Nerds FC (SBS TV 2006)

What happens when you give 14 self-confessed nerds three months of intensive training and then have them play a leading national league team?

nerds fc before and after

Nerds FC is a heart-warming, inspirational and often humorous journey of self-discovery and an uplifting family television experience.

Follow the Nerds over eight weekly episodes from Friday 14 April at 7.30 pm on SBS TV as they transform, with a little help from elite coach Andy Harper, from a bunch of fluorescent bookworms into a band-of-brothers who are prepared to lay their bodies on the line for the sake of the team – Nerds FC .

Between them, the Nerds have the knowledge to run the world. The Nerds have agile minds and perform mental gymnastics with ease. But it will take more than mind power to win a game of football against a leading national team.


Marika Deku has the well-earned title of Linguistics Nerd. He speaks seven languages and has even invented his own. But can he develop into a worthy No.11 and a capable and coordinated centre back ready to defend the goal and the honour of Nerds FC ?

John Truong plays No.8, right wing, and is an Astro Nerd. He is currently into his 4th year of a Bachelor of Mechatronic Space Engineering and Advanced Science at Sydney University. But can he outplay, outrun and outsmart his opposition to set up a winning goal?

Trent Apted (who was in my year group at Sydney Boys High) plays Goalie and is a Computer Nerd. When he’s not temporarily fed up with computer programming for his PhD at Sydney Uni, he programs for fun. PS He’s the player in yellow in the photo at left.

Over the series, the Nerds undergo tough physical training and become the fittest they have ever been. Mixed into their already busy schedule of learning rules and tactics are matches against surprising teams that will truly test the boys’ focus and strength of character – the Young Matildas and a hardened prison team.

Share the ups-and downs of this likeable group of boys as they become a close group of men who support each other, who share jokes based on shared experiences, and who, over the course of the series, become more confident in themselves and in their physical prowess. Oh, and they also learn to play football a bit.

11 Replies to “Nerds FC (SBS TV 2006)”

  1. I have been loving this show and have joined the campaign to bring it to the attention of as many people as possible. Thanks for the great introduction to the boys from Nerds FC

  2. I just saw Nerds FC for the first time. Brilliant. What a pity I have been working Thursday nights. Didn’t know what I was missing. I love these guys and will tell my football mad friends about it. World Cuppers eat your heart out.

    EDITOR: It already finished being broadcast the first time round on 2nd June. SBS is broadcasting all 8 parts every day at 8pm starting today Thursday 8th June as an encore screening

  3. Its the first time I have seen it and just loved the program I cannot remember the last time I laughed out loud,and for so long.
    Great TV.

  4. NERD FC. The best reality television iv watched by far. Congratulations on putting such a great show together. Im ready to watch it every night. I hope you bring out the series so I can get it. Yours Faithfully Rachel Smith

  5. Hello my name is martin me and my team would like to challenge the nerds fc my team is the leichhardt saints under 12s 4b team my coach is Ross cameron. By the way i enjoy the show.

  6. I enjoyed every minute of the show…you guys are fantastic and what a whole lot of fun had by all…and Andy you are certainly one hot man that’s for sure

  7. Have enjoyed watching Nerds FC, what a laugh! Would like to have been at the game against Melbourne Victory. Now I have another challenge for you. Do the same with mothers that go to watch their kids play soccer and know nothing about the game and keep shouting BIG KICK!!!!! LOL.

  8. This series was so painful to watch for the poor buggers who have never kicked a ball before. My favourite episode was when they had to play the jail inmates and they got thrashed.

    It brought a tear to my eye when at the end they all swapped shirts and were good mates.

  9. i have really enjoyed watching nerds f.c. its a good way to learn leadership.
    you are mad guys

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