Philips 170B6CS 17″ inch LCD monitor review

I was recently asked to recommend an LCD monitor to someone, I suggested the Philips 170B6CS 17″ inch LCD monitor.

I own an older model Philips LCD myself (a black 170B5), and this newer 170B6CS version has all the good features mine has including an SXGA 1280 x 1024 resolution, 16.2 million display colors and built-in speakers (2 x 2W RMS) plus some extras including:

Philips 170B6CS 17


  • Contrast ratio: 500:1
  • Viewing angle (Horizontal / Vertical): 160 / 155 degree
  • A fast response time of 8 ms
  • Built-in USB2 port
  • Swivel: +/- 125°
  • Tilt: -5° to 25°
  • Kensington lock compatible, FlexiHolder

Other highlights of the Philips 170B6CS 17″ inch LCD monitor include:

Perfect Panel™ Policy
Bright dots and dark dots are defects in a LCD panel. While some manufacturers still consider bright and dark defects in a LCD panel an inevitable part of the manufacturing process, Philips doesn’t and I applaud them for this policy. Philips monitors, compliant with ISO 13406-2 class I standard, are produced with zero tolerance for LCD panel defects and backed by Philips Perfect Panel™ globally valid warranty providing repair or replacement of any LCD monitors that display even a single defective bright or dark dot 🙂

8-ms response time (On/Off)
On-Off response time is the period required for a liquid crystal cell to go from active (black) to inactive (white) and back to active (black) again. It is measured in milliseconds. Faster is better: Lower response time means faster transitions and, therefore, results in fewer visible image artifacts in the display of transition of text and graphics. On-Off response time is not that important a measure for the display of business content like documents, graphs and photos but is crucial for LCD monitors used to watch movies (DVD, DIVX etc) or play demanding graphical games eg: First Person Shooters (FPS).

Dual input
Dual input provides connectors to accommodate input of either analog VGA or digital DVI signals. When connected to your video card via the digital DVI connection the LCD will display the image more accurately, however having analog VGA support means that you can still use the LCD monitor with computers that have old videocards with analog VGA (D-sub) connections.

SmartManage enabled
SmartManage is a system for monitoring, managing and checking status of display devices as well as delivering remote support to users who experience difficulties – all accomplished over a LAN.

Lead-free display products are designed and produced in compliance with strict European Community Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) standards that restrict lead and other toxic substances that can harm the environment.


Power consumption below industry average & Embedded power supply

Below industry average power consumption results in lower power bills for you 🙂 The Philips 170B6CS Complies with E2000, Energy Star and NUTEK standards and has power consumption of 33W when on and less than 1W when on standby.

The embedded power supply built into the body of the Philips 170B6CS saves space by replacing the need for a bulky external power adaptor.

Ergonomic design
Ergonomic design makes Philips monitors ‘people friendly’ with tilt, swivel and height adjustment so each user can position the monitor for maximum viewing comfort and efficiency.

USB 2.0 port
The universal serial bus or USB is a standard protocol for linking PCs and peripherals. Because it delivers high speed at a low cost, USB has become the most popular method for connecting peripheral devices to a computer. The builtin USB2 port located on the side of the monitor provides easy, high-speed connectivity for USB devices at a convenient location. (USB 2.0 support is dependent on your PC’s USB configuration)

Note: the Philips 170B6CS is available in black or silver and comes with a VGA cable so if you want to use the DVI connection you’ll have to buy your own DVI cable separately.

Excerpts from some other reviews of the Philips 170B6CS follow:

“Pros: Comes with speaker(s) audio output, which is more favorable than some similarly priced monitors. Its wide viewing angle (160 degrees) is useful whenever the screen is being viewed by more than one person at the same time … Ideal for those who are seeking a space saving, stylish display. The 8 ms response time of this screen makes it ideal for fast-moving games and for watching movies … Overall, this monitor has good features for the money.”

“The 170B6CS follows the standard Philips philosophy of simplicity, with a silver body and clean layout, giving it a simple, yet professional look … performed flawless in the geometry test and should be a worthy buy for people who use 2D applications … a good buy for a price conscious user.”

“the panel itself has proved to be of excellent quality, with no dead pixels. The only monitor tested that showed a red pixel always on, disappeared after a while which was rather remarkable. This all gives weight to Philips outstanding ZERO dead pixel guarantee – that is, if there’s just ONE dead pixel shown on your monitor, Philips will replace it for you. Given our experience with other unnamed manufacturers policy of minumum three dead pixels and/or found in the centre ninth of the screen, this is a huge draw card for buying Philips monitors. So far we’ve never had to claim on this part of the warranty which is a good accolade to Philips manufacturing processes. On the whole – the panel responds well, has good colour depth and acceptable colour uniformity, but the real trump is the zero pixel policy.”

At the time of writing the cheapest prices for the Philips 170B6CS 17″ inch LCD monitor (in Australian dollars and not including delivery costs) were about $290.00

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