JibJab Bungles Online Content Sale

You may have heard that Jib Jab, the creators of the wildly popular “This Land” flash animation which lampooned George Bush and John Kerry have launched a new flash animation titled Second Term:


This latest cartoon pokes fun at President Bush, conservatives, liberals, and just about anyone else vying for political power, and understandably Jib Jab are trying to make money out of it by selling downloadable copies for $2.99

What they forgot is that when someone views the animation it will be cached (stored) in their browsers temporary storage area, and all you need to do to view it later offline or email it to your friends is copy it from your cache (approximately 5.77 MB) and JibJab won’t earn even 1c from you!

This is obviously not a smart way to sell your content, especially when it would not be difficult to turn off caching for the animation, or stop it running unless the file detected it was stored on JibJab’s servers.

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  1. Anyone who can get $2.99 per viewing for a 3 minute Flash animation is a marketing and business genius. And if it’s cached on your computer for eternity, that almost makes sense – you paid for it, after all. As long as you don’t start emailing it friends or broadcasting it to others, you should probably own your own copy anyway for the price.

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