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When I was on holidays in the Australian Outback I noticed a surprisingly large number of people who had just bought a new digital camera and had no idea how to do basic things like turning the flash on/off, taking short movies or photographing small things eg: flowers and getting a sharp photo.

If they’d only read a bit of their camera manuals and visited resources like the Digital Photography School before going on holidays they wouldn’t have been so frustrated and would have returned home with much better photos.


If you’re already a pro photographer than the site isn’t for you. It’s pitched at the mums and dads audience and offers simple tips to help digital camera owners get the most out of their cameras.

Digital Photography School is run by digital photography enthusiast and problogger Darren Rowse with the purpose of helping ordinary people learn and improve their photography by sharing what he and other website visitors have done to achieve better results from their digital cameras.

This ‘School’ is not a formal one by any means. There are no classes, no teachers, no exams – rather it’s a learning environment where Darren thinks out loud about what he knows and in the forum people share what they’re learning by showing photos and asking/answering questions.

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  1. I go to DPS myself to learn more about my camera. I own a Canon xti 400d and the manual is just too technical for me. DPS is actually a great site to learn photography.

  2. It’s true. A bought a digital camera last year and I know how to do very basic things. I would like to know more about my camera. Having a Digital Photography School is a great idea to extend the knowledge about your digital camera.

  3. don’t think that is limited to Dads. I am a grandmother and finding as the techie stuff comes on faster and quicker I not only get frustrated but don’t even attempt to read the manual.

  4. Indeed, after i’ve readed the camera’s manual i was able to play with my camera more then before, of course i was a little problematic at the begining, but anyway tnx for advice !!

  5. Thanks bro! now I have a bookmark for photography school via internet and it’s really worth for me to deeply know how to use digital camera.

  6. It sounds like what happen with me, my girlfriend finished uni and at the day of her graduating, there where two people who asked me how to turn on their new Sony camera, I would say many do not read manuals, me included, however I would suggest you play around with your camera before you go anywhere that you want to take photos, as I have been working in a camera shop for years, I know that some people do not do this and it may end up in missing that split second in time that creates the perfect image, I pro that I know has these lessons in Sydney, he is excellent http://www.travelphotographer.ws/travel_photography_course.html

  7. Digital cameras are really convenient. You know back then, we have to use films and wait for our photos to process, I would so much prefer to have a digital copy of my photos so I can use them for publishing or edit them without having to scan every one of them.

  8. Many visitors from overseas come to Australia to spend a good few months here. The light is fantastic for those strong colour landscapes.The contrasting blue skies against the red outback make you want to take loads of photos. The rewarding photos are early in the morning or at dusk when the sun is at its lowest, particularly in Northern Australia where the wild bush fire residues provide the sun with a strong red colour. It would be prudent for new camera users to teach themselves as much as they can about photography so that they are fully prepared to take advantage of these Australia landscape images.

  9. Digital Photography School is quite good.
    So many people buy a camera and haven’t got a clue how to use it. They really need to understand the camera to get it’s full potential, otherwise there’s no point in getting one.
    There’s also this website which people can try.
    The beginners guides are very handy and i recommend them to all photographers

  10. I saw HD video produced by a Canon EOS 5D Mark II Digital SLR Camera last week.

    Pretty amazing that still cameras, which happen to shoot video, are becoming so good. I’ve shot with a 27 pound F900 camera, which is a motion HD Camera, for years now. As I grow older, and my back grows worse, at least I know engineers are making things smaller and smaller. I can’t imagine how hard it is to get your money out of a professional camera anymore. They change so fast.

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