Hot Fuzz (Movie Review)

Hot Fuzz is not a comedy with depth, but it still manages to be really funny with great performances by the cop buddies Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg), Danny Butterman (Nick Frost) and former James Bond actor Timothy Dalton playing a greasy supermarket owner with appearances by well known British actors Edward Woodward, Bill Nighy, Martin Freeman, Steve Coogan and Bill Bailey.


A freeze frame from the movie Hot Fuzz

The main character in Hot Fuzz, Nicholas Angel, a sergeant in the London Met (Metropolitan Police Service) is played by Simon Pegg.

Fans of British TV will recognise him from starring roles in “Spaced” and “Big Train”, guest appearances in episodes of Black Books and The New Dr Who as well as his previous hit movie “Shaun of the Dead”.

Sergeant Angel is a copper who does everything by the book, winning countless awards and eventually shows up his colleagues and superiors so much that they arrange for him to be “promoted” to a position in the sleepy country town of Sanford

Angel is frustrated by the Chief Inspector’s approach of turning a blind eye to offences like under age drinking and speeding just to keep official crime statistics low and is trying to instigate his partner Danny into following all the rules and regulations when they uncover a series of gruesome “accidents”.

5 Replies to “Hot Fuzz (Movie Review)”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and said as much in my own Hot Fuzz review.

    It’s a great comedy without being slapstick. The action is, well, action packed. And the whole thing fits together perfectly. Definitely worth a watch.

    EDITOR: thats a nice review Samir

  2. One of my favourites from last year… while it seems silly on the surface, I found there to be layers of clever tributes and enjoyable avoidance of cliche.

    but maybe I’m just a fan of the Pegg/Wright movies…! My review of Hot Fuzz

    EDITOR: If you’re a fan of Simon Pegg make sure you watch the TV series Spaced

  3. I thought this movie was good. It’s funny, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as some of my friends. I do like Simon Pegg’s performances, and can’t wait to see his new movie about the guy who’s in the marathon.

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