My Suggestion used in Newspaper Article :-)

David Wilson, a journalist friend who I met at a Sydney Bookcrossing meetup has incorporated some of my suggestions in the closing paragraph of an article about the 10 silliest things you can do with technology titled Sorry, my mistake written for Fairfax newspapers (Sydney Morning Herald, The Age)

Quote follows:

Most of the errors listed boil down to what the IT industry calls “PEBKAC” (problem exists between keyboard and chair).

On his website, former technical support worker Daniel Rutter describes the acronym with style: “The least reliable and most generally irksome component of a computer system is the warm soft one that spends its time staring at the monitor.”

One Reply to “My Suggestion used in Newspaper Article :-)”

  1. Motor mechanics used to blame “the nut behind the steering wheel”.
    I guess if you go far enough back, people were mounting horses & facing the wrong way!

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