Hungry Beast – Youth Oriented Investigative Journalism (ABC TV Review)

Hungry Beast

Hungry Beast is back on ABC1 TV 23rd March at 930pm. But what is Hungry Beast? That’s much harder to pin down. In the title I called it “Youth Oriented Investigative Journalism” which kind of fits. However other accurate descriptions include: may contain nuts (actually scratch that, it will contain nuts), deadly serious reporting on important issues, great infographics and according to the AFI “light entertainment”.

Hungry Beast is a show that will offend some people because it is experimental, takes risks and pushes the boundaries of good taste in a world of Australian TV shows which are largely bland and inoffensive. You will really like some program segments and dislike others.

Hungry Beast Season 3

Hungry Beast launched in 2009 after ABC1 and Zapruder’s other films recruited young people from around Australia to create a TV program that looked at topical issues with a fresh perspective. The brief: to break out of the standard news cycle and tell us something we don’t know.

In 2010, the second series reached new heights. Nominated for a rare double – an AFI and a Walkley – its stories were seen on screen and online by millions of people around the globe. It was the second most watched program on the ABC for 18-39s.

“In 2009 and 2010, Hungry Beast showed that journalism can evolve in new and exciting directions. Newcomers 18 months ago, the Hungry Beast team are now making names for themselves in the industry. Watch out in 2011” says Executive Producer, Andrew Denton.

ABC TV’s Head of Arts and Entertainment, Amanda Duthie, says the series will build on its unique approach to current affairs. “Hungry Beast is a show that takes risks – in the stories they chose and the manner in which they tell them. By bringing together the serious, the unusual and the light-hearted, it will continue to resonate with audiences, in particular the under-40s.”

Highlights From Previous Seasons of ABC TV’s Hungry Beast

Hungry Beast Season 3 Overview

The team from Hungry Beast is back. Once again, the show will challenge audiences with a mix of the unexpected and the unconventional – this year sharpening its focus with episodes themed around specific issues facing the world today.

Over 12 weeks, Hungry Beast viewers will see investigative journalism, deeply moving explorations of what it is to be human, stories from way out of left-field and graphic delights you won’t find anywhere else on TV.

Episode One explores Captivity – from life in prison and people trapped in their own bodies, to weird effects of captivity on animals and an entire nation held captive by one man. Upcoming themes include Secrets, Waste, Faking It and Download.

Monique Schafter, Marc Fennell, Dan Ilic, Kirsten Drysdale and Nick Hayden will front the show this season, while regular segments including Kirk Docker’s close up Voxpops, Follow The Money and The Beast File will return.

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