Photos from Outback South Australia, The Red Centre and Tropical Top End

During my Backpacking Road Trip from Adelaide to Darwin I took approximately 5.5 Gigabytes of JPG photos and Quicktime videos with my Panasonic FZ30 camera.

Of these almost 2000 photos I will select around 10% of the best photos for the dual purpose of showing where I passed through and the best technical and scenic shots of wildlife and various locations in Outback Australia, The Red Centre and Tropical Top End to upload to the Internet for friends, family and other people to see and for me to get printed at a photo lab.

As I upload them to my Google Picasa Web Photo Album, I’ll change the selection of thumbnail photos in this post to get your attention.

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Uluru aka Ayers Rock

Anna Creek Painted Desert Scenic Flight

Adelaide to Coober Pedy

11 Replies to “Photos from Outback South Australia, The Red Centre and Tropical Top End”

  1. Ooo Australia… But where are all the cute koalas?

    EDITOR: Koalas only live in certain habitats in Queensland , New South Wales , Victoria and South Australia . Their range extends from the Atherton Tableland west of Cairns in Qld to islands off the coast of Victoria and South Australia in the south, and west to central and western Qld, NSW and Victoria.

    Also they are very picky about what they eat – only some kinds of eucalypt trees

  2. These pictures are unique – they seem to really capture the flavour of the place you’re in. That’s not easy to do with travel photography, so good job! 🙂

  3. I hope mate that you were also able to show the different colors of the Uluru. It is such a wonderful sight. Although I’m not an aborigine, I feel the sacredness of this rock. It is just nature at its absolute best.

  4. Wow that is a massive amount of photos and video – it must have been an epic adventure narrowing them all down to top 10% – good memories though!
    There are some spectacular images there too, looks like quite a trip…

  5. We don’t sell our landscape nearly well enough. There were beautiful places where we lived in North east Victoria in the late sixties, as a young teacher and family. I remember, the school house would be shrouded in fog, yet 100 metres away in the school grounds, one could look at a seas of fog, maybe 15 metres high, with the tops of the trees emerging, and the surrounding hills bright and fresh in the morning light. The kids would arrive at school with shoes on, but they would soon be discarded. Of course, I didn’t tell the parents.

    The Mitta Mitta river is always banked by huge box trees, and there were[in those days] beautiful sandy beaches on the river. You could dive from the rock embankment into the water which was about 30 ft deep, yet be totally safe as there were rocky rapids ten feet further downstream. My young family sought cool in the hot summer months in the shallow rapids and the deep pools. The Mitta Valley, the Talangatta valley, the then full Hume weir. Where are the photos in our small state of Victoria? It was heaven on a stick.

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