Philips Coolskin 6707 Mens Electric Shaver Review

philips coolskin HQ6707 electric shaver

I recently purchased a Philips Coolskin 6707 Mens Electric Shaver to replace my old Philips HQ5812 Mens Electric Shaver whose batteries were running flat and cutters were getting blunt after over 3 years usage.


The main benefit of the Coolskin 6707 is that it works best as a wet shaver whereas the old HQ5812 was a dry shaver. This means that the Coolskin 6707 cuts much closer than the HQ5812 because it’s shave is lubricated by your choice of water/gel/lather etc

Pros of Coolskin 6707

  • Shaves better in problem areas such as the chin and around the ear/jaw bone area thanks to the individually pivoting shaver heads
  • Causes much less skin irritation than the HQ5812
  • Shaves much better allround with a noticably less obvious 5 o’clock shadow* than the HQ5812
  • Allows you to shave in the shower which reduces skin irritation
  • It’s completely water proof so you can clean it in hot water, whereas the old HQ5812 shaver heads had to be cleaned with a brush regularly and also had to be degreased with ethanol every now and then
  • More shaving time when fully charged than the HQ5812 (40min versus 30min)

* = beard growth visible late in the working day even though you shaved in the morning


Cons of Coolskin 6707

  • Doesn’t allow allow mains operation for shaving when the batteries are flat like the HQ5812 did
  • Doesn’t have a pop-up trimmer for moustache and sideburns like the HQ5812 did
  • The offical “nivea coolskin” shaving lotion/gel’s did not work very well for me, I found I got a closer shave using a generic shaving gel. Regardless the generic shaving gel is much cheaper than the “nivea coolskin” shaving lotion/gel.
  • Same lengthy 8 hour charging time when the battery is flat as the HQ5812
  • Environmentally unfriendly Rechargeable NiCad battery (same as HQ5812) which is bad because it contains Cadmium – a very toxic heavy metal.

    Philips does offer electric shavers with Rechargeable NiMH – ‘green energy cells’ but only in the very expensive models which I think is not good company practice

Excerpts from some reviews of the Philips Coolskin by people on forums follow:

“i have a coolskin and came up from an old phillishave.

i can feel the difference in the shave. I have sensative skin and the old shaver used to drive my face nuts. always making it feel like s***. the new coolskin feels infinately better. In the box you will get two of the gel inserts and two of the cream inserts. Try them both before you decide which one you like.”
– username: `X’

“Ive got the phillips cool skin as well. Excellent shaver, although my battery seems not to hold its charge as well as it did, after nearly 2 years of every day use.

A handy accessory that I recommend for shaving in the shower – a shower shave mirror. You can buy theses from Big W, Shaver Shop etc, although im not sure how expensive they are [EDITOR: They seem to retail for at least $30, i’m currently looking for a store to buy them for less eg: $20], because mine was given to me as a gift. Basically though it is a mirror that doesnt / cant fog up, and has some ultra bright leds in the top of it. It is set in plastic and held onto the tiles or glass by suction cups.

Combine that, with the coolskin, and there is no going back to an ordinary electric shaver imho.”
– username: hungry_jono

If you want to see it’s operating instructions you can view the English PDF manual for the Philips Coolskin 6707

I purchased my Philips Coolskin 6707 Mens Electric Shaver from my local “Shaver Shop” store on sale for $138.95 (including GST), usually it’s sold there for $160.

6 thoughts on “Philips Coolskin 6707 Mens Electric Shaver Review”

  1. I purchased a Philips shaver cool skin HS8000. What a waste of money. The shave is not that good and I have to shave every day while previously using a blade I could shave every other day. Finding the moisturizer is not easy and expensive. I have had Philips products in the past and I was always disappointed. I shall never buy Philips again.

  2. I have a philips shaver for over two years. I will have to say that I like it. First of all I can shave even in bed. Also, I do not need to use shaving gel. I used the cutters for one and a half year.

    I love it.

  3. I don’t use the gel anymore either, it just doesn’t seem to work right. I just buy cheap grocery store shaving gel and put some on before I shave. It seems to soften my beard a little too.

  4. How would you know what model number replaces the heads of the shaver if you lost your manual? Can one assume that all Phillips Coolskin shavers are model #6707?

  5. Need Heads for Philips cool skn razor # 6701 can you help? I have two units and need blads for the two of them about 4 boxes. Please let me know.

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