Students Buy Cheap Microsoft Office for $75 Dollars

cheap microsoft office

I bought Microsoft Office for the crazy discount price of $8 Dollars because I do some casual work for University of Technology (UTS) Sydney and the UTS IT Purchasing department has special educational pricing on major software titles for staff 🙂

You won’t be able to do that but if you’re an Australian university or TAFE student you can buy Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate edition for $75 Dollars from the special Microsoft promotional site

The downloadable Office Ultimate 2007 includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher, OneNote, Groove, and InfoPath! Although you probably won’t use half them, I still strongly recommend taking this offer.

Full conditions are available at the Microsoft Australia website

Interestingly the same offer was run in 2007 and only 15,000 people found out about it and bought the software. That’s a shame because $75 for a permanent licence to the best edition of Office 2007 is a real bargain. Otherwise even an OEM cut down boxed student version costs upwards of $150, if not much more.

15 thoughts on “Students Buy Cheap Microsoft Office for $75 Dollars”

  1. Microsoft office 2007 is much better than its last edition. I am using it from last 3 months and it’s so comfortable to use

    EDITOR: on that point we’ll have to disagree. I hate the new ribbon menus in Office 2007 and the default DOCX format which can’t be opened by older versions of Microsoft Word

  2. I live in Australia myself, Brisbane to be exact. And I am planning on undertaking a Computer Sciences course and this might come in handy. I wouldn’t mind a cheap copy of Microsoft office, even though I already have a downloaded copy. There’s just something so satisfying owning your own copy of legit software, wouldn’t you agree?

    EDITOR: I agree, it’s why I bought my legitimate copy of Microsoft Office and Windows – besides at $8 each they were ridiculously cheap

  3. PS I forgot to mention that to qualify you need to have a working email account with your TAFE/Uni

  4. Also, if student’s purchasing the software have their own blog they can enter the golden blog competition. All you have to do is basically promote the offer and enter a few key words, which I have done on my blog with this post However some people have been really creative in their post eg writing a poem etc… So it is worth giving it a go.

    EDITOR: thanks Danny, I forgot about that comp. Good luck.

  5. Isn’t open office better? And it’s…open source!

    EDITOR: I’ve tried Open Office and while it’s OK It’s not the same as MS Office.

    Anyway most university lecturers in Australia distribute notes in MS Word or Powerpoint formats and the most commonly used referencing tool Endnote automatically integrates into MS Word etc so it’s easy to use

  6. You do need a valid email address, but $75 for Office Ultimate isn’t a bad deal especially when you consider the price of the boxed student version (which isn’t as good as the ultimate edition!). Gotta love it (and yes, it’s!)

  7. I just can’t get used to the new menus in 2007. For now I’m recommending to most of my clients to use free versions like Open Office, and increasingly have been happy with Google Docs.


  8. Hi.. with this offer, we download the software or they send the cd to your home? thx

    EDITOR: they post the software to you after you pay for it

  9. Thanks. I tried to go to the website, but when am trying to make the payment, the website re-directed to non ‘microsoft’ webpage. Just want to double check that this is not a scam or something else. If you could advise, much appreciated.

  10. One question is whether or not its OEM? The reason I ask is that I’ll be upgrading my home system very shortly and I wanted to install to my current and then migrate it to my new computer once I get it while also using it on my laptop.

    EDITOR: you can migrate it to your other computer + use it on your laptop

  11. I am about to purchase Office Student as it is normally the cheapest version.I have Open Office but the college I attend uses Word for workbooks and submissions on line.So when I tried to enable the macro in Open Office it could not work with the college’s.So here I am thinking I will be fine with Open Office but no I still have to buy Microsoft.Bummer …. So yes u are very right about your response to jix2mail..

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