How One Person Can Make a Difference

I was the Greens candidate for Werriwa (2007 federal election) and Menai (NSW state election) in 2007 and many people asked me why I bothered being a candidate if I knew it would take up so much time which loses me business income and I wasn’t going to “win”:

federal election 2007 werriwa results.jpg

ABC TV screenshot of in progress vote count for Menai electorate - NSW state election 2007

There are several answers to that question which explain my motives:

  • To make a difference – to quote Albert Einstein “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing”.

    Many people think that they’re only one person and can’t make a difference to large organisations like governments. I think you can change the system from the inside like Gandhi who said “We must be the change we wish to see

    Instead of complaining about Liberal/National party policies to like minded friends, by running as a candidate I could help collectively bring them down Federally and stop them from winning government in NSW.

  • I’m dogged and tenacious – I work hard to achieve my objectives regardless of how hard they are.
  • Strategy – By running a national campaign in all lower house seats, and every state and territory for the Senate the Greens could be seen as a serious 3rd force in Australian politics which can help to keep whichever party is in power accountable
  • Spread awareness about Greens policies – in an area of Sydney that is not a stronghold of supporters for us.
  • I’m public spirited – I do as much volunteer work and work “at cost” as I can for non-profit institutions because I enjoy helping others

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4 responses to “How One Person Can Make a Difference”

  1. Hi Neerav,

    It’s a great attitude and some good comments. Well done 🙂

    cheers, Christine

    EDITOR: thanks 🙂

  2. That’s really true. I’m glad you ran (even if you don’t know me), even if just to prove something to yourself. The first step is believing in yourself, and what you believe in.

  3. All necessary qualities for an election candidate. My best wishes in the next election!!

  4. Powerful start. I really like the combined use of Ghandi and Einsteins quotes. I’m also fighting my own battle for things I believe strongly in. Great spirit I look forward to reading more here.

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