Personalise iPhones Laptops Gadgets with SmirkAbout Skins (Review)

Gadgets like iPhones, Laptops, ebook readers etc tend to be grey, black or white in colour which is not visually appealing and means it can be easy to mix them up if you have the same gadgets as friends or family members. That’s why I use SmirkAbout skins on my HTC Desire phone, Lenovo laptop and Amazon Kindle DX ebook reader.

Lenovo X201 Skin

The photo of my laptop above shows how much difference a Smirk About skin can make, transforming a very powerful but extremely boring grey laptop into a powerful, fun and colourful laptop.

At the moment if you buy a skin for your gadget from SmirkAbout you can choose from their wide range of artist designs, by early 2011 you should be able to use your own photos for the skin as I have for my laptop using my photo of a rainbow refracted from a mirror onto concrete.

smirkabout printer

SmirkAbout is owned by Australians and their skins are made in Australia with printers in their Sydney office (see above) using the highest quality photo-quality, removable adhesive vinyl cast over a laminate.

I can vouch for the quality as I’ve used my mobile phone and ebook reader with Smirk About skins for months and they haven’t faded or worn away at all unlike cheaper skins I’ve used in the past. Another difference is that unlike other phone skins/protective film i’ve used in the past if you accidentally misalign the skin on the phone you can peel it off and reapply with no problem.

PS I visited their office yesterday to chat with the owners Tom and Andrew only to find they were about to launch official iPhone skins for Shaun the Sheep, ABC’s Triple JJJ Radio and Beached Az TV show.

Shaun the Sheep - Smirkabout iPhone Skin

Triple J Beat the Drum - Smirkabout iPhone Skin

Beached Az - Smirkabout iPhone Skin

Most of the SmirkAbout skins are available for over 500 gadgets not just the iPhone. Hopefully they’re allowed to release these new branded skins for ebook readers, Android, Nokia etc soon, especially for fans of Aardman Animations like me who love to watch Shaun the Sheep and the Wallace and Gromit episode “A Close Shave” which his character originated in.

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