outbowled throughout the series. A win alone would give them the ashes. A thought for the English. Why not prepare a one day wicket with a even chance of batting on the first day? If we lose the toss and field then goodbye ashes, we can’t match the Aussies on a level playing field. But if we win the toss and bat under those initially good conditions, and bat reasonably, then on the second day with the wicket little more than a substandard, deteriorating dustbowl, we could easily bowl Australia out. Who cares about fair play, a hard fought contest and a memorable spectacle for the spectators. It is those glorious ashes that count most and who cares how we get them.” Maybe I’ve been listening to two many movies!

  50. I agree with comments what a disgrace the pitch is for the last test. Never mind when we teams win on such an awful no batting wicket then I guess they are lucky. When the poms come to Aussie one winge from them about our wickets and wooo wooo wooo.

    I am not watching as it isnt good cricket I like to see a well matched pair of teams who play in the spirit of the game the poms dont do that. Remember body line, they couldnt come up with that again so they came up with dust bowl line.

    EDITOR: “Remember body line, they couldnt come up with that again so they came up with dust bowl line” – great comment Leonie 🙂

  51. i think the oz team need to take a lead from the oz lawyers who won the world series on the oval…………………….and they had to beat a few teams to get there!!!!!!

  52. A captain can make or break his players by choosing, or not, to support them, and how.
    A quote from our paper, Ponting spoke of “Brett” and “Clark”. Reckon “Punter” ever backs anything longer than 4:1? He has no imagination, and won’t experiment. The pity is that “Gilly” got out, but he and “Prima Donna Kebab” Warne apparently didn’t get on.
    Start by sacking Hilditch, he was plodder when he played, and Neilson.

  53. Get a real job Editor and Greg Matthews. The only thing worse than losing this Ashes series(it’s inveitable)is listening and reading your reviews on it. I’m an avid Austalian supporter through and through but struggle to stomach your one sided bias comments. This email was sparked when I heard Mo’s comment on Freddy Flintoff not having champion qualities! Have you spent too much time up your own ass Mo? I’d single Freddy out as why we have lost the last 2 away series. The man carries so much confidence and the English team. Something you were never able to achieve. So why not a little respect?

  54. What’s up with Ricky’s arms? Check out the tan ! I think he has had his focus of the Ashes blurred partying down on the beaches in Spain during the break !

  55. The Ashes 2009 will be happily remembered for one thing only, 4 men across the Atlantic had a better insight of the TEAMS, PITCH and GAME than those who were there, The selectors, umpires, ground curators and players should have looked to former Australian test cricketers Stuart MacGill, Greg Matthews, Damien Martyn and Rodney Hogg for advice as they proved they got it right more often than not.

    Congatulations men, great job done. Gee, I wish I was a cricket umpire no-one seems to care when you are wrong. Billy Bowdens umpiring standard will long be remebered as a paultry sub standard effort, similar to what you would see in a drunken afternoon of back yard cricket betweens neighbourhood rivals after a BBQ. Don’t get me started on the curator, get him back to doing his lawns at home.

    Overall the play has been good, just sadly affected by ?.. ahhhh well thats obvious.

    Regardless of the outcome of the 5th Test and the series, good cricket by all, England have stood tough for the majority, considering the extent of injury to key star’s and Australia have battled long into the series with little reward. As a Australian through and through I am again in dismay, we should lose another Ashes series because of bad selection, poor preparation and a lack of back bone when it counts.

    It is becoming inceasingly obvious, the “going gets tough, the tough get going” attitude of previous teams and campaigns is long gone.

  56. For those commenting on the state of the pitch, is that the same pitch that England scored 373/9 on in their second innings, grafting out their scores with simple, in-form batting? It’s been a surprise to get to this point and find the Aussies looking down the barrel of their second away Ashes defeat but it’s down to not taking their chances, not the pitch, the umpiring or any other outside force. Stop whinging & show respect for being beaten by the team that took their chances & didn’t choke under the pressure of key moments.

    EDITOR: Why is everyone talking like the match is over?

    Last time i checked the Aussies were 0/80 which means they still have a chance to eke out a draw or pull off a longshot win!

    If the Aussies do lose than the selectors should take a lot of the blame for not picking a spinner on such a dry dusty track and perhaps Ponting as well for poor strategy as a captain.

  57. I find the mistakes being made by the umpires have compleetly changed my attitude to video umpires,all I can say is bring it on,stuart clarks dismissal in the first innings has got to go down as the I have ever seen he missed the ball by about 30 cm. I beleive we spend a lot of money on test cricket its not much to ask to put some of it back into umpiing and find umpires who at least have 20 20 vision
    regards ex player and umpire

  58. Keep the faith!!!!!!!!!
    Watson is due for a century having reached 50 consistently.
    Katich should reach a ton too.
    Ricky, Marcus and Michael Clarke will definitely rise for the last stand!
    Should any of the above fail we have Haddin and Johnson in the wings, capable of a century.
    We have 2 days to bat and only need just over 230 a day! Easy!!!!!!
    Siddle is capable and Mike Hussey will walk on water now to retain his place in the side.
    Go Aussies The Ashes are within your grasp.

  59. Look, i have played a bit of cricket, so these comments are not without thought. I realize the bowlers would be tired, but in a run chase this sizable or indeed, a 2 day batathon, is it not time to think out of the square? Why not reverse the batting order? Give the tail the nod to swing the bat, new ball, the field is up. If they achieved 3 for 150, all power, if we need to bat out for the draw, we have the openers to finish the job. A run chase of 520 will be achieved one day, but not with the current thought.
    Having said that, go aussie, two series wins in a row against seth efrica(may as well be), would be special.

  60. Get Shane Warne off the commentary PLEASE hated him when he was playing now he’s not give us a Break, put someone in who doesn’t just talk to hear his own voice

  61. Dear Panel,
    I am a test-match cricket lover and a player of the great game. Please tell me officially which of the following statements is correct:
    Q1 (a) England is in a strong position.
    (b) England are in a strong position.

    Q2 (a) Australia scored 20 runs off 16 balls.
    (b) Australia scored 20 runs from 16 balls.
    Please instruct scorers of your decision.

    Concerned Grammar teacher,
    John Wintle

  62. Reform now needed from the top. Merv Hughes surely must realize that it is time to concentrate on his travel business. Buchanan’s replacement has been a flop and finally although Ricky can’t be blamed for everything, it definely is time to give up on Pup Clarke. Leave him to play Posh and Becs games while we put in a decent vice Captain. Kat comes to mind. The great thing about a humiliating loss like this is that we, FINALLY, have a chance to get rid of the dead-wood mentioned above

  63. Hi Panel,
    I have thoroughly enjoyed your comments, but please answer my grammatical questions :

    Should I say ,’Australia scored 24 off 30 ‘ or should I say, ‘Australia scored 24 from 30 balls.’

    Also, should I say,’England are 120.’ or, ‘England is 120’?

    I dont mean to be picky, but I would have been strapped for getting this wrong!

    Warmest Regards,
    John Wintle

  64. Shane Watson has been dismissed wrongly in both innings and Hassey has had a series of inaccurate dismissals. They should keep their places.

    Lex from Gold Coast

  65. Attention Mr Whittle,
    If feeling is first who cares about the syntax of things.
    Go and read a dictionary.

  66. Pointing out the substandard nature of the dustbowl is hardly whinging. To those suggesting that this wicket was adequately prepared and suitable for an ashes decider, I would say this. The condition of the pitch on the second day was abysmal. Michael Holding and Rod Hogg both admitted to that.

    We need only to look at the record number of ENGLISH and Australian wickets which fell during that day. The positive aggression of the English batsmen in the second is obvious to me; they had a 150 plus surplus of runs on the the board and a good chance of winning the test. They could afford to throw the bat!

    The English curators are competent; they know how to prepare a first class wicket. Why haven’t we one for this ashes decider? I’m plumping for a Australian win none-the-less, dustbowl or no. Maybe next ashes decider could be played on the beach. We could put the barbecue ashes in a bucket and give them to the winner.

  67. Mr Wintle,
    Sir, if you are a concerned Grammar Teacher, why are you asking us these questions? That you should sit there finding grammatical fault in the comments of former international cricketers is inappropriate. I’m more interested in listening to their assessments regardless of whether they are in slang, colloquial or formal English. Not too many of us have been lucky enough to attend a elite private schools. Hitting children with straps is a no-no in our public system!

  68. Has anybody heard any comentator talk about the 2007 ashes or is that not the ashes? Im begining to think the last time we played was 2005? is it every 4 years?

  69. Lew Comment 64 is spot on and seems to have a similiar approach to my earlier comment 74.
    Great opportunity for a cleanout. I agree Hilditch must go. Take responsibility for the mess-up.
    Merv Hughes (the travel agent) was always out of his depth. Neilsen….very low credibility.
    And Pup must go. Captains and vice-Captains are supposed to score when the going gets tough. Pup goes to water in these circumstances only scoring when someone else has softened up the bowlers

  70. Now that the Ashes are over I’d just like to thank everyone who commented on this page, the discussion may have been heated at times but no one got unruly and was rude to another commenter 🙂

    PS Australia may have lost the Ashes Test series but don’t forget there’s a followup 7 match One Day International Series AUS vs ENG

    Thankfully SBS TV have the rights to these matches so we’ll continue to enjoy the excellent analysis by host Stuart MacGill and his co-presenters Greg Matthews and Damien Martyn + Rodney Hogg on the ground in England.

    The matches are on these days during September: 4th, 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 17th and 20th

  71. Great coverage. Rodney Hogg was fantastic, I’m still laughing. I must say that I am disappointed in the Aussie bowlers in the test series. “At the stumps” was not applied. Not good enough from test level bowlers ! Well done Stuart, Damian and Mo.

  72. Congratulations on these collective comments. They are certainly diverse and very interesting. I enjoyed participating as Norman Lindwall, E.E. Cummings and Phil Leighton-Daly. I don’t believe in bagging our Australian representatives particularly if I have never played first class cricket.

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