Nokia Mobile Phone Unlock & Hidden Feature codes


These codes will work on most Nokia Mobile Phones to activate/deactivate advanced hidden functions that you can’t change through the phone menu

One useful function that all Nokia’s I’ve owned have is “Cell Info Display” which can usually be found in the phones “Display settings” (eg: in a Nokia 1600) or “Phone Settings” (eg: in a Nokia 3315)

If your network supports it, when “Cell Info Display” is enabled, it will display the name of the base station your mobile is currently connected to on the screen eg: when i’m walking around the city it says “Sydney CBD” and when i’m at home it displays the name of my suburb.

To display “p” press “*” three times within one second, To display “w” press “*” four times within one second, To display “+” press twice “*” within less than a second

Code Function
*3370# / #3370# Activate / Deactivate Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR) – Your phone uses the best sound quality but talk time is reduced my approx. 5%
*#4720# / *#4720# Activate / Deactivate Half Rate Codec – Your phone uses a lower quality sound but you should gain approx 30% more Talk Time
*#7220# / *#7230# Enable / Disable PCCCPH support (faster GPRS)


#pw+1234567890+1# Provider Lock Status. (use the “*” button to obtain the “p,w” and “+” symbols)
#pw+1234567890+2# Network Lock Status. (use the “*” button to obtain the “p,w” and “+” symbols)
#pw+1234567890+3# Country Lock Status. (use the “*” button to obtain the “p,w” and “+” symbols)
#pw+1234567890+4# SIM Card Lock Status. (use the “*” button to obtain the “p,w” and “+” symbols)
12345 This is the default security code

*#0000# Displays your phones software version, 1st Line : Software Version, 2nd Line : Software Release Date, 3rd Line : Compression Type
*#9999# Phones software version if *#0000# does not work
*#06# For checking the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI Number)

*#67705646# Removes operator logo on 3310 & 3330
*#73# Reset phone timers and game scores
*#746025625# Displays the SIM Clock status, if your phone supports this power saving feature “SIM Clock Stop Allowed”, it means you will get the best standby time possible
press and hold # Lets you switch between lines

*#7760# Manufacturers code
*#7780# Restore factory settings
*#8110# Software version for the nokia 8110
*#92702689# Displays – 1.Serial Number, 2.Date Made, 3.Purchase Date, 4.Date of last repair (0000 for no repairs), 5.Transfer User Data. To exit this mode you need to switch your phone off then on again


Instructions to Network Unlock Your Mobile

Once you have bought or found a network unlock code for your phone, this Network unlocking guide will give you step by step instructions to enter it into your:

  • Nokia 1100/2100/3100/3120/3200/3220/3315/6610i
  • Sony Ericcson A2618/T230/T610/T630/Z200/
  • Motorola T180/T190/T300/V171/V220
  • Panasonic GD35, Philips Savvy, Siemens A35/55/65, LG C1100

Nokia Error Messages

Code error – appears if the unlock password entered is incorrect. You need to go through the whole process again, ensuring you enter the correct 10-digit code.

SIM was not restricted – appears if the handset has not been locked to a network. You should be able to use any SIM card in this handset.

Not allowed – If the syntax while entering the unlock password is incorrect, nothing happens. If you have tried to unlock the phone 5 times with an incorrect password any further attempts to unlock the phone will generate this message. The phone will need to be electronically unlocked at a Nokia service centre.

Note: There are dozens of different nokia phones, some of the codes above work on some phones and not on others.

Please don’t post your phone’s IMEI number in a comment or email me for unlock codes as all the information I can offer has been given in this blog entry.

NOTE: There are many websites and applications which claim to generate unlocking codes for nokia phones for free, I don’t know if they work but you can certainly try them at your own risk:

If you want free ringtones and have a mobile cell phone with the ability to compose ringtones by entering in notes then check out my Free Ringtones for Mobile Cell Phone page

PS my Nokia 6300 camera phone review also includes links to free Themes, Wallpapers, Ring Tones, Games

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  1. I can provide almost all Nokia phones with a master security code based on the IMEI.

    If the phone asks for a security code and you can’t access it, there is a master override code that will always access it.

    Email me:

  2. thank you for giving me a lot of information…
    i am using dual sim holder on nokia 3100. do u know how to restart the mobile using any code?? is there any problem on using dual sim holder?? pls do reply me… i will be waiting for ur mail..

  3. i have a nokia 3100 and can’t remember my security code. i’ve basically locked myself out of my phone and i’ve been looking everywhere for a way to reset the phone to the factory settings. i don’t mind if it clears the memory…all my numbers are on my sim. i tried your restore factory settings code in the security code window (it’s the only screen i can get to on my phone) but it didn’t work. can you help me figure it out? it looks like you have a pretty good handle on this whole nokia thing…

    EDITOR: As far as I remember the security code is 5 digits, the default is 12345. Try that, otherwise go to a mobile store and for a small charge they might do it for you. If you have your original receipt to prove its your phone and not stolen then show them the receipt first

  4. I forgot the security code on my Nokia 3595 and used this site. I didn’t want to at first because you’re not supposed to tell others your IMEI # but it really does work. Give it a try.

  5. I tried nfader.z and it worked. It gave me the security code for my phone, now I can use it

  6. Your web has lots of codes. Where do I enter these codes into the Nokia phone?

    EDITOR: just enter them into the phone like a phone number

  7. i have a Nokia 1100. when i start mobile or when mobile is going in standby mode it got “ERROR” error.
    Please guide me to remove this “ERROR” error

  8. i have nokia9500 that only i accidentally found i cannot use it because of the security lock, how can i get the security number?

  9. I have a motorola V3 but have totally forgotten my security code, i changed it recently and cannot remember it at all! Does this mean i will never be able to use my phone again?!

    Could somebody please help me out?


  10. i have Nokia 3310, my cell suddenly locked, Let me know how i unlock me cell. Ur cooperation will be highly appreciated.

  11. i have a 6236i and i locked myself out. *#2640# doesn’t work. what can i try to see my password or reset it? does *#7780# erase my contacts and memory?

  12. i want to have my number hidden when i call someone. i used the network cellplus. can anyone send me a code. and i want to change my security code, i have forgotten mine, it’s not 12345

    EDITOR: somewhere in your phone (probably under call settings) there will be a setting called send my caller identity or own number sending. Turn that off and when you call someone it will display Private number on their phone

  13. I have a 7260 and i forgot my security code on i can’t put in no other sim card in it the phone the +#2640# doesn’t not work

  14. Hey i have a nokia 1100 which thinks the hands free set is plugged in but its not…so therefore i cant hear anything..can anyone help me fix this problem? its realy startin to annoy me.


  15. Hi theres some good codes on here. When i put the show private number code in if someone with a private number i still get witheld number. I have a nokia 7250i (yeh i no its old :p) any ideas would be appreciated

  16. I have a nokia 6230b, my IMEI no. is 357587/00/136453/3. I dont remember the security code. Could u help please

  17. Hi i am just wondering what the PW+ stands for….

    EDITOR: The main code used in Nokia phones is : #pw+ some other numbers/letters. Use the * key to enter the p, + and w chars.

  18. hi i have a nokia 3310 and i want to know what the “network logo” is.
    It is unlocked because it has used other networks sim cards before and worked fine. Does this mean it automaticaly is free of branding and other stuff like the “network logo”? Ryan

    EDITOR: If you’ve used different SIM’s with it then its probably free of branding or any network logo (whose size would probably be 72×8 pixels for your phone). Examples of what network logo’s look like can be found at

  19. hi i would like to divert my calls to another number, i have a 6610i and it doens’t work, could you help please???

  20. Hi i am in desperate need for an unlock code for a motorola v535. if anyone can help me i would greatly appreciate it. my network says i have to send my phone away. phone is locked to optus and my imei 354751002255297.

  21. I have a nokia 3660 phone and i forgot my security code. Somebody help! My EMEI is 351529002002775

  22. i cant remember my security code on my nokia 6101 and now i cant use my new sim card.please someone help me solve this problem…. thanxxxx

  23. These are great but do you have codes to remove operator logos from newer phones such as the 6610?

  24. i have a nokia 6630 & i got it from de uk but its lock to the 3, i want it to unlock everytime i put in my sim card it say sim card not valid i need the unlocok code r the master reset code plz thank u!

  25. i cant remember my security code on my nokia 6101 and now i cant use my new sim card.please someone help me solve this problem…. thanxxxx

  26. Hi. I have a 7360, and for some reason the pw codes to check network lock status, etc don’t work!

    Any suggestions? Anything else I can check??

  27. can someone help me unlock a telstra nokia 1100 so i can use other network thank you

  28. my nokia 6101 is attacked by the virus Trojan.RedBrowser.A from an application call the dictionary.jar and i cant get into the phone system or even delete the file that contains the virus. Do you think resetting the phone would delete the file? anyone has any suggestion on how to remove the virus or how to reset the setting? thanks

    EDITOR: try or

    or try going to a nokia service centre and see if they can reflash your phone back to default factory settings and remove the virus

  29. I have tried the “show private numbers” code but it doesn’t seem to work. When I did the *#30# send it said “number of caller is shown” but then I tried to call from a private number and it still didn’t show it. Anyone have any ideas? Does it relate to particular phones?

  30. hi i have nokia 1108 i am unable to remove the operator logo ao anybody help me to give the idea to remove it

  31. I have a nokia 6101 locked to o2 uk. It allows me to send and receive messages but does not make or receive calls. I’ve tried all kinds of unlock codes but they never work so I just wanted to see if anyone could help with any suggestions. Thanx

  32. i have Nokia 6630 my uncle sent me from England on my birthday. when i insert my sim card in it it appear a message “sim card not valid”
    can you any help me because i love my unlce’s gift and i want to use it.

  33. Does anyone know how to unlock a Nokia 6225 CDMA phone. Apparently does not have IMEI number. Is locked by network that’s closing down.

    EDITOR: If you own the phone outright, have you tried asking your network to unlock it?

  34. Orange has changed name to / taken over by Three ( Hutchison) but the CDMA network will close in August. Telstra still have a CDMA network for the time being. Three have given me the “unlock code” to unlock my 3155 phone from their network. They gave me the SPC and AKEY. Question is, how / which screen or menu, do I enter the code? Any help would be appreciated.

    EDITOR: Telstra will not let you use Orange CDMA phones on their network->

  35. Hi.
    I’ve a Nokia 2600 & 3100 . I tried the code to reveal hidden numbers but still i cat see the private numbers that call and flash me. What can i do?

  36. I have a nokia 6235 that was linked to a network not a sim card and I want to use a sim card Because I want to change providers. when I put a sim card in it it doesn’t work. Can I delete all the network settings useing the codes you have provided.? I have enterd some of the number on your site I dont know if they work because another porblem I am having is I dont know how to enter the number once it is typed in. can you please help

  37. My 3310 nokia’s saying “SIM not restricted” when I put the codes in – so it looks like it’s unlocked already – but with a different SIM it says “SIM not accepted”. What’s going on…?

    EDITOR: perhaps the different SIM you put in it was protected with a SIM password?

  38. Hi….please Im trying take my emei but when I put the code *#06# the message in my phone is the system is busy…my phone is a nokia 3586…please help me…thanks a lot

  39. Could someone plz help me to unlock my motorola v360 when i put a diffrent sim in it says “enter subsidy code” i tryed to put any number in then after that it said “contact service provider plz help!!

    Thank u

  40. whenever i put different sim in my 3310 it asks my security code which i forgot plz help me

  41. Hi,
    I am trying the unlock codes on your site for a nokia 2600, I can enter all symbols and numbers fine except for the last # am i doing somethig wrong? and once u have entered this code do you just press call?

  42. I have a nokia 6100 and have forgotten the security code. *#2640# did not work…what can I do to get back into my phone???

  43. I have a Nokia 6225. It is currently connected with 3CDMA (Orange)network.
    Can it be unlocked? If so how do I access the EMEI code. I have tried typing
    *#06# but nothing happens. Please help.

    I have also received the unlocking code from Orange so can this be used to
    unlock the phone and go to another network?

    EDITOR: Try the unlocking codes by all means but remember that the only other CDMA network (Telstra) will also shut down soon so your CDMA phone will then be useless. See the ITwire article Telstra faces gov’t oversight of CDMA shutdown for more details

    Anyway Telstra will not let you use Orange CDMA phones on their network->

  44. pls can u help to unlock my sagem my-v55. i forgot the phone password i locked it with

  45. I have unlocked my motorola V220 earlier locker with O2. However it works only with Vodafone and O2 networks. When i put Orange/Three sim it says network cannot be detected. Any help


  46. hey “Editor”, i hav a nokia 6610i and it is locked to telstra, (i wood like 2 change 2 optus), i have tried lots of diferent codes but none seem 2 work, can u plz help my a.s.a.p??!!?!?!

  47. hey – this is a good site, anyway, i am wondering if you can help me unlock a Nokia N70 locked to 3 (3G network)….


  48. I am Shahid from Bangladesh. I have got Nokia 6630 given by my elder brother from Ireland. I insert sim card it shows sim card is not valid. I think this is country lock. Please give me the solution as early as possible

  49. According to a rumour I just read on an internet forum:

    The Hutchison/Orange CDMA network will close on 9 August 2006 … 2G customers who have not yet upgraded will be extended offers to 3’s 3G service including the waiver of all current handset instalments, a new attractive 3G mobile and plans that can offer the equivalent value as their existing plans. They will have 90 days to select their new service, and from 10 August 2006 will no longer be able to use their 2G service following the network closure.

  50. Hi, i have a Nokia 6225 on a Telstra plan, but id like to put in my Optus pre-paid sim card. When i put it in the phone still thinks that it is Telstra.
    And the card slot says “card slot non-functional” is there away around this so i can put in my Optus pre-paid simcard?


    EDITOR: try one of the phone unlocking links in the article above to see if they can help you

  51. Motorola V360 unlocking via regular USB cable is difficult to impossible and requires serious disassembly of the phone, including tinkering with the electrics. I’ve spent 2 days downloading software and trawling forums. Forget it, find someone who owns a smart clip or other dongle and just pay them to do it.

  52. Great site peoples 🙂 I unlocked my Nokia 3315 in just one night of surfing, I ended up here and gained all the software and knowledge needed (previous to this no experience with mobiles. Just like to state to the masses one thing. READ a little more before posting.

  53. I also have a Nokia 6225 3CDMA phone and have upgraded to the new Raza phone which was offered to me by 3network whom has taken over from Orange. I have the AKEY codes but as some have commented about not been able to unlock their phone that would be a true fact. You will have to use another provider as a second biller, however! should there be any means of unlocking the Nokia 6225 phone so as to use a sim card of my choice please let me know.

  54. I bought nokia n 70 from e bay its lock to three network, i have an optus sim can u help me in unlocking set

  55. I have got Nokia 3105 CDMA phone, given by my friend which was on orange network and he has ported the number to optus as orange is closing down. The phone has a sim slot and has a sticker saying ‘card slot non-functional’. Is it any way I can use the an optus sim card in it .

  56. hey, i have a 3200 and im wondering how to remove the operator logo on this perticular model

  57. hi friend i m forget my LG2030 Security code so phone is lock any one tell me code for unlocking my phone is LG2030 CDMA of Reliance.
    my surname Verma

  58. Hi friend, I kindly ask you for your help.
    I have a Nokia 6610 and I have a problem with the GPRS mode: When I try to surf in GPRS the phone screen becomes blank and the connection stops. After few seconds the phone works again. I supposed that to solve this problem a good starting idea was an hard reset of the phone, and I searched in internet the solution. Unfortunately both the found solutions (*#7370# and to switch-on the phone with the green button + 3 + * button pressed) didn’t work at all 🙁
    Is there an alternative way to hard reset this phone?
    Thanks a lot, have a nice day

    EDITOR: To restore factory settings on a 6610, press Menu, and select Settings and Restore factory settings. Key in the security code and press OK.

    Note that the data you have keyed in or downloaded, for example, the names and phone numbers saved in the phone book are not deleted and there is no guarantee that doing this will fix your problem.

    I would suggest going to a nokia service centre and asking them if theres anything they can do to fix it.

  59. i have nokia mobile 6630. in that only my card airtel is working properly .if we r put some other airtel or any company card .the phone is going in OFFLINE.and when i try to remove OFFLINE . it shows me error that”INSERT SIM CARD”

    EDITOR: The phone must be locked so it only works with your specific airtel sim. airtel might give you unlock codes if you pay them

  60. thank you for this wonderful information, also could you please explain to a dumb blond like me, what you mean by “press “*” to obtain p,w and + symbols” what are p,w, symbols and when i press the star i only get a star or my talking clock unless i am in create a msg mode, then I get the symbols, though there is no p,w, in the symbol section

    To display “p” just press “*” three times within one second.
    To display “w” press “*” four times within one second.
    To display “+” you have to press twice “*” within less than a second

  61. please help – i have a sagem myC5-2v which is locked to telstra australia- i wish to use my optus simcard in it- can i get it unlocked in australia or does a code exist i can do myself?

    EDITOR: apparently you need a data cable and unlocking soft for this phone. this phone is not like nokia that you can unlock using a code.

  62. can 3 numbers be swapped to a different network? e.g Optus?

    EDITOR: as a guess you can, but im not sure because 3 use a 3G network and everyone else uses GSM. Ask them and find out.

  63. Mr.Bhatt my cell nokia 7610 is infected by “Commwarrior” Virus & the cell is restarting every 3 mins i’m facing this problem since 1 month plz help me boss

    Note: Please back-up your contacts and other information on the phone before performing any of the procedures below.

    1. Key in *#7370# to reformat the phone.
    2. If keying in *#7370# doesn’t remove the virus, please bring the phone to a Nokia Authorized Service Center

  64. im really stuck i have just brought the nokia 1600 phone on orange network and i can not register the phone or anything i cant even get my phone number, someone said that i might need to activate the sim card any ideas please help

    thanks a lot

    EDITOR: this may seem dead obvious … but ask the place you bought it from how to activate it

  65. mastercode generator was bloody awesome…fone works now(8210) thanks mate, ur a f***in legend for that link…!

  66. Hi there. I’ve got a Nokia 1100 that’s locked to the French Bouyguetel network and I’d like to unlock it for use on Virgin (top-ups don’t expire). However, after using the NokiaFREE calculator and obtaining codes, entering them into the phone at the Insert SIM prompt does nothing. I can’t enter the final # or confirm any codes – the Navikey is labelled ‘Clear’ and does just that. I unlocked a 6310i using NokiaFREE and the code worked first-time. Is there anything obvious I missed? It’s not urgent, but I’d like to get it done. Thanks in advance.
    PS. Smashing job with those codes. I never knew you could do those things with Nokias!

  67. @ Daedalus

    Try using unlockitfree service. It’s user friendly and has heaps of FAQS and support there.

    You may want to generate you code and Leave your SIM card IN The phone switched on in the home screen.

    You should get a much better result this time

  68. hi!
    I have the same problem than AJ (comment 28)- a nokia 1100 which thinks the hands free set is plugged in but its not… (i don’t even have one). I couldn’t find the answer to this one. the phone is useless if i can’t hear anything. (the people i talk to can hear me normally)
    any Ideas?


    EDITOR: I have 2 ideas

    a. Take off the phones case and check that the area around the handsfree connector is clean

    b. take it back to where you bought it (assuming its still under warranty)

  69. I’ve recently got hold of an old nokia 3510i and wanted to set it so that it doesn’t automatically show my number, vbut there doesn’t seem to be a “own number sending” option in either call setting, message settings or phone settings… can anyone tell me how I can block own number sending please?

    EDITOR: according to the nokia 3510i PDF manual:

    Press Menu, select Settings and Call settings.
    Then select Send my caller identity and your phone number will be displayed to the person you are calling (network service).
    If you select Set by network, the setting that you have agreed upon with your service provider will be used.

  70. My ex has blacklisted my imei, is there any way I can change it to use with my own sim??? Nokia N80… by the way is this legal, have read some stuff to suggest it is not in some countries.

    EDITOR: Once a mobile phone’s IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is blocked by a network, they also tell all other mobile networks in the country to block it as well so the phone is then essentially useless except as a paperweight*

    *=In some cases the same person who requested the block can request the phone be unblocked.

  71. just a question does anyone know of a good site where you can download decent games for a Nokia N80 phone ?? i know this is off the topic a little and i apologise for that in advance but any information would be greatly appreciated
    thanks in advance

  72. can someone tell me how to get the unlocking code for my Nokia 1100? I notice that an earlier post said that they got it from orange, as I want to use orange (it is currently locked to Virgin). HOw did you get it from Orange? The helpdesk is barred when I try to ring the Ornage tech help and they have not replied to my e-mail


  73. I saw comment number 88 @ Daedalus and using the “unlockitfree” website it mentioned I was able to UNLOCK my Nokia phone to use with any sim card and also, most importantly for me, as I had forgotten what my SECURITY CODE was I was able to change the security access code using the master code generated on the website. Would recommend to all.


    Yes, I had to pay just under £2 but that is well worth it in terms of time saved.It even uses PayPal, so nice and secure, no gotyas or anything !! Just do it

  75. i have a Nokia 2300. How can i claim the warranty if i have lost the bill…the nokia care people says that they at least need the date of purchase.
    Can u help me out in finding the date or anything that can be useful for me….

    EDITOR: If you paid by debit or credit card check your bank statement to see if the purchase is listed there

  76. Mr. Bhatt, you helped me out on my serious problem..! Just use one of your codes and it works like magic on my Nokia 9500!!
    Many many thanks to you sir 🙂

  77. Hi, I bought a nokia 1100 with a virgin prepay pack in London. Now I’m back in australia I want use it with another sim because all calls even local ones are charged at international rates. Other sims inserted return error messages. Virgin say it’s not their phone and they need the place of purchase to get me a code to unlock it. I can’t remember the shop I bought it in and have kept no record of it. If it’s locked to their service why can’t they unlock it? How can I find out who it’s locked to if it’s not Virgin? I tried the special codes but the ones of interest do not work with the 1100 apparently. I tried three “unlock” codes using Virgin as the service but none worked so I’m trying to get better info before trying any others as I understand from your site that after 5 fails the phone will just be effectively junk.
    Any help or information would be much appreciated.

    EDITOR: Each virgin company is completely seperate and Virgin Mobile Australia has no relationship to Virgin Mobile UK. if you’re willing to risk $5-$10 you could use one of the paid online unlocking services at your own risk by telling them you have: a Nokia 1100, with IMEI (whatever it is), and it’s locked to Virgin UK

    If that doesnt work basically the phone is a writeoff and can’t be used here in Australia. It’s only worth about $60-$70 new so at least you haven’t lost a lot of money on it. You could then try selling it on Ebay UK…


  79. hey boy,
    Thanx so immensely, the code just woked perfectly and can now use my phone. You are such a wonderful guy. But pls i have another smasung that reads PHONE LOCKED RETURN FOR SERVICING, do u have any useful link to get free Samsung codes? Would be grateful u do help me once more. Thanx

  80. Hi great site, just wondering is there some way I can get old ringtones like the one from the Nokia 3315, ringtone 35, how can I get this for my new Nokia 6280 I hate the music ringtones as I can’t hear them over my radio! I’m in Australia. Thanks Cheryl.

  81. nfader.z worked me for also. After restting the security code I am able to use my mobile without any problem.

  82. I know ur busy, and have said all answers are here, is it possible to change the imei number? pls pls help.

    EDITOR: a mobile phones IMEI is hard coded and different on each phone. There is no legal way of changing it

  83. Re unlocking Secure code comment 5, 6, 7. I tried the uRL link that generates a code when you enter your your IMEI number. 1st thought – what use is that if the secure code prompt doesnt let you enter *#06# to reveal your IMEI. But another site indicated 15 digit IMEI is displayed under battery so entered that and it worked. Excellent news

  84. I recently bought a Nokia 2100 on ebay, where it stated it was able to be used by any carrier. When i put my sim card in it, it tells me “Sim not valid”. I’ve been told by the seller that its either, Optus or Telstra. So i tried a telstra sim card, and it didn’t work either. Is there some sort of code i can use to unlock it. None of the codes i’ve found on the net work for me.

    EDITOR: Note to everyone .. I do not recommend buying mobile phones from Ebay for 2 reasons:

    1. The phone could be stolen in which case it’s unique International Mobile Equipment Identity number will be barred from being used by most mobile phone companies

    2. The phone could be locked to a particular network and you won’t find out whether its locked or unlocked until you’ve given the seller your money and received the phone in the mail.

  85. The code to get into phone to see password on nokia 6235,6235i and I think it is the same on the nokia 6236 is *3001#12345# that should show nam programing and unlock code along with other stuff you don’t want to mess with if you don’t want your phone messed up. Good luck and Happy New Year

  86. H i there, i am using Nokia N -73 , its locked to 3G Australia ( Network locked) . i am going to India for 4 months, but i am afraid i wont be able to use this mobile there, Can i get unlock code for it? is there any other way to get a unlock code? my service provide doesn’t provide me unlock code at any code. thanks in advance

    EDITOR: As far as I can tell you’d be better off buying a cheap unlocked Nokia like the 1100 series outright here in Australia, take it to India and use a local SIM card there like Hutch or Airtel. That way your call & sms rates while you live in India will be cheap and if you lose the phone than that’s OK cause it didn’t cost you much to buy it.

  87. i just surf the web about unlocking my phone i saw this most valuable site in 1 year of browsing net, nice site to the beginners and user friendly thanks mr bhatt keep it up

  88. A very good website of a good person.
    Helping others is a great work that u r doing free.
    Have a nice day!

  89. Oh My God..What a STAR!!!!! i got my fone from the police after one year and had totally forgoten my security code.. but YOU have helped mee…. i luv u for dat mate!!!! LOLLLLLLL

  90. this is very good site i m using nokia mobile since 6years but didnt new all this function its great to know all this

  91. I find your site very informative. I have a Nokia 1600 phone and I need to know how to identify private numbers, is there a code I can use. Many thanks

    EDITOR: private numbers are exactly that – private – there is no way of identifying them

  92. Hi—- I didnt know more about Nokia Secret Code
    But — Now I am fully enjoying know these codes

  93. hey do u know how 2 change imei number?

    EDITOR: Changing the IMEI number of a phone is illegal just as putting fake licence plates on a car is illegal

  94. Hi I brought a phone off e-bay that said it was unlocked when i enter my sim card and turn it on it comes up with phone restrictions what does this mean, is it locked to a net work thanks

  95. how to play fm in nokia mobiles without earphones/headphones.Actually my friend do know a code which plays fm without earphones but he asshole is not ready to tell me the code if anyone knows that pls reveal that code in public

  96. I’ve purchased many a Nokia phone, and I had no idea that all of this was possible. However, I have some trepidation about using what I’ve seen on my current phone. I live in constant fear of destroying devices I love with stuff like this. I’m really torn. Regardless, thanks for the info.

  97. Great page have tried codes on a Nokia 3210 and all appear to work.
    I have heard that you can turn a Nokia Mobile into a radar scanner here in Australia by inserting a certain code into your Nokia.
    Do you know if this is true or not?

    Looking forward to your reply, regards

    EDITOR: Sounds like an urban legend to me.

  98. Thanks very much to comment nos. 87 and 88 – Deadalus for giving the url and helping me unlock Nokia 1100 Virgin (Australia) code. I had given this phone to my brother when he visited me recently from Norway for use and he had taken it with him to Norway. When he brought a new SIM card in Norway, he couldn’t use it because the phone was locked to Virgin Australia and needed to be unlocked. Virgin customer service were putting up barriers and were unwilling to unlock unless I paid $80 into the SIM card attached to this phone. This would have been meaningless as this SIM card isn’t being used so they were in actual fact asking me to pay them an unlock fee disguised as SIM card fee which is totally worthless. So I surfed the net and came across your site which helped me unlock the phone. Thanks a lot to all of you guys who provide a much needed service. Together we can keep the Network providers under control, particularly their greed.

    Here is the comment from my brother’s email recieved today (12 October 2007):

    Dear Prue,

    IT WORKED!! Thanks a million. I did not know exactly how to do this as
    there did not seem to be an obvious stage where I could input the unlock
    codes. No one at work could help me either. So I went back to the
    Telenor shop and asked the guy to help me out. He asked me to take the
    SIM card out. Then he typed the code in – he was much swifter than me –
    while muttering all the time about this being not quite legal. But he
    also noted the website URL down.

    Anyway, I have now a cell phone which I intend to use rather sparingly.

    Thanks again!

  99. Hi,

    I have an old Nokia mobile phone that keeps giving me the message “Check Operator Services” whenever I dial a number.

    Does anyone know what that means and how to fix the problem?


  100. EVERYONE! This link seriously DOES work. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to “thedude” for sharing this secret (back in 2006). I had forgotten my security code on my Nokia 6610 and Nokia Care wanted to charge me AUD$40.00 for resetting my security code. But this cost….Ummm….NOTHING! and took like 2secs.

    Anyone who needs to reset their security code SHOULD check out this link:

    PS: this site is awesome and I’m telling everyone about it…after I save it to my favorites 😉

  101. This is a great site. Many many thanks to the EDITOR for this site. My phone’d got locked because I’d forgotten security code. My friend told me to try out nfader It really works folks!!

  102. My Nokia 2100 Message Shows “SIM CARD NOT VALID” How i can Accept my sim to my phone.


  103. Can someone please help me unlock my motorola U9 phone?! Its pretyy new and locked to vodaphone network. There must be a free way?! Thanks guys.

  104. Hidden Phone book—Anyone know which nokia phone has the hidden phone book or address feature? Why isn’t this more common? Remember the old electronic sharp and casio address books had this feature so you could keep others from seeing your private phone numbers. Why has this not gravited to phones? thanks

  105. hi i wish to buy a nokia 1650 or2630 and insert a travelsim sim card for travel in west europe.Is it possible to buy a phone that is not locked ,so that i can insert the travelsim card.

  106. Hi i purchased two phones for my 10yr old twins, one Nokia 6060 and Sagem MYC2-3. Nokia with Optus, Sagem with Telstra… They are going to charge me to unlock, even though they have had them for two years… Can i unlock these for free or just throw in the bin…. Pls help

  107. Is there any chance to extract my calendar notes and contatcts if my Nokia mobile is not booting up? Nokia Care Rockdale told me they do not do those things.

  108. Nurboja, I fix mobiles with this problem. It is highly likely that you have pressed your power button too hard and knocked the microswitch off the mother-board. Authorised Nokia repairers will not attempt to repair this, and replace the whole board, and you then lose all your contacts if you haven’t copied them to your SIM card. I have repaired many mobiles for my local phone shop, family and friends. I give a free quote and charge bugger all. I am new to this site, so I think I should ask Neerav Bhatt’s permission to give my particulars. I live in Sydney, Australia.

  109. Have you tried a hard reset:

    Hard reset

    1) POWER OFF your mobile.

    2) Press and hold “SEND” + “*” + “3” and turn ON your 6630.

    3) Release after your screen flicker 1 time.

    The above will reset the phone to factory default, which might turn of the changed sim lock. Also, you can ask your mate to put his/her sim back in then goto menu-tools-settings-security-phone and sim, then scroll down untill you come to “lock if sim changed” select it and get your mate -or you- to put his code in, then change that option to no.

    Hope the above helps.

  110. When making a call on my nokia n95 an error message always comes up that says: ‘cannot send your caller id’ so I am always calling people on a private number. One thing I should say is that the phone used to be my b/friends who is on a different network than I am on now.

    Any ideas on how I can resolve it?


  111. Dear Mobile Phone Wizard,

    Please help. I have a PRE-PAID Nokia 2600 purchased in 2005 in a Telstra shop using Telstra SIM. My SIM card registration has failed. I called Telstra to get unlocking codes. Finally after 2 weeks of being shuffeld about from call centre to call centre; I finally had the unlocking codes sent to a friends mobile. I followed the unlocking instructions given to me by Telstra over the phone. When I put in the unlocking code in the last # will not go in, it will not come up on the screen. I then took it to a Telstra shop and they tried it too, but the same happened. Why? How can I unlock this phone? I am very frustrated as I need this phone because I am unemployed and looking for work. I sincerely appreciate your help and assistance with this drama. Please help me asap.
    Kind regards Eve.

  112. thanks. I’ve forget the security code of my phone and I got it back because of this site… thanks a lot..

  113. Does any body know how to redial the last dialed number while you are already connected with a number on a nokia 3310.? Any way to reprogram the key functions?

  114. i have a nokia 6300 locked to optus to you have an unlock code for it? thanks

    EDIT: there aren’t any unlock codes for that phone, you have to buy $80 of credit from Optus and they will give you an unlock code

  115. i forgot my security code for my nokia 6300
    – the default code doesnt work
    – i cant press # or * i can only press digits

    can any1 tell me how to fix it ?

  116. Hi
    not so long ago I have purchased a “refurbished” NOKIA 5140i from Hong Kong and of course it is a fake one. in menu though it seems to have all the functions. because I want to use it in a different countries of the world I really need to have tri-band phone.
    does anybody know maybe a code, which I could punch in and find out on what band frequency is the phone operating??


  117. try to turn the phone on while pressing other keys. usually pressing the keys corresponding to * and # together while turning the phone on will do a factory default.

  118. nokia e63 have game 3dmotoracing – does not open – does not remove – have tried hard and soft reset no luck – do you have any suggestions

  119. thanks, i managed to unlock my security code and deleted 250 of my sim contacts. I will never delete them one by one!!! you are a life saviour 🙂

    thanks heaps.

  120. I bought a nokia n97 mini from a man on ebay, it was locked to vodaphone originally, he says he had it unlocked. When we put the sim card in it we got an error message. Today i took it to vodaphone to have unlocked and they tried putting in the IMEI in the pc and said it wouldn’t work and therefore they couldn’t unlock it. It was still sealed in the box when i bought it. Can anyone help me out there with how to unlock it?

  121. my friend gave me a nokia phone and so i tired to get my sim card form my old nokia 6120 into this new nokia which is a E63. but it says that my sim card is invlaid? what do i do or how do i unlock it or whatever please help me!!

  122. I have nokia E63 ,I need to unlock it so that I can use it when I am oversea, I need your help to unlock my phone

  123. Hello

    i have a nokia E72, i nedd to unlock it so that i can use it when i am in other contries, i need your help to unlock my phon.

    thanks in advance

  124. Hey I need to unlock a nokia E63 but as I’m unemployed I can’t afford to pay to get it done. (The phone was a gift) I think the original service provider was Vodafone and the phone has been unlocked for Meteor but the only working sim card i have is o2. Any suggestions?

  125. Hi there
    I changed the security lock of my phone and i forgot the new security code and now i cant open it. I have tried the hard reset but it does not work. I also tried the *#06# but i cant type it because my phone requires me to enter the security code first so thats why i cant type it there. where else can I find the imei of my phone. btw it is a 6120 classic. hope you could help me on this one.

  126. Hi there i have this problem i have a nokia n95 and a sony ericsson touch screen thingy , both are locked on orange from the uk , however i now live in australia an i really wanna use my phones but i cant so could you give me any codes to try an unlock either phones or just one of them

    kind muchly


  127. Hello

    I have nokia 5030 and i changed the password from 12345 to another that i am not remembering now please tell me and send me a master code or a code to open my cellphone


  128. I have NOKIA 1208 and think it is locked to OPTUS since when I insert Vodaphone card it says SIM INVALID.
    Cab you help me to unlock this phone ?I need it as a Standby phone for my wife.

  129. i have a problem with my nokia 1600. I can’t change it to other sim and when i change it need an unlock code. But i forgot could you give me the solution..thanks

  130. In my old nokia, I don’t recall putting a password on my factory settings. Now that I have changed phones, it is asking me for a lock code which I cannot provide as I do not know it. What can I do to unlock it?

  131. i have a metro pcs nokia 6235i. type rm – 60 i let some use the phone and they changes my code to one they would remember and when they gave the phone back they dont know what it is any more. so i need to know how to reset the unlock code so i can get in the phone

  132. Hey, guys! If anyone happens to still be looking for a place to get a code to unlock their phone, I would suggest giving a go 🙂 It doesn’t cost at all, you just need to complete a short survey (I know, one of those!) but it worked for me so.. it’s worth trying out. Hope this helps!

  133. Hi,

    I am facing this issue on my Nokia E72 , wherein I am unable to send messages and it shows he error which says “General: Memory full. Close some applications and try again.”

    I have tried every possible way i guess. Have deleted all my messages from the cell( Sim, Memory card and from phone memory as well), but no result.. Still unable to send messages. I tried restarting my cell phone, Changing Service Provider number,Closed all applications, infact uninstalled many, Formatted memory card and everything.

    But all effort went invain . somebody

    Please help me.. Its urgent…. What could be the problem…

    Every suggestion would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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