Live or Work in the Sydney CBD and Enjoy Reading Books?

If you live or work in the Sydney CBD and enjoy reading than make sure you pop into Basement Books (in the pedestrian tunnel under Railway Square bus stop, Central Station)


Make sure you check out their vast range of discounted books with very strong selections in categories like Architecture, Craft, Design. Childrens, Computers, Cooking, Fiction, and Reference.

What sets Basement Books apart from the normal remaindered book store is the number of books available by well known authors at much lower prices than at a normal book store.

It’s not the kind of book store you go to for a particular title by a specific author, but the kind where you can browse the shelves for 20 min, pick up a few bargains that look interesting and still have change from a $20 note 🙂 PS They also have late opening hours

2 Replies to “Live or Work in the Sydney CBD and Enjoy Reading Books?”

  1. I work at Demonz Media just around the corner from this store. You forgot to mention the great drawings they always have out the front 🙂

    EDITOR: you’re right Aaron, the drawing yesterday was “Cat in the hat” from Dr Suess

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