Iriver T30 WMA/OGG/MP3 Player with Voice Recording and Linein

I recently bought the 512MB version of the new Iriver T30 portable music player and found it be light, easy to use, with good quality sound and quite a decent battery life, a review and list of specifications follows…


The Iriver T series of portable music players includes the T10 and T30 series. In addition to playing multiple music formats, the T family features built-in voice recording and line-in encoding which allows you to record MP3s on the fly from any source including home audio systems and handheld CD players. Flash-based portable music players such as the Iriver T series are ideal for people who want to enjoy music while biking, running or at the gym as no moving parts and their light weight make them ultra-durable and skip-free.

Iriver T30 - front view

The T30 series features a 4-line backlit LCD display, USB 2.0 and integrated voice recorder. The T30 has a small, sleek ultra-portable form factor. The affordable T30 series plays up to 24 hours of music on a single AAA alkaline battery and about 70-80% as long with a AAA NIMH rechargeable battery which is still quite good.

The models in the T30 series are:

  1. 256MB – Titan Silver
  2. 512MB – Sky Blue or Lawn Green
  3. 1GB – Rose Red
  4. 2GB – Pale Blue

The T30 Series has many great features:

Iriver T30 - cable, neckstrap, earphones and player

Technical Specifications

  • Equalizer – 10 EQ, User EQ and SRS WOW
  • Dimensions – Approx. 60 x 30.4 x 22.1 mm
  • Weight – Approx. 27g (Excluding Battery)
  • Frequency Range 20Hz~20kHz
  • Headphone Output Power – 15mW(R) ?mW(L) (16 Ohm) at Max. Volume
  • S/N Ratio – 90dB (A weighted)
  • Number of Channels – Stereo (L+R)
  • Audio Support – MPEG 1/2/2.5 Layer 3, WMA, ASF, OGG
  • Bit Rate – MP3, WMA : 8Kbps ~ 320Kbps / OGG : Up to Q10
  • Tags – ID3 V1 Tag, ID3 V2 2.0, ID3 V2 3.0, ID3 V2 4.0


Other features

  • 4 line backlit graphic LCD display for easy searching
  • Easy grasp design
  • Up to 24 hours of battery life
  • Plays up to 34 hours of music (1GB version)
  • Alarm with real-time clock
  • Full USB 2.0 Ultra fast data transfer
  • Integrated voice recorder (microphone)
  • Direct recording from a stereo (Line-in allows you to record music from any source with no computer required)
  • Enhanced 3D audio (supports SRS WOW)
  • Super easy synchronization on iriver plus 2 which is a digital jukebox program (excluding US and EU model) or accessible like a removable USB storage drive using windows explorer
  • PlaysForSure (for US and EU only, with WMP10)
  • Firmware Upgradable

NOTE: there are unconfirmed reports that the 2GB version now being sold in Australia has FM radio functionality.

Iriver T30 - battery

UPDATE 23rd February 2007: I have found a way to upgrade your iriver T30’s firmware to 1.71 πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Go to Nyaochi Sakura’s iRiver firmware download page and download the appropriate firmware for your language eg: in my case T30_PURE_ENG_UM_NO.ZIP

  1. Plug the t30 into your computer and turn on
  2. Create a new folder on it called data
  3. Unzip the firmware file (eg: T30_PURE_ENG_UM_NO.ZIP) into the new data folder on your T30
  4. Once thats done, as usual for firmware upgrades-> unplug the t30 and it will do the firmware upgrade to itself, Don’t touch any buttons and wait until it turns itself off
  5. When you turn it on it will be the latest version :-). Some settings may have been defaulted so make sure you change all the settings to the way they were before the upgrade

  6. The Iriver T30 has been discontinued, other new MP3 players are of better value now.

    Readers from Australia or New Zealand can purchase MP3 players from Minidisc Australia

146 thoughts on “Iriver T30 WMA/OGG/MP3 Player with Voice Recording and Linein”

  1. Have you recorded anything through the Iriver T30 LINE IN. If so, how was the quality?

    I want to use this to record my band at gigs using a line out from the mixing board. I currently use an archos RecV2 but I expect that to die shortly πŸ™‚ It is hard to find this info on the T30. I guess it’s too new. Iriver doesn’t reply to email or answer their phone. The manual shows 3 settings for recording quality but gives no indication of the bitrates. I’d rather buy an iAudio 5, but the reports are that its mp3 encoder is quite poor

  2. These are the details for the files the Iriver T30 recorded through line in (you can choose from 3 levels of quality-high, medium, low)

    At high level: MP3 320kbit 44100Hz Joint Stereo
    At medium level: MP3 256kbit 44100Hz Joint Stereo
    A low level: MP3 128kbit 44100Hz Joint Stereo

    I’ve also made some recordings with the Iriver T30’s microphone and they were of good quality

  3. I too would like some feedback on the line-in feature for the same reasons; band recordings. We’re currently using a 2 rack space mini-disk recorder that sounds great, but it’s too bulky for gigging. Thanks in advance for your comments.

    EDITOR: I don’t know much about that beyond my last comment detailing the different quality levels possible.

  4. Hi guys I dont have the mp3 player above.looking at such devices now but have a number of requirements which just arnt being filled by available devices πŸ™

    Anyway Im a muso. Our band uses a ZOOM PS-04. pricy but great for jam and practices. It might be more than you wanted but take a look.

  5. Hello, I have a question – does this player support variable bitrate mp3s?

    EDITOR: Yes it does support VBR MP3’s πŸ™‚

  6. Does it support USB mass storage? Can I just copy music to this player using for example Windows Explorer, listen to it, and then copy it to another PC?

    EDITOR: Yes, thats exactly what I do every few days to add new podcasts to my iriver t30

  7. I have just bought the above but am unable to get the gracenote software agreement to finish thus making it impossible to use. this is my first mp3 player so I’m not experienced at downloading from my PC. Can you help me?

    EDITOR: Have you tried uninstalling the “iriver Plus 2” software and reinstalling it from the cd?

    Alternatively you could ask iriver support at

    Or just dont use the iriver plus 2 software (I don’t use it), just use windows explorer to move your music files onto the player

  8. I have had several iriver players and I noticed that when recording through the onboard mic, there’s a crackling sound when volumes get moderately high. Like the mike is peaking. Does the T30 do that too?

    EDITOR: the few recordings i’ve made at high volume have had no crackling sounds

  9. Can I assume the voice recording is encoded in MP3 format and if so, is the bit rate selectable?

    EDITOR: yes you assume correctly, it does record in MP3 format, and yes there are several quality levels πŸ™‚

  10. Can you post some sample recordings made with T30 mic/line-in at highest level (i.e 320Kbps) for review

    EDITOR: No, for the simple reason that anything I can record with it (radio show, a cd etc) would be copyrighted and not allow publishing to the internet!

  11. My Dell Inspiron 8200 will not recognize my iriver T30 when it is connected. I am working in South America right now, so my computer doesnt have access to the internet. The software installed easily, and i can rip files to windows media, but I can’t get files on or off of the mp3 player. The iriver help page has been of no help (maybe because this is too simplistic of a problem…). Do you have any advice on what I can do to get the computer to recognize the player?

    EDITOR: Have you tried removing its drivers from Device Manager and getting windows to re-recognise it? Or perhaps trying a different USB port?

  12. I cant seem to get the iriver device to appear in the windows explorer. When I plug the device into the usb cable it says it found the player but it isnt appearing in windows explorer or my computer as a portable device. Any help anyone please this has been driving me nuts for 3 hours now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I too have been looking at using a flash memory MP3 recorder for gigs – like to know what results others are having. I’m looking at the Samsung range because some of their flash players (eg. YP-T7) go up to 192 kbps sample rate, which I don’t think the Iriver players do.

  14. T30 Firmware V1.50 has been released with these new features:

    * Support for playlists(*.pla) created on iriver plus 2 version or higher
    * You can create on-the-fly quicklists (iQuickList) on the T30 without a computer
    * Changed “File Delete” user interface, you can delete a file in the BROWSER instead of having to go through lots of menus
    * As well as various bug fixes

  15. I am looking to buy an MP3 player for recording and listening to lectures. I have lloked at T30 and ifp-890, both from iriver. Do you know the difference between them?

    How is th ease of use to reocrd on both of them?

    Which would be better for recording nad for copying audio tapes into them to convert to mp3 format.

    THanks so much

  16. I just bought 2 iriver t30’s but I have yet to open them from the packaging. Only because I am not crazy about using WMP10.
    I have windows xp professional and I am wondering if that is enough without having to install the WMP10. Can I use the drag and drop method from my windows explorer to load up the device?

    I recently had the 790ifp version, it worked flawlessly unfortunately my daughter lost it a few weeks ago. And I did not need the WMP10 AT ALL!!

    EDITOR: My Australian version is completely unrestricted, however AFAIK the USA version is not:

    You can access the T30 USA version through Windows Explorer and store data files. However, it shows up as a media device and NOT as a drive letter. This means that you can copy files and folders to it, and you can delete them, but you cannot create new folders or more files around on the device directly.

    For example you should be able to can copy all your podcosts into a folder on your hard drive called “Podcasts” and them drag that folder to the T30. You CANNOT simply create a folder called “Podcasts” on the T30 directly and then copy your podcasts into it. Also, you cannot move the “Podcasts” folder to another location on the T30 without deleting it and copying it from the hard drive to the new location on the T30.

    The above issues aren’t really a problem, but are mildly annoying. The other problem, being that utilities and applications that depend on a drive latter will not work with a USA version T30. Such as iSHuffler, Shuffler, or backup programs, etc

  17. My granddaughter got a iRiver T30 1 gig for Christmas and they can’t get their system to recognize it. I’ve read about this problem all over the net and have yet to find out if anyone has ever really found a solution. They’ve installed WMP10 and are running XP. Does anyone know if this thing actually CAN work with XP and how one goes about making that happen?

    The tech guys at iRiver told her it was because they don’t have the latest XP service pack installed; they said “that’s where the drivers are located” and I think that’s a bunch of “stuff” because it appears that there are about a thousand different reasons they use for it not to work, all of which come down to “your system” and I seriously doubt that all these folks are behind on their service pack updates. They don’t have access to the internet.

    Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. They’re going to try just using WinExplorer to drag and drop music, but it seems to me that the dratted thing ought to work – or am I nuts?

    EDITOR: Personally I think that WMP10 sucks and the iriver Plus software sucks only slightly less. I use windows explorer to move files back and forth from the Iriver T30 anyway πŸ™‚

    Another good tool to keep your computer and iriver mp3’s/podcasts in synch is the SyncToy for Windows XP

  18. hey i have a problem with my t30 the thing is that the cd that came with it has the h10 drivers n my pc cant recongnize it i tried downloading th drivers from irivers page but they doesnt work or maybe im downloading the wrong ones .. so i dont know if u can send me the real t30 drivers

    EDITOR: it should “just work” when you plug it into your USB port, appearing as a new drive in windows explorer. There are no actual drivers needed

  19. i got an iriver t30 for christmas when i put in the easy start cd it says “your portable music player is not supported on this operating system version. Please refer to the device operation manual for the minimum software requirements” and my computer wont do anything when i plug in the usb cable. it worked on a friends computer and i dont know heat to do so please help

  20. Hi, got a T30 for Christmas, installed beautifully, software worked fine, but now can’t listen to world radio. When I try the file is down loaded to iriverplus 2 but get no sound. I decided to uninstall iriverplus2 but world radio however that hasn’t solved the problem as world radio is still uses iriver as file type. Any thoughts?

    EDITOR: i don’t know which “world radio” you refer to, but I guess its a streaming radio station. I suggest you do the following to play that station on your computer:

    1. click START, then RUN…

    2. enter this text: mplayer2.exe and click OK

    3. In media player, goto FILE, then OPEN and put in the address of the streaming radio station eg: then click OK

  21. Hi, thanks for your suggestion. Actually solved my problem another way, just thought it might help someone else. What I needed to do was change Windows Media Player to be my default player by:
    In Windows Media Player click tools, then options
    On the format tab, under available file formats, click select all
    click all then ok.
    Worked a treat. Realise my description of the problem may not have been very clear, thanks for this great site.

  22. I have a Iriver T30, my pc has Windows XP SP2, and WMP10 (latest version), my pc keeps prompting me to install drivers, and WMP10 does not recognize it. It is not listed in Windows Explorer when I plug it in to the USB port. Can you advise what I need to do?

    EDITOR: I suggest you ask iRiver support at

  23. Hi I just bought my T30 1gb red couple of days ago. I hate the fact that I can’t use a regular mic for live recordings like the 700 series. I have to use a pre-amp to use a mic. I was wondering if you know how I can transfer my files from my T30’s “record” folder to my pc. I tried draggin them on to my desktop but that doesn’t work. I can sync my T30 with WMP but I can’t play my recorded files or transfer them. I tried iriver’s website but no luck. I’d appreciate any help. Oh I am in US so I assuming I have th US version of T30.

    EDITOR: I use windows explorer to move recorded files to my computer with my Australian iriver T30. I suggest you ask iRiver support at

  24. This page is great; I’ve the USA version of the T30. My question is about the EQ/SRS settings: One of the things I like about Win Media Player 9/10 is that I can tweak the EQ AND the WOW/TruBass concurrently. However, my T30 doesn’t seem to allow this; once I’ve chosen to use SRS it seems to preclude other EQ settings, especially the User EQ, and vice-versa when I use the User EQ. Is there a way to allow both to operate at once? Thanks!!

    EDITOR: Personally I usually use my iRiver to listen to podcasts from Australia’s national broadcaster, the ABC so I dont use SRS/EQ often.

    However from when I have listened to music I think you’re correct, the choice is to use either SRS or an EQ setting, not both

  25. I bought my T30 partly to play audiobooks downloaded from the library. The downloads play fine on my PC, but on the T30 they do one of two things: screech and turn the machine off and then back on, or sound as though they have the hiccups. My XP and WMP10 are fully updated, and I have all file types enabled. The book downloads are wma files. What’s going on? Audio files ripped from CDs work fine.

    EDITOR: Are the files within iRiver’s support bitrate range of 8Kbps to 320Kbps for MP3/WMA ?

  26. my iriver t30 will accept mp3s both in wmp10 and from windows explorer, but no sound comes out of the device when I play any of them. obviously ive tried to turn the volume up, and have looked for a mute button. anyone else have this issue?

    EDITOR: Have you checked to make sure the equaliser settings are at the default setting? Also have you tried to reset it to factory default settings by going to:

    Settings -> Advanced -> Load Defaults

  27. I’ confused!!! If i buy a T30 player, can i or can’t i use an external mic (without a preamp) to record audio through the line-in port? On the Iriver website it says i can but it doesn’t specify if a preamp is required.
    Thanks for your help.

  28. I lost the oringinal CD for my T30 and i need the software for my computer can u help me????

    EDITOR: If you have proof of purchase iRiver might give you another copy of the CD

  29. I’m thinking of buying a T30 to use with a boundary mic for recording conference discussions. Will it do that?

  30. I have a t30 that appears to work, except when trying to play music from a music service (Napster). I can add Napster music to the T30 and copy that back to the computer and the music plays. I simply cannot play Napster music (subscription music) from the T30. It gives me a “expired or failed license” message.

    EDITOR: It should work as the T30 is listed as Napster compatible

    1. try upgrading your Iriver t30 firmware

    2. contact napster support

  31. I’m computer-retarded so forgive me if this is a stupid question. I currently subscribe to Napster and have been downloading music from them, then sync’ing through Windows media player 10 to my irivert30. I’m only able to get ~55 songs on my 512MB system before it’s full. Is there a way to improve/incr how many songs I can fit on it or is this purely a function of how large the files are from my subsription service. Thanks.

    512 MB / 55 songs = 9.3 MB per napster song which seems a bit much per song unless they’re of high bitrate.

    As a guide an MP3 with a 128kbit bitrate takes roughly 1 MB/1 min of music … which means 512 mb = roughly 8.5 hours of 128kbit MP3’s

  32. Im planning to buy the T30. Beside listening to mp3’s, I also want to use it for voice recording. I have several questions:

    – What’s the quality difference of recorded voice via the build-in mic and using external line-in mic? AFAIK voice rec are in mono (not stereo)

    – The recorded files are they in mp3 format only? Can it be stored in wav or other formats?

    – Is it possible to transfer all voice recorded files (using internal or external mic) to my laptop/PC? and vice versa?

    Fair dinkum dude!

    Quality is hard to guess. Lets just say this is a device aimed at consumers, not musicians!

    At the highest level a voice recordings is:
    MPEG 1.0 layer 3
    128kbit, 44100Hz Mono

    Linein recordings are:

    At high level: MP3 320kbit 44100Hz Joint Stereo
    At medium level: MP3 256kbit 44100Hz Joint Stereo
    A low level: MP3 128kbit 44100Hz Joint Stereo

    All voice and linein recordings are in MP3 format

    All recordings can be moved back and forth by plugging the T30 cable into a USB port. It appears as a removable drive when plugged in and the relevent folders are eg in my case:


  33. Does the T30 allow you to monitor through the earbuds while voice recording? I was wondering whether it, or any other MP3 player, could be used as an ad hoc hearing aid.

    EDITOR: no it cant, I dont know if other MP3 players can either

  34. I’ve tried to plug in a passive stereo microphone and it does not work. This is because the line-in input is for line-in signals that are driven (eg. headphone plugs etc.) The passive microphone is electret based and needs a phantom voltage – this is given by a proper MIC input (say on a video camera or a MD player). So yes, I do believe that you will need some sort of pre-amp or phantom voltage that can convert the mic input into a line-in output. This is a bit of a bummer because I too thought I could use the line-in for my passive lapel mic … but turns out that it may only work with my amplified mic only. πŸ™

    Oh well … other than that, everything is absoultely splendid with this player and have no other complains. Drag and drop works great … got this player from minidisc australia.


  35. I know that Alan asked about whether or not the T30 allows you to monitor voice recording using it’s built in microphone and Mr. Bhatt confirmed that you cannot monitor your own voice recording using the built in microphone BUT if you use the line-in jack you CAN monitor it through the earphones. Just wanted to clarify for the record (however if you want to use a microphone on line in your going to have to use a powered mic or something similar).


  36. I bought my daughter a T30 for Christmas. It was purchased from the US but we live in Africa. I would like for her to be able to convert CDs and output the files straight to the T30 but none of the rippers I have tried can see it. It shows up in Windows Explorer and works fine with WMP. I would like to be able to use a ripper that can go straight to the T30 to avoid having my daughter fill up my computer hardrive with music. Can this be done? Is there a way around the limitations of WMP?


    EDITOR: As far as I know iRiver T30’s bought in the US can only have music moved back and forth using WMP. Asian/Australian iRiver T30’s (like mine) can have music ripped direct to them, unfortunately yours cannot do this

  37. Great info. Is there any way to adjust the input level on the T30? I think that the iriver ifp 700 & 800 series has a line in level control.
    Also if using a Sony ECM-MS907 stereo mic, that needs a AA battery to operate, does it put out a line level so that it will work with the T30 or ifp series? How do you know if its overdriving or getting enough signal? I want to record band rehearsals and I like the idea of a ultra small and afordable recording set-up. Has any body actually made good sounding live recordings using the set-up I described or something similar that actually worked?

  38. my mp3 player wont let me load music onto it. help??

    EDITOR: Go back to wherever you bought and return it for a refund/exchange

  39. i’m an old guy newbie trying to figure out my iriver t-10. here is my dumb question. when i delete a song out of my mediaplayer library, it automatically deletes the song out of my iriver the next time i connect the iriver usb to my computer. how can i delete the songs from my media player without deleting them from the iriver?

    EDITOR: I’d suggest:

    1. open “Iriver Plus 2”

    2. go to the menu “Option” , click on “Sync Options”

    3. click on “manual transfer”, then OK

    Now you have control over deleting songs from either the media library or the Iriver T10 without effecting the other

  40. Thanks for this excellent page.
    I bought a T30 today.
    Good sound.
    Voice recording from the internal mic is very, very good for a consumer mp3 player; it records to 128kbps mono mp3 on high quality setting, and this is multiple times better than most other players, offering a low frequency range knobbled wav format.
    I tried plugging a powered lapel mic into the line-in, and putting the line-in recording volume to maximum. Not expecting it to work – line level is 1000 to 2000mV, whereas a powered lapel mic is probably 8mV.
    The recording did come out – it was extremely soft. I needed to increase the signal by 1000% (+20dB) on my laptop to get full playback volume. Despite this massive amplification, the recording was surprisingly clear, with some consistant background hiss (like a tape) coming from this massive amplification. This speaks well for the clarity of the line-in recording – if you’ve got a normal line-in signal, I suspect the recordings will quite good.
    So now I am looking for a micpreamp so I can boost my lapel mic by 20dB.
    If you know of cheap, portable one let me know.
    So far I’ve only found circa AUD$300 units (
    I am feeling like a duffer right now, because some pages I’ve seen say there are iRiver models where you can configure the line-in jack as a mic jack, i.e. I wouldn’t need to buy an external mic preamp.
    So it might have been better to get one of these (iRiver ihp-120 apparently – unverified).

  41. Just a simple question. I am about to buy the iRiver T-30 in Sydney. If I record via mic or line input, can I copy the file back to my PC? Can I use Windows Explorer, or do I need anything else?

    And why do I need to install the Iriver Plus 2 Software – what is it that this does that I can’t do in Windows Explorer?

    Thanks – Chithesh


    1. If you record via mic or line input, YES you can copy the file back to your PC using Windows Explorer

    2. Iriver Plus 2 Software automatically does firmware updates for you. otherwise its pretty bad at playing music. Winamp is much better

  42. Just to add, I recently had a friend who does weddings use the iRiver with a pocket-powered lapel mic on the groom to record the speeches etc. He just left the unit running and later got the voice file off and re-synced it with the video giving very clean audio whilst shooting video from the other side of the room. I was quite amazed as generally wireless micophones are used, but he did it cheaply with the iriver.

  43. Bought T30 for $170 on 29/3/06 at The Good Guys, Caringbah, Sydney. Cheaper than the web shops.

  44. I have 1.60 firmware in my T30 (UMS). Iriver website says there is a 1.70 firmware available. But when I use Iriver Plus2 and click Option/Firmware Upgrade, it says my T30 is already updated with the latest firmware – doesn’t recognise there is a new update on their website. So I downloaded the formware – a zip file containing the file “t30.hex”. Couldn’t find any instructions on how to use it to upgrade – so I emailed Iriver support for help. Their reply came – with the t30.hex file attached; they have asked me to just copy the file into the root directory of my player! I don’t want to risk trying it unless someone can confirm having done this succesfully – I can’t find this procedure described anywhere. Does it work – and how, does T30 look for this file in its root and auto-boot it? If it fails and freezes, can I go back to V1.60?

    Regards – Chithesh

    EDITOR: Iriver Plus2 wont upgrade to the 1.70 firmware for me either πŸ™ However the software did work πŸ™‚

  45. Proud owner of a T30 512MB European version.
    I had some trouble getting Windows to recongnize my unit, but i finally managed to figure out the problem. T30 is an USB 2.0 device, therefore it requires USB 2.0 drivers. Vanilla Windows XP doesn’t inlude those drivers. You need at LEAST Service Pack 1 for Windows XP. However, with only SP1 installed, the unit will require Media Player 10 to be installed. On the other hand, on a computer with Windows XP2 SP2 installed, the player also worked with Windows Media Player 9. Only it didn’t show up in My Computer, transfers could only be done in WMP9. Installing Media Player 10 fixed this.

    Now for the line-in quality. It’s great. I recorded one of my band’s gigs directly from the mixer and the quality was remarcable. I would like to add a few corrections to what the editor said about quality presets for line-in recording.

    LOW QUALITY: 128Kbps
    HIGH QUALITY: 256Kbps

    I have the unit for 6 months now, I had absolutelly no problem with it. Battery cover is also solid. In fact, I like it so much that I bought an additional 2 units: one for a fellow co-worker and another one for my girlfriend.

  46. hi, i would like to ask if which do you think is a better player t20 or t30…. and i see iriver post different firmware updates, do i get the updates from previous versions if i upgrade only to the latest one, say the latest is v1.7 and the v1.6 offers srs wow 2.0. thank you….


    1. I dont own a T20 but from what I’ve heard one main difference is that it has a builtin battery whereas the T30 uses AAA batteries, the t20 specifications can be found on the iriver site

    2. The latest firmware upgrade always includes all previous upgrades

  47. Thank you for your reply, may i ask also what has better sound quality mp3 or wma and what its best compression for my new t30…

    EDITOR: The consensus view in most articles I read was:

    “At very low bitrates, it seems obvious that WMA 9 is better than Lame 3.93 [mp3 encoder]. But as the bitrate increases, the difference shrinks, and at 128kbps they are quite similar” – WMA 9 versus MP3 tests

    “The audio quality of WMA and MP3 audio formats tends to be noticeably different. WMA is a decent quality audio format when streaming at phoneline speeds (maybe 30kbps or so) … At 128kbps, Microsoft claims the WMA is nearly CD-quality, although many would deny this” – MP3 vs. WMA

    Obviously everyones ears are different so you may not agree. These days hard disk space is cheap so I would encode MP3’s at about 192kbit VBR which should provide perfectly good quality for listening through a portable MP3 player such as the iRiver T30 (instead of the standard 128kbit). I don’t use WMA because I don’t want to be stuck with a microsoft only format and while most MP3 players play both formats my guess is that MP3 is still far more compatible with all the different players you might use to listen to MP3’s into the future eg: DVD players connected to your sound system, MP3 CD players and portable players like the iriver T30.

  48. I have a UK T30 and i can not transfer the recorded audio files back to PC whether it be line in or mic as the source, i am using winxp with service pack-2 WM10 is of no use either, it didn’t work using firmware 1.69 updated to 1.70 still doesn’t work. It will be on its way back to Ebuyer if i cant sort it as its of no use as that’s the main reason i bought it.



    EDITOR: Can you transfer files back and forth using windows explorer? Otherwise return it or swap for another one

  49. Gud morning again, thank you for the advice on mp3. May i ask you again this time its about rechargeable batteries: im planning to buy one but when i looked at the specs. all of them are labelled 1.2v only while my t30 manual says it should be 1.5v will it harm my unit?, and what does the voltage and mAh means…. lastly are there really rechargeable batteries that has memory effect of what kind? thank you again.

    EDITOR: Buy NIMH rechargeable not NICAD rechargables (NICAD’s get memory effect).

    I bought some cheap orange coloured NIMH rechargeables from Dick Smith Electronics and they work fine. On the side they say AAA 1.2V 700mAh.

    Also make sure you tell the iriver T30 which batteries you’re using by going to Settings -> Display -> Battery Select -> Rechargeable

  50. Does iriver mp3 wma work properly on an Millenium operating system 750 mghz processor or does it only work with XP?

    Please respond A.S.A.P. I need to download music for music classes.

    EDITOR: An iriver T30 bought in the USA might not work with Windows Millenium (WIndows ME) because the Microsoft digital rights management implementation requires XP and Windows Media Player 10 to support the subscription services. This is why they say that XP is required. It may be that the player will work if all you want is to transfer unprotected music content around.

  51. Hi, I’ll be brief (so to say). I own the Iriver t30 and the Iriver ifp-895. The 895 can be connected to an external microphone (I use the Sony ECM-MS907 and works great on this machine). The t30 can be connected to an external microphone only if such as microphone is pre-amp, unfortunately the Sony ECM-MS907 does not work loud enough with the t30. In other words the Sony ECM-MS907 is useless for the t30 but works great on the 895 (but you have to switch the machine to mic instead of line-in, you can do this only with the 895 not with the t30 – when I say 895 I also mean: 795, 799, 895 and 899 of course). The best audio recording I got was from the 895 with the external microphone. The second position goes to the t30 by using its internal mic, the third position goes to the 895 by using its internal mic. Unfortunately, I did not own a pre-amp mic therefore, I could not test the external mic on the t30. Now, a comment on the recording quality I got. As said it was excellent with the 895 by using ext mic, in my case, Sony ECM-MS907. It was good with the t30 using its internal mic. However, it started to lose volume once my voice was 3 meters away from the mic. The voice with the 895 with ext mic was nice even when I was 4 meters away from the mic. Finally, a comment on the voice recording using the internal microphone on the 895. First the good thing, it was very loud even more than when I used the external microphone, however, the sound quality was acceptable but not great, the voice recorded with the internal mic of the 895 was metallic and there were some strange background effects recorded together with the voice. While the internal mic in the t30 gives a good sound quality but you lose volume 3 to 4 meters away from the mic. The 895 (internal mic) gives a bad sound quality but it gives you a good volume. The best of the options is the 895 but with external microphone. I hope this was useful. Other comments: the t30 is very handy, extremely small, the 895 is bigger compared to t30. t30 can be recognized automatically by windows xp (no need to install programs or drivers) just drag the files to your computer folders or desktop. 895 needs drivers and programs to upload and download files. Which means you can still upload your voice recording but you need the installation cd. But that’s ok; I lived for years with the SONY minidisk in which you could not make any digital transfer to your computer (in terms of uploading mic recorded files). T30 can be used as data-file storage (for instance you can transfer a word file on it). And the good news is that you can do the same with the 895. The only difference is that if you go to see a friend, with the 895 you cannot transfer this file unless you first install the stupid iriver program and driver on his/her computer (better if it is a HER). Bye for now.

  52. Sorry one more comment on the 895. The rechargable AA battery which is V1.2 NiMH, unfortunately, does not work on this machine. To work I need to use a AA V1.5 This is a big mistery, never seen something like this on other machines.

  53. T30 price now (17/5/2006) reduced to $149.60 at

    EDITOR: that may be the case but mp3direct doesnt have any stock, whereas Minidisc Australia does have stock and is selling 1GB Iriver t30’s for $155.00

  54. Hi Mr Bhatt. Great info. Is it possible to adjust the recording input level on the T30? Reason I ask is that if I record my band rehearsals (only for reference purposes, less concerned about quality) it has been very easy to overpower the internal mics on other MP3 players I have tried due to the volumes involved and the lack of recording level input control…
    Appreciate it…

    EDITOR: the Line-in recording volume can be changed between “0 and 31”. According to a review I read from a videographer who uses the T30 for back-up purposes

    You just can’t find the voice recorder, line-in, and file interoperability for less than $US100. And the sound quality is awesome. I’ve recorded voice and line-in from the Sirius radio at the lowest quality available. Both sound great!

  55. Hi , I read in another review that you cannot upload voice recorded files to a PC. Is this true?

    EDITOR: you sure can do so with mine. From what I’ve heard though it may require using Windows Media Player if you have the North American version of the T30

  56. PLEASE HELP, i really want a T30 they are great little things, the thing is i have windows ME, which really sucks, is there anyway i can get the T30 to work, maybe through winamp as it is what i use?
    if any of you have solutions please please please tell me, thanks a lot dan

    EDITOR: Please read comment number 53. for your answer.

  57. I’ve placed order for a 512MB T30 after reading all the comments here. I need a small voice recorder but if it could double up as an MP3 player, it would be great and T30 seems to be getting the thumbs up in voice recording as what everyone agrees here. I hope I have made the right choice because I was considering Creative, Samsung and iAudio (all 512MB) before deciding on Iriver.

    Can anyone recommend a reasonable priced pre-amp microphone (brand and model) that goes well with the T30 to improve it’s voice recording? Thank you.

    EDITOR: no idea about microphones sorry.

  58. I use a recorder Olympus WS-320M and a Sony’s stereo microphone ECM-DS70P. I record my acoustic guitar with them and I like the final result (16 bit, stereo, 44.1 KHz, 64 kbps, WMA). What’s the input range of this INRIVER recorder? Can I only record in MP3 or can I choose another format? Do you think the sound of my acoustic guitar (using microphone ECM-DS70P) would sound good in this recorder?

    EDITOR: Input range: no idea, Recording format: MP3 only.

  59. you said that i need to change the battery type which i havent done since i bought it will it damage my palyer and is there an effect in the quality of sound on different battery types?

    sorry if i sound so dumb but what is study mode, i really dont have an idea. tnx mr

    EDITOR: no it wont damage the player, it just means the battery left display will be inaccurate.

    Study mode changes the “->>” button to skip a particular amount of time of the current track eg: 10sec upto 3min.

  60. More on comment 59:
    UMS is Universal Mass Storage – The protocol used by external usb hard-drives etc and used by the T30 in Australia. US version T30’s use MTP (Microsoft’s DRM protocol that only works with Windows Media Player 10) That Means the US version (MTP) can’t copy files back and forth using explorer etc. But DOn’t fret! Iriver love you and you can convert the US models to UMS using the 1.71 updater!

  61. I’ve enjoyed the blog, as far as microphones go the:
    Tie Clasp Microphone with Powered Adaptor CAT. NO. AM4093 $29.95 from Jaycar might be worth a look however specs aren’t that great

    EDITOR: thanks πŸ™‚ Good to see a fellow Internode customer reading my blog

  62. Any ideas how radio recording bitrates are set?

    Another thing is that the stereo radio does not seem to work well in my area, so I switched to mono on the radio. However the recordings still seem to be in stereo mp3?

    EDITOR: My T30 (Australian) doesnt have radio functionality so I cant answer your question

  63. I use only eser eq. SRS works only with normal eq. I hope they upgrade srs to enable it work with user eq

  64. This is a great site. While I was reading it, some new info presented itself, to me.

    Your T30 is on battery even while your usb is connected. I would have thought small devices like this were buss powered, but as I sat reading this forum, my pc gave me a “bing bong” as the T30 disappeared from Windows Explorer. Pressing the power button gave me the Low Batt flash.

    Other things. I’m in the US, and bought my unit as a re-furb. I was about to get really freaky as I could not move files off of the T30 to my XP SP2 box. THEN I read the great advice on this site, and Lo & Behold, the T30 was sitting in My Computer as it’s own media device! Moving files back and forth just got simpler, although the player fools you with its ‘no music files’ display immediately after putting music in it (they appear in the browser menu-seems wierd the unit wouldn’t detect mp3 extension).

    As I was testing the voice recording mode (at high quality), I confirmed that level drops off quickly, BUT the quality remains high enough to distinquish everything in the room. I mixed TV sound with Internet Radio station, and walked about 15 feet away. Signal gain was down, but clarity was great, with no edgy artifacts. Everything was distinguishable, and even had some extended bass content.

    I did duplicate the earlier post about crackling in the voice recording mode, but I want to believe it was only when I was handling the unit. Still up in the air on this.

    I tried to use a cheap rat shack condensor mic (AA powered) to get some energy into the line-in, and even at ’31’ the sound was just breaking threshold. Definetly need another 20 db.

    Lastly, my T30 is at version 1.54 . In your experiences, if there’s nothing broke, is there a reason to chance the firmware upgrade? What is there to gain by leaping from .54 to .71?

    Thank you for this great resource, and please keep the info flowing.

    EDITOR: Upgrading the T30 firmware has no drawbacks, at worst you won’t benefit from any changes. At best you’ll like some of the improvements like Upgraded SRS WOW 2.0

  65. I completed the update, and everything is fine. The ‘.71’ Readme lists compatiblity with WMP 11, and I was curious if there are any early reviews on this matchup? Thank you and take care.

    EDITOR: Sorry I dont use WMP 11 so I dont know if it works well with the .71 update

  66. Hi,My uncle had just bought iriver t30 256mb from canada I stay
    Mumbai,India. I am having several problems installing the iriver My pc is upgraded to Win Xp Sp2 & Widws media player11,I had even installed winmedia player 10 from the easy start cd.Whenever i insert the easy start cd it pop up the windows that “Your operating system needs to be update easy start software & ask me if to go to connect to internet but i had not configured my modem yet.2nd problem is when i connect the iriver to my computer through usb the mp3 searches for drivers & even finds the drivers but in middle it stops & says there was some error installing the hardware.What should i do Im fed up of this I think iriver should also provide with drivers in download section

  67. Hi
    I’ve read this in the iRiver Europe specification for the T30: “Freely selectable bit rates from 40 ~ 320 kbps to record via the line-in”

    Can anyone confirm this?
    Is the sampling rate changeable? Can it be set at 16KHz?


    EDITOR: My Australian T30 just has High, Middle and Low sample rates. Specs for other regions may vary

  68. hi there. i have a 1gb t30. it wont let me put any more thatn 1/4 of memory of songs on it. i cannot get any help from any type of support or help desk because there doesnt seem to be any. ihave been told to put new firmware on my computer. i dont even know what firware is. surely i should have been able to install the program and move songs onto my mp3. i took my boyfriends to download songs on his and his is half the size of mine and is almost at full capacity, with no errors like i get. “writing file” error. i also get the invlaid device number. i dont have the internet at home i just want to know how to fix my mp3. i am going overseas in 7 days with an mp3 i am not happy about. i have tried using explorer to drag files over. that didnt work either. any ideas? is this a comment problem?

    EDITOR: That sounds like a clear hardware failure. I think if it doesn’t work than your solution is quite simple … go to wherever you bought it and return it for a refund or swap for a working player (providing that the 1yr warranty hasn’t run out).

  69. Hi,

    Can the T30 play wma9 professional lossless files? THE SPECS SAY IT PLAYS WMA : 8KBPS ~ 320KBPS BUT DONT MENTION WMA9 PROFESSIONAL LOSSLESS FILES

    Also any idea when the 2gb model will be up for general release? THE 2GB VERSION IS ALREADY IN GENERAL RELEASE

    I currently do live recordings of events using my RH10 sony MD. But am considering replacing it with the T30. However I record for long durations hence why i’m looking the 2GB.

    Also considering the iAudio G3 but can only play OGG upto q8 and no word again on wm9 pro.

    Bit dissapointed that the direct recording is only in MP3, rather it be in OGG, not because of the quality im sure 320kbps in MP3 is just as good as OGG and MD(ATRAC3+ OMG) RIGHT?????? I’VE NEVER USED OGG OR MD ATRAC3 SO I DONT KNOW

    But my concern is that doesn’t MP3 have some weird phasing effect i.e. recordings will not record nor play always at the correct speed they are supposed to? I’VE RECORDED SEVERAL TALKS 2-3 HOURS IN LENGTH AND HAVE HAD NO PROBLEMS. PLAYBACK IS AT NORMAL SPEED.

    EDITOR: thats a lot of questions! I’ve answered each one as best as I can in BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS next to each question

  70. Hi I need something mainly to record band rehearsals. A voice recorder might be handy too, but I have good binaural mics (which need a powered mic input) Im thinking a flash-based mp3 player/recorder, but none of the info on the web seems to actually say any of the useful specs, making it impossible to make an informed choice. Shop assistants will know less than me in most cases, hence all the questions here..

    I want something that can record preferably to wav through line in and/or powered mic in, but 320kb/s mp3 would do for either. I also need something robust. Is that an issue with hard-disc based recorders? Is flash more sturdy?

    Ive had 2 md recorders die, and heavy bass frequencies (try it with a full ampeg stack..) cause massive dropouts even on ones with g-shock. Md is NOT a robust technology!

    Plus being able to store any kind of file on a removable drive (win xp, sp2, all media players installed) would be very handy too.

    Any help is greatly appreciated! I am on a budget but dont need anything else like photos/video, and 1-4gb would be enough.

    EDITOR: I’m not a muso and don’t have enough knowledge about professional level recording so I suggest you ask the good folk at mistic river – iriver Enthusiasts forums

  71. hi all, i would like to buy a T30 2 gig for my wife so she can record lectures.

    1. She needs to be able to record 24hrs of voice in 3*8hr sessions. Will the T30 2gig be able to handle this?

    2. Also excuse my ignorance but how can you work out just how much recording (voice)time 1 gig will give in the various formats and quality?


    1. I record lectures using my T30 at MP3 64kbit/second 44hz Mono. This works out to roughly 28 MB per hour, and 224MB for 8 Hours

    The longest I’ve ever recorded is 3 hours in 1 given day so the only thing I’m not sure about is whether 1 fully charged battery could last for the whole 8 hour session. However thats easily solved by keeping a spare couple of AAA batteries in your pocket.

    I personally use a pair of NIMH AAA rechargables so that while im using one the other is recharging at home, and the only recurring cost is a few cents of electricity/charge. For one off use for long recording/listening sessions I would suggest using higher capactiy single use alkaline batteries instead.

    2. After you’ve chosen the Rate you want to record at using the builtin mic, and go to the Recording -> Voice menu, a counter will display with the length of the current recording being made and the amount of storage time left at that rate both in MM:HH:SS format

  72. I recently bought a T30 and was shocked to read in the manual that I have to have Windows Media Player 10 installed. After reading this page and the Iriver site, I can see that we are disadvantaged in Europe in having a restricted version of the player. Why should that be? I want to be able to use any media player and operating system of MY choice, not iriver’s choice, and as I am not a big fan of Microsoft, I am not pleased. I shall never buy iriver products again. I do not support companies that exclusively support MS products only.

    second comment. I cannot get my T30 to install on my PC. I am running Windows XP Professional SP2, so it should be recognised, but Windows cannot find a driver for it. There are no drivers on the CD. I have had no problems at all with USB mass storage devices on the PC, so what is going on?


    1. According to comments 59. and 64. if you can upgrade to firmware version 1.71, then you can remove the restrictions from your T30

    2. it should “just work”, like any other USB mass storage device, does it ask for any particular driver file?

  73. Hi, a technical question re T30 recording (line in)…

    I have recently undertaken a line in recording on my new T30 at “high” setting. The recording was badly clipped/distorted.

    The record level was at a default (28 ), and the actual recorded waveform was well below maximum. The source device was a mixer with a -10dBV line (record) output and the source material was running at unity (0dB).

    Because the waveform was distorted but not at nominal 0dB (i.e. small, clipped waveform) this leads me to believe that the input stage of the unit was being overdriven. I am assuming that the software adjustment to record level would not affect this as it would be after a A/D converters.

    Would you be able to tell me why this occured? I am imagining a fault as I see no way that a -10dB signal should clip the input stage, it doesn’t make sense…

    EDITOR: Sorry as i’ve mentioned before im not a muso so most of what you just said is gibberish to me. Hopefully someone else will read your comment and help you

  74. Thanks for the reply, I already discovered elsewhere that the latest firmware 1.71 would allow me to change the device to UMS. But surely UMS should be the default with the firmware allowing users to change to MTP if they so wish? Otherwise, a person has to find a PC running the right software to upgrade the firmware. Luckily my other PC had Windows XP SP2 and WMP 10, so I used that to upgrade the firmware and now the iriver T30 works on any PC as a USB Mass Storage device, and I can add MP3 files okay to the device and playback with no problems.

  75. Confirming that the 2GB T30 (Blue) in Australia does have FM radio.

    Bought one today for $155 at JB Hi-Fi, Miranda.

    – Chithesh, 13/9/06

  76. Mr Bhatt,

    Great T30 commentary you have going here you should get $$$ from iriver for this as they are somewhat useless…

    Carrying on from the line-in questions. The T30 from what you have said lacks some of the good old ifp *** functionality of being able to power a mic such as this: (which is what i use to record).

    But you have also stated that the line-in has a level 0-31 did you say? In that case if this was turned up to quite high will it still not able to power the above mic without the need for a pre-amp??? EDITOR: Nope Line-in needs a powered mic according to all the reports people have sent me.

    Can I also assume that the fact you can adjust the level like that, clearly suggests that the t30 lacks any sort of AGC? EDITOR: Not sure about that, I know that when I make recordings of lectures/seminars I have to normalise the MP3’s to 90db because they’re usually recorded at ~ 70db.

    I’m just trying to find a flash recorder thats min-2gb and can record from a mic such as this and its such hard work…. I’ve even been looking at the cowon iaudio g3.

    ALSO THOSE OF YOU WAITING FOR THE 2gb T30 IN EUROPE/USA, tough, your never going to see it.

  77. When you normalize them does that then increase the background noise too? or is just the wanted sound brought up loud?

    EDITOR: I use the free mp3gain software, and it doesn’t increase the background noise, just the sound of my lecturer talking

  78. Hi All,

    Can anyone confirm whether the iriver t30 2gb has automatic gain control (AGC), or any other feature to automatically control record levels, when recording from external sources? This would be to prevent high levels and distortion in recordings.

    Also, can anyone indicate how many hours a battery would last when recording continuous from an external source?

    EDITOR: It should have AGC, battery life really depends on what type and capacity of battery you use.

  79. I.S.R, If you look at the datasheet for the 1gb it says AGC on it. Curiously they have not put a datasheet link for the 2gb, its doubtful that the 2 would be of a different spec though…

  80. hi, I recently bought a T30 but I can’t synchronize it. I tried almost everything but couldn’t make Media Player synchronize my T30. I’ll appreciate if anybody can lead me about what to do.

    EDITOR: have you tried upgrading the firmware to 1.71 as per comments 59. and 64. so you don’t need to use Media Player ?

  81. dear mr bhatt,
    I bought the 512MB T30 solely b’cos of the amount of info i found on this blog of yours! and I am very happy with my decision to go along with you,the T30 is an incredible gem!! thank you so much and hearty congrats for the extraordinary effort!

  82. I have been reading all the comments lamenting lack of a “microphone input” function on the “line in” jack.

    I suggest looking at Giant Squid Audio Labs for an amplified mic:

    I have an iRiver iFP-799 that I have been using with a GSAL “Iriver Omni Mono Microphone” with great success. The older 700 (and 800) series ultraportables have an option to supply the bias voltage on the “input” jack that allow the use of electret condenser microphones.

    Note: The iRiver 700-series mic input is wired a bit strangely–“mono” uses the “ring” (normally “right”) of the stereo input, not the “tip” (normally “left”) like every other device on the planet (hence the “special” “iRiver” microphone from GSAL).

    I don’t have a T30-series product, but it looks like the input jack will only accept line-level (about 1000mV) signals, so recording from an external microphone will require an external preamplifier.

    If you want the convenience of ultraportable recording without juggling extra boxes, find a 700-series closeout somewhere and get a decent condenser microphone. The 700-series has a wider range of settings for mic and line input recordings, but the T30 series looks like it is much simpler to use.

    (Note: I am not associated with Giant Squid–I’m just a satisfied customer!)


  83. I am from india .I brought new iriver (american) T30 &got a cd of wmp10 . When i tired to download my voice recorded files from the device to my PC. Then wmp 10 says that the protable device is not recognied. Please help me i have many files to download to my PC. The device is not even seen in the windows explore also . I have win XP , SP2 . i tried latest firmware but it did not work, when it says to connect the USB then the picture of the device is not seen and not enabling next button to go furhter. I am gone mad with it from 3 days.Please ASAP.

  84. I found a green iriver in a gutter… presume its the 256mb model
    It won’t go , does it need a battery if plugged into USB and is there an on button/switch..??
    Cheers G.

    EDITOR: it needs a AAA battery and has a proprietary cable to connect it to a USB port without which you won’t be able to move any music files on/off it.

  85. I’m looking for a MP3 player and almost decided on the T30-1GB. Besides listening to music, the main feature I’m interested in is the line-in recording. I have a ton of records (LPs) I’d like to transfer into digital format. I’ve compared a few devices for the line-in feature and it looks like the T30 has the best quality available, i.e. 320 kbps (iAudio U2 – 128 kbps, Zen Nano Plus – 160 kbps).

    My question is: has anyone reading this compared the quality of the recording done on the T30 to the quality of the recording done by other means, e.g. via a sound card? Is there a noticable difference? Not looking for scientific comparison, just anyone’s perception of the recording quality.

    EDITOR: I don’t know about the sound quality vs recording via soundcard etc but I would suggest the higher capacity 2GB model which lets you have more space to record to

  86. my iriver wont work. when i turn it on it does the start up thing and then just keeps repeating some1 plz tell me what to do πŸ™

  87. Hi all. I have a problem with my T30. I plug it in and my computer detects it just doesn’t show up in my “My Computer” section of WE. Any ideas? I was thinking I needed to download a driver but couldn’t find any.

    Thanks in advance.

    EDITOR: Can you access the songs on it via Windows Media Player?

  88. Hi, I cant get iriver support to respond, its been over 3 weeks, and have written once each week. I have a T30, and a binaural mic, and a battery pack. I plug the binaural mic into the pc, doesnt work. plug the binaural mic into the battery pack and into the pc and it works. I plug the binaural mic into the battery pack and then into the t30 and I get no recording. I set it to line in, and yes I plugged the battery pack into line in. As I said I have a good test on the battery pack and mic by using the pc. I set the t30 to record line in, it creates an audioXXX_XXX file instead of a voice file. So I believe I am doing that portion correct. CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE? πŸ™‚ sorry, I am frustrated with iriver support. I would like to use my binaural mics for some nice recordings

    EDITOR: Please refer to comment 87.

  89. Just got the iriver T30 today. Im having trouble with the firmware update. I DL the iriverfirmwareupdater I run it, it finds my T30. It does its thing and then tells me to unplug my T30. Question here (unplug the usb from the computer or the cord from the T30?) It says when you do this it will restart a couple of times. I tried unpluging both ways and not matter what it never updates. I check the version sure enough its the same as before.

    I’m also having trouble trying to drag and drop. I can open the iriver t30 folder. It shows the FAT16 System if I try to open this it tries to load but never does. Just that little flashlite going back and forth forever.

    Any comments are fine.


    1. AFAIK there hasn’t been any new firmware for the T30 since V1.71 released on May 22, 2006 so your new one should be up to date already.

    2. If you have the American locked version I believe you have to use Windows Media Player to transfer music files on/off the player

  90. I have a US T30 and it works fine with XP and WMP 10 but I do have one issue. It came with V1.22 P firmware and I’ve been attempting to update it to the new version but it won’t complete it. as the prev post says- it runs and finds my T30 says it’s transferred the file to the T30 and then says to disconnect it from the somputer but my T30 never does aything after that. It just keeps showing that it’s connected (USB connect) and I have to remove the battery to be able to turn it off. Actually any time that I connect it to the computer it does this. And then of course the update doesn’t stick because I had to turn it off. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Thanks for the help.

  91. I found an answer to my problem:
    I ran the iriver updater 1.53, and when it asked where I got it, Europe or USA, I said Europe. The device then did upgrade to 1.71 MTP. Previously, it allowed me to pick the option, but never did upgrade, but this did it. THEN, I ran the iriver updater again, and, this time, and chose the 1.71 and it updated properly this time. It could be a problem with T30’s sold in Canada- not sure but that’s what some other sites alluded to.
    Hope this helps anyone else!

    EDITOR: Hey thats great to hear πŸ™‚ Now you can use it properly on any computer and access it via Windows Explorer

  92. hi. i bought a 1G T30 two days ago, my first mp3 player. i cannot download songs to it. i have the latest Wmp10, and i have songs in the library section and i add songs to the sync list.
    every track i try to download gets to about 85% then this appears: the l/0 operation has been aborted becoz of either a thread exit or an application request. haven’t a clue what this means!!???

    half the time my computer will not recognize that the player is plugged into the pc.

    i tried to upgrade the firmware from 1.70 to 1.71, all goes well until i am told to unplug the player, which then says ‘no firmware’.

    i’ve asked a number of forums but have had no answers. i am so frustrated, i thought it would be easy.

    thank you beck

  93. i’m having the exact same problem as post #94. when i double click on the t30 in “my computer” it comes up as “FAT16 system” rather than the data that is actually on it. this just started happening out of nowhere, and it works fine on other computers. please help if you can!

    EDITOR: sorry I have no idea, have you tried

    1: resetting to default by going to Settings -> Advanced -> Load Default ?

    2: formatting it by going to Settings -> Advanced -> Format ?

    NOTE: Doing either of these will most likely delete all the files already on the T30

  94. Mr Bhatt

    What a great blog. Better than Mictic river if you own a T30. I am having problems with an H10, out of warranty with the message “System Files Missing”. It took them 2 weeks to reply to my entreaty but Customer Service did what they could. Please advise everyone to buy the maximum warranty for their iRiver products since many of them have longevity issues (

    EDITOR: thanks πŸ™‚

  95. I’m having the same problem as #s 94 & 98–Windows Explorer reads the iRiver T30 as a folder, but when I click on it, it comes up as “fat 16 system.” In my case, my T30 was recognized by my computers (desktop & laptop) for a year, then suddenly about a month ago this started happening & now I can’t move mp3 files from either computer to the T30. Windows Media Player 11 won’t sync files either. I tried loading default & formatting as advised in #98, but neither worked.

    Any other suggestions?

    EDITOR: I have looked extensively on the net for answers, the only other possibility I can find is to do this, BUT IT IS RISKY AND COULD RENDER THE T30 COMPLETELY INOPERABLE SO DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK:

    1. Connect your T30 to the computer

    2. Note down the drive letter eg: G:

    3. go to Start menu, Run…

    4. type cmd then click OK

    5. type format g: /q /FS:FAT /x

  96. Thanks for the try, Mr. Bhatt, but the reformat didn’t work because the T30 doesn’t show up in Windows Explorer as a separate drive with its own letter. It’s there only as “iriver T30,” with its own drop down box (+), which when clicked drops down “FAT 16 system.” But with no drive letter it looks like just another file folder.

    Nonetheless, I used your reformat instructions & tried several letters that followed my last actual drive letter (g, h, i, j, etc.), but each time I got the message “specified drive does not exist.”

    Oh, well.

    EDITOR: that’s very dangerous, please do not try and format random driver letters as you could wipe your hard disk!

  97. It just occurred to me that this problem started about the time I upgraded my Windows Media Player from v.10 to v. 11. It seems that was when I lost the ability to drag & drop files into my iRiver T30 using Windows Explorer. Could there be link?

    EDITOR: I think you’ve found the problem.

    According to iriver the T30 will not work with Windows Media Player 11 unless you’ve upgraded to Firmware Version 1.71

    Unfortunately some people can’t get their T30 to upgrade from Firmware Version 1.710 to Firmware Version 1.71 so if that happens to you you’ll have to rollback to Windows Media Player 10

  98. howdy – just about to make my first iRivers purchase & hve been told that I won’t have any problems using it with my mac computer (after downloading some ripper software)…wondering if there are any other mac users out there that are doing this & is it okay?
    thanks for the interest…

  99. I have rolled back to version 10 of WMP as was suggested in an email I finally received to my query to iriver before Christmas, it didn’t work!

    I can still only sync one song at a time and I have to unplug and plug the iriver back in to do this. I can’t upgrade my firmware either, I’m very annoyed at iriver, they are clearly ignoring this problem.

  100. I use my T30 to listen to books. books work fine, but books downloaded via my public library don’t. The library uses to provide the books after getting the correct public library account. The books download as large WMA files, in “CD quality” of 128KBPS. The books are typically 100-250MB. They must be opened in Windows Media Player to get the Digital Rights Management license to use them for 3 weeks (free), and must be transferred to the T30 by WMP to ensure the license works. My problem is that after listening to several hours of a book, the T30 will suddenly make an electronic click-buzz sound, and the book goes back to the beginning. I have a US version with firmware 1.71, and have checked to ensure the T30 isn’t set to repeat or shuffle. File transfer using Windows Explorer, PowerDesk Pro, or WMP 11 works fine. My unit is set up as a MTP device. Needless to say, it’s annoying to have this happen 8 hours into a 17-hour file. The recovery is to fast forward (Study mode at 3 minutes a pop is faster) and start over. But then it happens again! The same files play find on the computer. one of the earlier posts (Number 27) mentions a similar issue, but I didn’t see any resolution. iRiver’s “suppor” pages are silent, and Netlibrary doesn’t have any device-related help. Thanks for your assistance.

  101. Update: I reached someone at iRiver’s e-store support (but not anyone in technical support, even after 2 hours in the phone system!) who said the issue is likely due to the WMA file for Netlibrary books being so large it overruns the player’s buffer. The buffer is around 100 MB, and the Netlibrary files are usually much larger. When the buffer is full, the player crashes. The iRiver person said that they haven’t heard any complaints about Netlibrary files failing on their video-capable players like the Clix, probably because video takes a much larger buffer. I don’t know how much bufer space is available on a computer, but given the hard drive’s presence it can probably swallow even the biggest audiobook. books are broken into “tracks” and use entirely different formatting from WMA, and I’ve never had a problem with them on the T30. This may explain the Netlibrary problems I’ve read about in other postings about other players, not just iRiver. Netlibrary’s claim that any “Plays for Sure” player will work appears premature.

    EDITOR: thanks for the update Earl. hopefully it helps others in your situation.

  102. Hey there, we just bought an iriver t10 2gb to use with Napster to go. when we plug it in via the usb, the PC and laptop wont recognize it as an mp3 player, and thus, we can’t use it with napster to go. we have updated everything on the microsoft side and the firmware. are we missing something? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  103. iRiver America just disconnected their toll-free help phone number. Now you call 360-567-3599. Given that earlier this week I spent 2 hours on hold on the toll-free line and never talked to a support person, this is probably a ploy to discourage phone contact. Their “knowledge base” is not helpful either, only providing FAQ-level responses. Grrrr!

    EDITOR: I have to agree with you. When it works for 99% of people it’s a great product, but if it fails than iriver’s tech support is lacking. However at least they do release firmware upgrades which fix most problems. Some companies have bad support and don’t do firmware upgrades either!

  104. Hi, I think I have a solution to the FAT16 error screen that appears when you access the hard drive of the T30 through windows explorer. Until, i saw this site, i too experienced the problem, where in January 2007, my T30 which i had for 1.5 years suddenly reverted to the FAT16 mode when I tried to drag and drop files.It would no longer access the T30 files, just the FAT16 picture would appear, which when double-clicked, would go to the torchlight picture and no action after that.

    Well, this site gave a few clues as a few people had same problem. i think it all changed when i loaded up windows media player 11 in January. Yes, the T30 only runs on windows media player 10, and so with the new windows media 11, the FAT16 appeared. I also tried to roll back to windows media player 10, and when I did, the FAT16 still appeared.I guess once you install media 11, a residual file must remain.

    Also, looked on the iriver website for firmware downloads. The original version i had on my T30 was version 1.04 (as got it 1.5 years ago). I read the version 1.71 firmware makes your t30 compatible with the new windows media player 11. So, downloaded this version 1.71 from (SUPPORT for t30).So, I went from version 1.04 immediately to version 1.71 (avoided version 1.70) and voila, once upgraded, and reconnected my T30, the FAT16 no longer was there, but a new FOLDER called T30 Files, which double clicked-had the recognisable RECORD and VOICE folders, plus a new AUDIBLE folder. I drag and dropped like normal and filled up my 1gb MP3 player. So, relieved!Thanks to this website, got the clues so I am passing on the knowledge as the Iriver T30 is the best 1gb MP3 player out there, and we all will cry (like I did momentarily)if we can no longer play music from it. best of luck all!

    A small note to add, I also, “LOAD DEFAULT” and “FORMATTED” (go to ADVANCED FEATURESS)the iriver t30 before i did the above, as cleared all files before I loaded up version 1.71.But, this didnt entirley solve the FAT16 problem (it still appeared)until i loaded up version 1.71 and then the t30 resurrected itself from the dead!

    Last note, i think its crucial to upload the version 1.71, if you cant and you have already installed windows media player 11 (and tried rolling back to 10)-i doubt the T30 will respond. So, install version 1.71-i think thats the key to solving FAT16.

    EDITOR: many thanks for passing on this information Brad, it should help a few people resurrect their T30’s

  105. Hi, i purchased a T30 1GB because of its embedded microphone. i need to record 10+ hours of voice sessions but after 8 hours it stops recording and shuts down (on account of the power off timer which cannot be turned off), battery half full recorded file ~220 MB no voice detection.
    appreciate any help.

    ted, GR.

    EDITOR: Did you press any of the buttons throughout the 8 hours eg: Pressing “M” to view the menu? That may help delay the 8 hour power off

  106. Hi this is the same guy from comment 91. Sorry it’s taken me so long.

    Well I’ll be a little more detailed this time, here goes… firmware v1.54P btw

    I have a 512mb t30 and it has always worked fine but started to have this problem a few months ago. When I plug it in my usb recognizes that something called an “iriver t30” has been plugged in and then it comes up with the new hardware wizard. I tried and it can’t find a driver for it and it shows up as a yellow “?” in the device manager. It does not allow me to drag and drop songs as it does not appear at all in windows explorer and when I go into Sync in my WMP 10 it also doesn’t show up there either.

    My best guess is that around the same time many things stopped working for me was when I had to reinstall windows due to some problems. Although it didn’t delete anything as far as I know (all my files and songs are still on my computer) it did uninstall everything and I’m wondering if that could be it.

    I’d love to have this working by the break because I’m going on a really long drive.

    If anyone has any advice or questions about what I wrote I’d love to hear it.

    thanks a million,

  107. My T30 won’t update to the 1.71 update, everytime I go to the system info on the t30 it always says version 1.03… am I missing something? I really want to get my iriver working with WMP11, thanks in advance for the help

    EDITOR: David mine wont upgrade from 1.70 to 1.71 either

    Perhaps you could try upgrading from 1.03 to a middle aged version eg: 1.50, then try and go to 1.71 from that

  108. Ok so I was able to upgrade to v. 1.53 but still unable to go to 1.71 ….. If this keeps up and I have to get a new music player I feel pretty safe saying that it won’t be an iriver… anyway as to how to get the 1.71 update to work, any advice?

  109. Ok so I figured it out… I am now at the 1.71 upgrade. I bought my player in Canada and when I upgraded to 1.53 I used the (us) version of the upgrade so when I was clicking in my upgrade for 1.71 I was choosing US as country of purchase. As I was turning it off on time i noticed that there was an EU at the end of the line, so I tried updating again, this time choosing Europe as my country of purchase…. IT WORKED and I have no problems putting music on my player using WMP11 now, none of the plug in/ unplug, one song at a time BS …. I checked my wife’s player (her’s 512, mine’s 1 GB btw) and her’s says US, I haven’t tried updating hers but I’ll let you know what happens.

  110. So I know hers said US but after the 1.53 (us) upgrade it said EU, so I used the 1.71 Europe upgrade and boom hers is 1.71 now also… if yours won’t go from 1.70 to 1.71 it may have switched to a EU player… sounds strange I know but stranger things have happened… When you turn off you iriver look for the US or EU it might give you a clue as to what to do.

    EDITOR: glad to know you got it working πŸ™‚

  111. regarding if it’s is possible to transfer music to and from the the iriver T30 using Win98SE and WinME using Windows Media Player 9, do a search on google and you’ll find a site called misticriver which has step by step instructions on how to do this, I am running Win98SE and I use Windows Media Player 9, so I know it works πŸ™‚

  112. Hi, its ted from #109 again, no buttons where pressed throughout the whole session, the bugger is that i own a transcend with the same specs -t.sonic 520- running on AAA and it simply shuts down having drained the battery,is it too hard to expect the same from my t30?
    I’m frustrated.

    Shame iriver has no cover on that problem, “Alice” on their site hasn’t answered to my mail yet…:o(

  113. I am in America, I updated my T30 to the latest 1.71 firmware because like a lot of you on this board I upgraded to WMP 11 (the device worked fine after the upgrade) and had the Fat problem and could not sync properly. However I have a encountered something different as well. The player now does not play ogg files. I have tried calling customer service but could not get through. I have searched the web and have found old firmware.

    Is there a way I could delete the new firmware and install the old firmware I have? I have tried dragging the hex file into the data file folder as instructed but the old firm aware still stays. I reformatted but then my pc not recognize the device. I am very disappointed with this. I bought this device particularly for this feature.I have a lot of music in the ogg format and now I cannot use it on this device. I have rolled my WMP back to 10 with hopes that it might help but it didn’t.

    EDITOR: Sorry I know of no way to “downgrade” the T30’s firmware, hopefully someone else who frequents this page does

  114. Hi everybody. This is the same guy from 91 and 110. I have a different question this time (although an answer for the others wouldn’t be all that bad πŸ˜‰ ) regarding what firmware I should download. There seem to be a million of the 1.71 english version, and I was wondering how I know which one I should download. Is there something specific we should look at on our T30’s? Mine is a; 512mb, Titan Silver with Firmware V 1.54P and that’s about all I know. If you need any more information in order to deduct an answer I would be happy to oblige.

    Thanks in advance,

  115. Well, I just realized that in order to update my firmware, my computer has to actually realize it has an mp3 plugged in. GRRRRRRRRR.

    As it stands, my original problem(s) is still the one I need help with. If anyone has any idea how to help, please for the love of all that’s holy give me an email at I’m the guy from 91 and 110 just fyi.

    EDITOR: have you tried connecting it to a friends computer to see if the problem is your computer or your T30?

  116. Hi, great site.

    I bought a T30 2Gb plugged it into my computer after installing iriver2 and happily started transferring music to it. After 243 meg worth it won’t transfer no more. I returned to the shop and brought home a replacement, this one stopped at about 240 meg too. Paying for 2 Gb and getting 240 Mb is a pisser. Anyone else have this problem? Any ideas for a fix.


    EDITOR: tried formatting it?

    Also what FREE/IN USE storage capacity does Windows Explorer say the T30 has?

  117. Hi guys

    Here is an answer to the problem described above (#120)
    I am running a PC with Windows 2000 which I think is relevant. Don’t use iriver2, do use Windows Explorer to transfer music files. The trick is to create folders within the “playlist” folder. At least one, but I have transferred entire albums and used a folder for each album. It seems that for my computer and t30 there is a limit to the files you can put in the area above the folders.

    By the way formatting the t30 made no difference and the free/in use description described the 240 mb/ 1.76Gb as you would expect.

    I hope this makes sense and thanks for the clear and useful site.


    EDITOR: that does make sense Trevor

    I forgot that storage devices often have a limit to the number of files which can be stored in the “root” directory (ie: not in a folder)

  118. I have no friends πŸ™

    Sounds like a good idea, I’ll have to try that.

    Thank you,

    EDITOR: The previous suggestion to store the music files in a folder is a good one so try that first

    Otherwise perhaps you could test it out at an internet cafe/local library computer?

  119. Great site! Some microphones, almost all condenser or electret types, need a bias voltage to work up to their potential. Without this voltage they put out a very weak signal and tend to overload and distort at medium to high volumes. The recording quality difference is like night and day. Other microphones like some dynamic microphones do not need a bias voltage but the microphones that do need it are much more common.

    This voltage can be supplied by a preamp, a battery pack, plug-in-power or Phantom power. Plug-in-power is about 1 to 9 volts which is supplied through the same pin contact that the audio signal goes through. This is what the iRiver 700 and 800 series have.

    The T30 does not supply plug-in-power. To get good results with an external microphone with the T30 you need to use a microphone that does not need the bias voltage or you need to supply the voltage from a battery pack or a preamp.

    One note here – even if you use an iRiver 700/800 you will get better results by supplying the voltage externally from the iRiver 700/800. It can only provide 1.5 volts which is pretty low for many microphones and the iRiver itself doesn’t have a lot of power to spare.

    Phantom power is different from plug-in-power. It is typically used in more professional microphones and traditionally runs around 48 volts although there are 24 volt and even 12 volt versions which are less common.

    It is too bad they stopped supplying plug-in-power in the T30 because it is a great convenience when you want to be very simple and portable.

    EDITOR: great advice πŸ™‚ thanks John

  120. Hi there – recently got a 1G T30 from Ebay, good price, but I mistakenly took it for granted that it would have radio capability like all other iRivers I have dealt with in the past. My question is, is the radio capability hardware based, or is there a way to get radio on my T30?
    Otherwise its great!

    EDITOR: Unfortunately for you radio functionality in the T30 is hardware based πŸ™

  121. I just opened my iriver T30 1GB player. When I plug it into my windows xp computer, it doesn’t recognize the player. When I plug it into my Windows Vista player, it recognizes it, but I click on it and then I have to click on the FAT16 system, and it doesn’t open. After awhile it says “windows explorer is not responding.” Any ideas on this? I found this site because I was searching on how to turn the player from an MTP to a UMS device, which I easily accomplished with my iriver 390t. Any help would be appreciated, as I’ve found iriver support to be pretty dismal. Thanks.

  122. dear mr.bhatt
    is it true that iriver t30 cant play just any mp3 song but only those properly bought songs like that come in a cd or so…?
    and also what is iriver t30 craft 3 remix edition ? is it genuine?
    thank you….

    EDITOR: 1. that’s not true Mike. The iriver can play any MP3, WMA, OGG etc

    2. I’ve never heard of iriver t30 craft 3 remix edition, if you’re buying a new MP3 player than you should look at something like the sandisk sansa e280. The iriver T30 is way out of date and has a small capacity compared to new MP3 players

  123. t3o 2gb will only load .6 gb and says it full? not allowing anything more to be loaded. leaveing 1.3 gb of nothing.

    EDITOR: sounds like it needs to be returned if you still have a warranty for it

  124. I have the T30 but have never been able to add or take off files. I can’t get xp to install it. .. Just says there is a problem.. Where are the drivers? Not sure … Please help… I have recorded stuff but cant get it off onto computer!!

    thanks a million

  125. Can anyone help me please

    I think I just fried my iriver ifp-890 by trying to upgrade the firmware, right now all it does is boot and display the message NO FILE. I can’t select the UPGRADE FIRMWARE option in the music manager software on the pc BUT I can put files on the 890. How do I get the 890 to load it’s original program so I can play mp3’s again, I really like this unit and don’t want to just use it as a memory stick
    thanks in advance

  126. recently got new vista machine to replace my dead xp laptop. Big mistake (I should have no better).
    Just tried hooking up my t30 – got fat16 problem. Couldn’t figure out how to upgrade firmware (couldn’t drag anything to iriver). Finally, stumbled on to get Iriver Firmware Updater V2.6.0.0 (version 2.4 didn’t recognize the player on my computer).
    Well – it froze up 50% of the way through. I had to kill the operation in task manager. Tried again – nothing. Killed operation again. Uplugged T30 from computer and it started firmware update. Formatted the thing – and I lost a recording that I really needed to hear. But now it works – 2:15 later.
    Thanks Microsoft – and for that matter thanks Iriver.

  127. Hi all;
    I have got T30 (1GB), living in TΓΌrkiye (Turkey) Normaly my device don’t have radio option. Is there any way to install/upgrade this function to my device?

    EDITOR: No there is no way to add radio functionality

  128. hello my name is sarah.
    about 1 year ago i bought an iriver T30. It is green.
    it worked perfectly for about a year. perfect condidtion.
    then suddenly when i changed the battery and turned it on. It turned on
    but then turned straight back off again. It turned on, then off, then on, then off. etc…
    it did that until the battery ran out.
    what is wrong with it???
    please help!!!

    EDITOR: sorry it sounds wrecked to me

  129. hi
    i lost the cd . when i’m plug my T30 , my pc said “USB Device Not Recongnize” . i already dowloaded the driver from but it still doesn’t work
    can anyone help me ? or what should i do?

  130. I have Windows Media Player 10 and an Iriver. My brother has an Ipod so the cd doesn’t work, but whenever I try to put the name of the song onto my Iriver it comes up as TRACK ONE, or, VOICE RECORD 000.608. And I cannot edit it on my computer. How do I fix it?

  131. Please help my Iriver T30 displays “file check error” after reformatting & adding music. What should i do. I lost my installer cd. I dont know where my proof of purchase is. Please Help. Thanks.

  132. My Iriver E100 seems to work fine transfering mp3’s but wont play wma files – they seem to be transfering accross fine but dont play with the message ‘may be disabled’ I don’t get it. Can anyone help?

  133. Hi Andy,
    I have recently had mine pack up and have not been able to find a new replacement after some extensive searching. I did however end up going for a second hand unit off ebay. I use mine extensively for making photography voice notes whilst travelling and have not been happy with other units that friends have recommended.

    Now very glad I got my trusty T30 again. ‘Old’ technology but I love it.

    Good luck with the hunt.

  134. I have a T30 running 1.04 that I had previously been unable to update. Following the suggestions in #95, #108, and #132, I FINALLY have updated to v1.71 and no longer have the FAT16 problem. Although my T30 was bought in the US, I followed the Europe links to download the Firmware Updater and while performing the updater. The first time through, the updater stalled at 50% and I had to use task manager to shut it down. On the second try, it stalled at 0%. So I disconnected the T30, and just like #132 reported, the T30 installed the firmware and it is now updated to 1.71. Thanks so much for all the great suggestions on this forum.

  135. I am writing to confirm that the link given by PAINED #141 (and contributors #95, #108, #132) had helped me in resolving this problem.

    However the update would only worked when used on Windows XP, first attempt on Vista did not yield any success.

    Thank you guys!

  136. I have a T20 is has a line in but my mc does not work properly. is there a way to turn th e line in to a mic in

  137. hi there,
    i have a problem with my t30, recently i have format it through computer and erased all data on it, now i can not get it working, can’t transfer any music files on it.
    any suggestion on how to solve this problem.


  138. I have been trying to update my 512mb to 1.71 to no avail. The current system reports as 1.03P

    Unfortunately the site in the OP has gone, (is still cached – see below). I did find the firmware on this site

    Created the new data folder on the t30, copied files across but nothing happens. I even tried removing the current T30_PURE.SYS but it keeps getting recreated.

    I will try again later as the backlight does not work and I am just hoping it’s a system issue.

    cached site – for now

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