Photo Gallery: Law Enforcement, Emergency Services, First Responders

Since I’m a keen photographer I often have one of my cameras with me to capture photo opportunities. One hobby of mine is to take photos of Law Enforcement & Emergency Services vehicles as as well as people in those roles. These are some examples.

Ambulance Service of New South Wales (NSW)

Life or Death Situation - Ambulance Service of NSW

NSW and ACT Firefighters (Fire Rescue Hazmat)

New South Wales (NSW) Firefighters (Fire Rescue Hazmat) - Leichhardt Norton St Italian Festa 2011

Fire and Rescue - Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Fire Brigade

Fireman - Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Fire Brigade

Australian Federal Police

Australian Federal Police security seal on manhole cover (AFP)

Australian Federal Police on security duty (AFP)

Bali, Indonesian Police

Police (Polisi) Bali Indonesia

Police (Polisi) Bali Indonesia

NSW Police

NSW Police on lunch break

NSW Police Mobile Command Post near drunk and disorderly hotspot

NSW Mounted Police Horse

NSW Mountain Bike Police

NSW Police and Community Youth Clubs (PCYC)

NSW Traffic/Crowd Control Police

NSW Police Public Order & Riot Squad car - Random Sydney Street Photos

2 thoughts on “Photo Gallery: Law Enforcement, Emergency Services, First Responders”

  1. Some great pics. A couple of other events which might make interesting photos are Bushwalkers Wilderness Rescue Service NavShield and the SAREX – Search And Rescue EXcercise, which doubles as a search for VH-MDX. Warning: Camping may be required. 🙂

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