“Hey Google”, Brett Lee “OK Google” Ad Triggers Speakers Which Is Annoying

I like my Google Home compatible smart speakers but I hate it when they get triggered by ads like the current Brett Lee one where he says “OK Google” several times.

Has this happened to you and are you also really annoyed by it?

This particular ad is made by Google promoting it’s own Google Home Hub screen product!

Surely Google knows by now that if any actor on a TV or radio says “Hey Google or OK Google”, it triggers all the nearby speakers in viewer/listener homes.

My suggestion is that Google should stop using these trigger words verbally in advertising.

How about showing the words on screen instead?

Or since all Google Speakers are connected to the internet, feed in recordings of your adverts to the cloud based Google Assistant voice recognition system and pre-teach all compatible speakers to ignore hearing the ads.

What do you think?


One response to ““Hey Google”, Brett Lee “OK Google” Ad Triggers Speakers Which Is Annoying”

  1. This is so invasive and annoying. I can’t believe that an ad about Google products, sponsored by Google, does not respect what using the ‘trigger words’ will do…even people posting YouTube videos mute these words.

    I have attempted to contact Google and advise them of this. What it does illustrate is that:

    1) Google needs users to be able to change the trigger words, for privacy/security.

    2). It highlights a security glitch. Who has an answering machine on their phone? What is to stop someone ringing someone’s home phone, when someone is not home, and using the answering machine speaker to say, ‘Hey, Google, open the garage,’ or ‘Ok, Google, open my door…’. I am sure that there are some people who have not thought of this, and have led their home open to ‘Ok, Google’ hacking!

    Shame, Google!!! Get up to speed and show respect to your customers!

    EDITOR: wow I hadn’t thought about the answering machine speaker security issue re speaking out Google Home or Amazon Alexa commands. Thanks for pointing it out Bailey

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