Sad news regarding Nigel McFarlane

The following is a quote from the Web Standards Group announce mailing list:

We’ve just received news that Nigel McFarlane, a well known web standards advocate, evangelist and Web Standards Group member, has died.

As well as being an active member of the Mozilla technology community, Nigel was a technology analyst and commentator with a background in science and software. He had been writing books, features and articles about Web technology since 1996 including four well known titles:

– Firefox Hacks – March 2005
– Rapid Application Development with Mozilla – Nov 2003
– Professional JavaScript with DHTML, ASP, CGI, FESI, Netscape Enterprise
Server, Windows Script Host, LiveConnect and Java (September 1999)
– Instant Javascript (September 1999)

Earlier this month Nigel gave a presentation to the Melbourne Web Standards Group. Nigel will be sadly missed by the Web Standards Group as well as the broader web standards community.

Though I didn’t know him personally, I was impressed by his speaking ability at Web Essentials 2004 and he kindly gave away a copy of his book Firefox Hacks to me at the Melbourne Web Standards Group meeting he presented at a few weeks ago. Australia has very few technology evangelists, let alone good ones. Sadly we now have one less.

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  1. a good fruit can only come from a good tree … i did not meet the man (mr.
    mcfarlane), but i am starting to know him through his work.

    may Migel rest in piece and lead us to a better world here !!!

  2. Sad to hear of this. Does anybody know what happened? Is there any sort of memorial fund set up for his family? Did he leave family?

  3. I too never knew the man personally but from the way he wrote his books i feel as though i do. Mr. McFarlane was an inspiration to many people and his prescence will be missed by all.
    Rest In Peace Nigel McFarlane

  4. Nigel was a single man. His parents and sister will miss him enormously. It was his own choice not to continue.
    It was a shock to many of us who had known him personally too.

  5. Pls excuse me as I am not an IT professional or in the industry, I knew Nigel personally, although lost touch with him over a year ago, he loved music,especially Irish,as well as Ballroom,New Vogue and Latin dancing which he had done at BJ’s Dance Centre where he was willing to help those that were beginners but his emphasis was always to have fun and enjoyed a pint of Guinness at the Dan O’Connell in Carlton,Victoria,Australia listening to an Irish singer Pat McKernan. It is a shock to hear this news, he was a kind and gentle soul always willing to help others with a smile on his face and a cheery attitude. Cheers mate

  6. I was lucky enough to work with Nigel a few years back. It was my first job out of university. Nigel was my team leader, but more importantly, my mentor. His technical knowledge was incredible, but is easy nature and laid back style, and his quirky sense of humour, made working with him a unique pleasure. I am deeply saddened by his untimely passing. Nigel will be missed greatly.

  7. It’s been drawn to my attention that Nigel was an occasional punter at my Sunday afternoon gig at the Dan O’Connell Hotel in Carlton. My condolences to his family and friends.

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