March: ABC + SBS TV and Australian Commercial TV Highlights



In this post I’ll highlight March’s Australian ABC + SBS TV and commercial TV show highlights and schedule changes

I contacted ABC TV and SBS TV to ask for access to advance notice for TV shows like they do for newspapers and other “old media” especially since I have consistently promoted their shows like Top Gear (SBS) and Life on Mars (ABC)

Unfortunately ABC TV decided not to give me access but SBS TV said Yes 🙂 so I will be able to promote their shows in more detail

SBS TV Highlights

Top Gear Australia

As of the end of Feb 2008 SBS still hasn’t chosen the shows presenters but has confirmed that Top Gear Australia is due to air after the Olympics in September 2008.

Saturday, 1 March 7:30pm – Top Gear Season 1 (2002)

SBS has just shown Series 9 of Top Gear. From Sat. Feb 23rd @ 7:30PM make sure you watch the original Series 1 (2002) when Clarkson was invited back to host the show with a brand new format and new co-presenters Richard Hammond, Jason Dawe and The Stig. See the full 10 episode guide

Sunday, 2 March 8:30pm – The Dream Life of Rats

Today our brains are no longer off limits to science. Neuroscientists strive to understand our deepest emotions, develop drugs to erase unwanted memories and ponder the possibilities of controlling the human mind from afar.

This great leap forward into the mystery of the brain has been made possible thanks to this intelligent rodent, the rat. As animal models, they are at the forefront of neuroscience and its desire to crack the neural code of our behaviour. The Dream Life of Rats is a story of hopes and fears in a world which will soon be revolutionised by the development of new brain technologies.


Tuesday, 11 March 8.30pm – Cutting Edge: the Indian Miracle?

One of the best known journalists in the UK, Krishnan Guru-Murthy reveals the dark side of modern India – discrimination against Muslims, a rise in Hindu nationalism, farmers driven to suicide by debt and loss of land and a caste system which prevents those at the bottom from securing any but the most menial and humiliating jobs.

As the gap between rich and poor turns into a chasm, Guru-Murthy questions the social stability of a country that will soon enter the top five of world economic giants. This is a program that delivers the answer to a question we should all be asking ourselves – what is the real cost of an economic boom?

Sunday, March 16 8.30pm – Total Isolation

A weapon of war and a form of extreme punishment, sensory deprivation has been used by the military and in prisons for decades. Early attempts to research the effects of sensory deprivation were thought by many to be too cruel, and research projects were discontinued. Despite this, the number of people being held in isolation today is on the increase.

Total Isolation asks the question; what happens to the brain when you are left truly alone?

Saturday, March 22nd 5:30pm – Mythbusters: Shop ‘Till You Drop

In this episode Jamie and Adam take the viewers on a mind boggling shopping spree. There are no myths to be busted in this episode; in fact the whole show is dedicated to the most incredible shopping expedition. Shopping can be a real chore but the Mythbusters shop with a style of their own. Adam and Jamie visit the weirdest, most freakish and wacko shops, stores, junk yards, aviation disposal warehouses, and countless other repositories of the oddest merchandise on the globe. These are the suppliers Adam and Jamie regularly resort to for the procurement of the material/props they use in their show.

Sunday, March 23 8.30pm – Once Upon a Time: Walt Disney

To some, Walt Disney was a storyteller par excellence; to others, he was a naïve art pioneer; he was unquestionably the father of the feature length animated movie. Once Upon a Time: Walt Disney traces the creative saga of Walt Disney and explores the inspiration and evolution of some of the world’s most famous animated characters.

Sunday March 23rd, 2008 9.30pm – Movie: Spirited Away (Sen To Chihiro No Kamikakushi)

Winner of the Best Animated Feature Academy Award, the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival and the Best Film at the San Francisco Film Festival. Chihiro and her family are on their way to their new house in the suburbs, on their way, they stumble upon a tunnel and Chihiro’s father decides it is a shortcut. They walk through and discover a place that looks like a deserted theme park and an open-air restaurant filled with food but with no workers or customers present. Directed by the legendary Hayao Miyazaki, voices by Daveigh Chase, and Suzanne Pleshette. (From Japan, in English) (2001)


ABC TV Highlights

Sunday, March 2 8.30pm – 3 part series “Jekyll”

Jekyll is a modern take on a classic Robert Louis Stevenson character. Described as a sequel to the original rather than a re-telling, it stars James Nesbitt (Murphy’s Law, Bloody Sunday, Cold Feet). He plays Tom Jackman, who is plagued by strange transformations into a younger, stronger, more animal-like version of himself. It also features Gina Bellman, Denis Lawson, Meera Syal and Michelle Ryan.

Tuesday, March 11 8pm ABC1 TV – 4 part series “Stuff”

The ABC will premiere a new show about material consumption to be hosted by Wendy Harmer called “Stuff”

“I found myself increasingly dissatisfied with the many books, newspaper columns and documentaries that finger-wag about the way we consume,” says Harmer. “We consume, they say, because we’re ‘greedy’, ‘unthinking’, to ‘show off’ to ‘have power over others’. “We are told that consuming is a habit we have to quickly unlearn, as if, somehow, we had only recently learned it. In fact, we humans have been consuming forever. The desire to acquire goods is as much a part of our lives as is the desire to work.”

Friday nights on ABC2 – Comedy & Entertainment

Friday night on ABC2 will now feature an extraordinary line-up of comedy and entertainment. A Friday night at home will now be a treat with Black Books, The Chaser’s War On Everything, Extras and Doctor Who screening back to back – it’s all the shows that will make you laugh time and time again 🙂

New ABC TV Watermarks

Everyone will have noticed the horrible new ABC TV watermarks recently added on ABC1 and ABC2 TV.

When I complained the official reply from the ABC was:

The ABC regrets that you do not like the new watermarks and that they have hindered your enjoyment of ABC programs. The ABC has received extensive feedback about the new watermarks and has published a response to viewer correspondence


Some of you may have noticed that your digital TV set top box is picking up a signal for the channel ABC3. At present this channel is just a holding spot rebroadcasting ABC1 – the ABC hopes that the May federal government budget has extra funds which they can use to create ABC3, a kids’s only channel.

Wil Anderson returns to ABC TV

Comedian Wil Anderson is returning to the ABC to host a 10 part panel show, The Gruen Transfer later in 2008. Produced by Andrew Denton, it will examine the advertising industry. Anderson was previously on JJJ radio and ABC TV’ s The Glasshouse.

ABC TV wins International Awards

ABC TV has won two major broadcasting awards at the prestigious New York Festivals International Television Broadcasting Awards.

A little-known documentary, Cuttlefish: The Brainy Bunch took out the Grand Award: Best Documentary amongst hundreds of competitors. It aired on the ABC in March 2007.

Foreign Correspondent won the Silver Award: Cultural Issues for its “India Widows” story. The award was sponsored by the United Nations.
source : TV Tonight

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  1. The ABC have gone nuts with this eyesore of a watermark. I don’t know if there’s an International Handbook Of Watermark Design, but if there was I’d swear that “For fucks sake don’t make it bright blue and tall” would be printed on the cover in large friendly letters.

    Sure, they’ve reduced the size and opacity “in response to viewer complaints”. If the ABC were a city council, this could be seen as getting $5/hour parking approved by first charging $6/hour, then reducing it by $1 “in response to motorist complaints”. And then Media Watch has the gall to say “Don’t write to us about the logo.”.

    It’s refreshing to hear that Aunty’s switchboards are running hot with complaints, not so refreshing to hear that the only justification provided was “the Board thought it was quite a good idea… oh and don’t forget piracy”. If they’re so bloody intent on emulating BBC1 and 2, copy the watermarking.

    EDITOR: Your comparison of $6 vs $5 parking fees is exactly what I thought

    First make the watermark absolutely hideous and bright with the full knowledge it will annoy people – then make pre-planned slight adjustments so it appears that you’re listening to viewer feedback

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