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2009 was the year of many great “1st time” moments including:

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Best of 2009 Awards

Movies of the Year
Tie between 2 animated films sure to become classics: UP! and Coraline

DVD Series of the Year
Babylon 5 – i’d never seen or heard of this cult classic from the 1990’s but it’s the best science fiction series I’ve ever watched (yes better than Star Trek!) because of it’s examination of socio/political issues, in-depth story arc taking place over 5 seasons (110 episodes + several telemovies) and great musical score.

Music Track Of the Year
Wonders Never Cease by Morcheeba. Again not new but I first heard this song in the perfect setting – staring out a window at the snow covered peaks of New Zealand’s Southern Alps.

Best photos for 2009
These can be seen at my Road Less Travelled Blog – 2009 The Year In Photos: Butterflies, Icebergs, Sand Dunes and Lightshows

Best News Filters/Gatherers

Technology/Gadgets of the year

It’s a tie between the HTC Dream Android Smartphone I bought early in 2009 and the TiVo 320 PVR I bought just recently.

Both win because the best technologies should enable you to do more things, become transparent during everyday use and save you time & effort.

I use my Android smartphone to locate where I am on a map, get directions so I don’t get lost, calendar for meetings & tasks synched to my desktop, taking photos and sharing them immediately, surfing the web and checking email wherever I am.

Android and TiVo - 2009 Technology/Gadgets of the year

I already owned a dual tuner PVR to record digital TV but didn’t use it much because I had to manually setup timer recordings for my favourite shows.

People say there’s nothing on free to air TV but that’s because there are many great shows scattered across the 11 digital tv channels (more to come) and it’s easy to miss a show in the huge TV guide listing.

In comparison to my old PVR the TiVo lets me record shows by category (eg: Animation or Western Movie) regardless of which channel/time they’re on, by Season Pass (every episode of a particular show eg: The Simpsons) and even better over time TiVo learns which shows you like to watch and records similar shows automatically (eg: if you often record The Simpsons it might record Futurama as well).

2009: Hidden Gem Rambling Thoughts Articles

Science, Technology & the Future

Publishing / Information Industry / Media


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2009: Most Popular Rambling Thoughts Articles

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