How to Design a Professional Coffee Table Style Photo Book

The most daunting aspect of creating my self published coffee table style photo book “Taking The Road Less Travelled” using Blurb wasn’t selecting the photos (though that took aaagggees!) but deciding the way photos were ordered, how they were displayed on the page, font size and what the front and back covers look like.

Luckily I had a copy of Blurb’s book How to Make a Gorgeous Photo Book to advise me and I think the printed end result looks great.

How to Design a Professional Coffee Table Style Photo Book

How to Make a Gorgeous Photo Book walks you through choosing “the right kind of photography”, “editing and sequencing”, “layout, typography and final touches”, “exploring your creativity” and tips for using the Blurb Booksmart software on your Windows computer or Mac.

Designing the book on my PC using Booksmart was much faster and easier than some other photo book services like Snapfish which make you design the book in your web browser.

The tips also made sure my printed book looked much better than if I’d designed it without any help, thanks to advice like avoid putting important image content along the inside edges, gutter or seam of the book because the edges get trimmed during printing and the seam in the middle isn’t completely visible when a book is opened.

PS it’s a little known fact that the National Library of Australia wants to keep a copy of every book created by an Australian or about Australia. Find out how your Blurb book can be included in the National Library.

3 Replies to “How to Design a Professional Coffee Table Style Photo Book”

  1. thanks for the tips, i used the iphoto on mag and was struggling looking for similar type of software for the windows, now i found it.

  2. wow, that’s cute! I’ll try it myself and make a photobook of my family for this coming christmas get together. thanks a bunch!

  3. I have an ezine that cover the food truck industry.

    My wife and I think there is room in the coffee table book industry for a book that shows off the cool food truck art that is navigating the country. Thanks for the article.

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