Get Cheap NSW CTP Greenslip Quotes

Prices for a NSW Compulsary Third Party (CTP) Green slip can vary dramatically between the 7 insurers who provide cover (AAMI, Allianz, CIC Allianz, GIO, NRMA, QBE, Zurich)


Pricing for CTP insurance is provided by a number of licensed insurance companies who set premium prices in a competitive market.

Note our sponsor Value Green Slips is the highest volume online CTP Greenslip agent in Australia for Zurich, Allianz, CIC and QBE.

Many readers have asked me about the option of registering private vehicles for 6 months or commercial vehicles for 3 months. Value Greenslips may be able to assist you in that area, RTA Eligibility rules apply.

They may take into account factors such as:

  • your accident record
  • the age of all regular drivers that drive your vehicle
  • the age of your vehicle
  • the type of vehicle
  • comprehensive or third party property insurance
  • the purpose for which your vehicle is used (private or business)
  • renewal or new green slip

The criteria used by an insurer reflect its views on the risk associated with those factors.

The Motor Accident Authority (MAA) provides a free Green Slip price comparison service on it’s website which will quote you the price from all 7 insurers in less than 5 minutes and saved me $200 compared to the 2nd cheapest green slip 🙂

To use the MAA free Greenslip price comparison service you’ll have to be able to answer 20-odd questions like:

  • What date will the CTP Policy (greenslip) commence?
  • What type of vehicle is the greenslip for?
  • Where is the vehicle normally garaged? (postcodes are used to determine how risky a customer you are based on claims by other people in you area)
  • What is the age and gender of the youngest driver of the vehicle? (Cars with younger drivers below 25 years of age tend to be more likely to get damaged and therefore insurance will cost more)

In Queensland, the Motor Accidents Insurance Commission also provides a similar CTP Premium Calculator

56 thoughts on “Get Cheap NSW CTP Greenslip Quotes”

  1. thankyou for the seven quotes from the MAA save lots of time thanks again love your work

  2. How do I get a CTP quote for my car due on the 17th of sep 2005?

    EDITOR: By using the Motor Accident Authority’s free Green Slip price comparison service linked to in the article above

  3. how do I get a quote for a car due in 2006?

    EDITOR: Obviously the MAA needs to add a “2006” option to the question “1. What date will the CTP Policy (green slip) commence? “. I’ve passed your question onto the MAA so they can fix the form

  4. Make sure you get quotes for your comprehensive insurance as well, in my case AAMI was about 50% cheaper than the rest of the insurers!

  5. Why did AAMI quote me $290 and then when I went through another page the quote was considerably higher.

    EDITOR: no idea, why not call them on 13 22 44 and ask them directly?

  6. Is it possible to get greenslip for 6 months?

    EDITOR: I doubt it, but it doesnt cost anything to ask one of the greenslip insurers so you should do that

  7. My ammi quote was too good to be true, so i phoned them then i got pumped by them hard!!! a few hunred extra

  8. There is another, lesser known Green Slip CTP insurer: Budget Greenslips

    Give them a try, I saved almost $100 on my Greenslip.

  9. FYI NRMA has a new bonus feature on their greenslips:

    Only the NRMA CTP Greenslip* provides you with benefits for certain serious injuries if you have a car accident that’s your fault. You can receive up to $250,000 of cover on specified injuries. Other Greenslips are designed to cover everyone but you, the driver. It’s a benefit not even your comprehensive car insurance has.

    * = Terms and conditions apply

  10. Would love to have comparsion on Trucks as well

    EDITOR: I asked the RTA and their response was:

    At this point, we do not offer that particular service. It’s my understanding that the vehicle classifications available on the website cover more than 95% of all greenslips, and a decision was made to limit the calculator to this as introducing every conceivable variation would make the system unwieldy, and would require an inordinate number of constant updates.

  11. Can I please get the cheapest quote for a green slip for a 20 year old female. My car is a Hyundai Exell 98. thank you

    EDITOR: Please take the time to read carefully. I am not an insurance company … if you’d like a quote use the free Motor Accidents Insurance Commission quote website linked above

  12. I’ve just read a press release by “Budget Direct insurance” where they claim:

    “Over 90% of the time, Budget Direct offered the best quoted price for comprehensive car insurance for average Australian, good drivers.”* Cannex 2006*

    However the statistics may have been skewed because the survey excluded drivers under 25 and over 65 years old.

    *for more details contact Cannex

  13. Thank you for the seven greenslip quotes, it has saved me lots of time and money. Now i know where i can find the cheapest greenslip insurance. What great help!! Most appreciated.

  14. FYI:

    From 1 October 2006, the greenslip scheme includes a special children’s benefit called the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme (LTCS). This means that all children injured in car accidents in NSW receive the necessary treatment, rehabilitation and care to assist in their recovery, regardless of who was at fault.

    CTP greenslips increase slightly from 1 October 2006, to cover the cost of this special children’s benefit. Greenslips show a separate levy which covers the cost of all ambulance and hospital costs for all motor vehicle accidents (previously included in the premium), and for treatment, care and support for children with very serious injuries who need life time assistance.

  15. I notice a comment from Scott in April this year.
    I checked out the Budget Greenslip site. I think it is deceptive, as are Scott’s comments. Budget Greenslips are not a greenslip insurer as you are led to believe, they are just an agent for one of the insurers.

    EDITOR: Hmm, you are right in a way. “Budget Greenslips” is simply a greenslip reseller, but Scott could have been referring to Budget Direct which is a legitimate greenslip insurer owned by the Auto & General Insurance Company, part of the international insurance Budget Insurance group

  16. Dear Editor,
    Scott would not have been referring to Budget Direct.
    Neither Budget Direct or Auto & General Insurance Company offer greenslip product.

    EDITOR: I’ve just checked and you are quite correct. Budget Direct offers Comprehensive car insurance not Greenslip

  17. how much is greenslip?

    EDITOR: Sorry lady, I’m not a mind reader so I have no idea what car you have or how much your green slip would cost 🙂

    You have to put all your car, owner, and driver details into the MAA system and it will give you CTP quotes.

  18. Studied your site to try & find the place where I could get a NSW greenslip quote. Gave up after 10 minutes of looking. If your site does provide a spot for finding out getting a NSW greenslip, may I suggest that you make it easier for people to find it.
    Not impressed,

    EDITOR: There is a clearly marked link on the page to free Green Slip price comparison.

  19. Love the time saving and the money saved ($180). This site is added to my favourites….done! Bhatt’s a very good job, well done 🙂

    EDITOR: thanks 🙂

    Glad you liked the article, there are plenty more in the archives and new ones published every 7-8 days so make sure you subscribe to the weekly email update (towards the top right corner of this page)

  20. If you live in Victoria a Transport Accident charge is included in your annual registration renewal fee on each vehicle you own. These charges are used to pay for treatment and support services for people injured in transport accidents.

    The TAC is strictly ‘people’ insurance, it does not cover any property damage.

  21. Excellent. Consolidated quotes from 7 insurers were great. It saved lot of my time. Though, I found about this link after visiting your page, all the quotes obtained were matching with the “cents value” when compared individually.

  22. CTP insurance covers another party that was injured as a result of your negligence whilst driving a motor vehicle. When taking out CTP insurance one might consider more that just the cost. I was hit by a Brisbane city council (BCC) bus in March 2001 and the CTP insurer was NRMA. The BCC property personal insurers paid me for the damage to my bicycle and personal effects to the tune of $2500 but NRMA tried to take advantage of me from the start by offering me $3000 in settlement which I rejected.

    They later offered me $8000 and later $12000 which I rejected. Whilst they always purported to have my best interest in mind, their only consideration was to pay me as little as possible. As time went by and I did not bend to their ridiculous offers, they did everything in their power to delay the action and make me suffer. They refused to pay for medical expenses causing the provider to threaten me with legal action to recover their fees, etc.

    They engaged lawyers to frustrate and delay my claim. They paid for expert witnesses to falsely report that there was nothing wrong with me. At Compulsory conference they offered me $60,000 which I rejected. They sent me for refresher examinations and one of the ‘doctors’ tried to have me sign a disclaimer that I would not rely upon his diagnosis, which I refused as that would have allowed him to report complete falsehoods.

    My refusal resulted in him refusing to see me (he didn’t want to be sued for providing me with a false report) they later offered me $220,000 which I refused. What NRMA wanted was to transfer their legal liability to the taxpayer by paying me a pittance and placing me in a position whereby I had to continue being supported by Centrelink on a Disability Support Pension. 6 years thereafter, this matter has not been settled and I am on DSP existing on $13,000PA. Show your support by emailing NRMA that their immoral unethical behaviour will not be tolerated and that this may effect whether you consider their products.

    EDITOR: That’s pretty bad for you 🙁 but unfortunately not uncommon business practice. These days, many businesses will offer you the minimum legally required quality/service level rather than the level of quality/service which would be ethical.

  23. Age is a significant factor in Greenslip pricing in NSW – especially if you are under 25. For people below 25 the difference between the highest and lowest prices is only about the cost of lunch at Maccas!

    EDITOR: In my experience that’s not true for shared car

    When I was under 25 and sharing the family car, just to see what happened I ran through different scenarios online. Each year one of the insurers was always much cheaper than the others (not necessarily the same insurer each year) when my details were added to the scenario as a young male driver

  24. I appears that the big insurance agencies take turns at selling cheap Greenslips for certain verhicles, for example, the NRMA might have cheap insurance on Nissan Pulsars one year to get everyone with Pulsars to change their insurance to NRMA, then the following year they will jack up the prices for Pulsars and hope people are too lazy to shop around again, take the easy option and just renew for the new, more expensive cost.

  25. It’s great that the government is taking steps to keep consumers informed. Is such a service available in Victoria (where i live)? I’m currently putting together a free cheap car insurancewebsite to encourage people to learn more about car insurance and it online.

  26. certainly a quick provider of different premiums prices e.g lowest $298 highest $613 and that from the Co have been with for the last year. However in their letter CTP for renewal with them is $430. How the heck do you work that out ?

    EDITOR: I’ve always been puzzled at insurance company pricing. It’s not uncommon to get a different price if you ask different customer service people on their phone hotline or get a quote on their website vs their insurance renewal mail out.

  27. Hey, great site, saved me heaps of time filling in details on online quotes or phoning companies.

  28. got prices on line then rang the two cheapest and rang direct and then got even cheaper thanks for the ease of this website and how quick the quotes comes though

  29. Handy site, however as another comment said, with a brand new driver in the family car, the difference is negligible. At least I know now though.

  30. To Joel. Greenslip prices do not depend on the make and model fo the vehicle (unless it is a large 4wd or performance vehicle). It wouldn’t matter if your car was a nissan pulsar or a toyota camry. There are far too many makes and models of cars for insures to base their pricing on this factor. It only looks at if it is a passenger vehicle, light goods vehicle or motor bike (then cc’s)

    If your greenslip insurance does dramatically increase in 12 months it could be due to other factors eg. the age of the owner, youngest driver, or vehicle changing or perhaps that you have had an at fault accident in the past 12 months. NRMA in particular are notorius for charging you max price if you have made an at fault claim in the past two years.

    EDITOR: thanks for clearing that up Sam.

  31. I am very impressed with the ease of filling in the questions. So glad I found this site. By mistake. Thankyou so much for saving me my hard earn’t dollars.
    Great work, Well done.

  32. why is it i am 24 perfect driving record yet the cheapest green slip is $600 as i still fall in the same area as a red p plater with no points left had moe then 5 at fult accidents and only had licence for 1 month this is a out rage as net yer my green slip will half us good drivers still getting charged more to cover the bad drivers and tis new levy what is that i thoughttats wat the ctc green sip was ment o cover already

  33. The MCIS levy is broken into two parts. The first part covers hospital and ambulance, which was always in the greenslip, but now as a levy you no longer pay GST on this component. The other part of the MCIS levy covers treatment and rehab for all children injured in car accidents whether or not they are at fault and from October 2007 it covers anyone catastrophically injured in car accidents whether or not they are at fault. This component goes straight to the Lifetime Care Authority which looks after treatment and rehab for these people. The NSW scheme has never covered anyone who was at fault in an accident until these changes.

    As for the price of your greenslip..sometimes being young sucks. $600 is the max price for a greenslip so it covers anyone who the insurers feel meet any of the high risk categories. Be it that they are P Platers, bad drivers or just the wrong age. You could be 45, with just one at fault accident and some insurers will charge you max. You could be 55 with no at fault accidents, clean driving record and just no comprehensive insurance or a car more than 10 years old and some insurers will charge you max. It just depends on what risk factors the insurers choose to use. This is why it pays to shop around. Just remember that patience is a virtue and your greenslip will go down.

    EDITOR: thanks for answering that question Sam

  34. Why is it that when I do the comparison on the Motor Accidents Authority the cheapest quote for my car from aami comes up as $315 and when I go to the aami website to do the online quote I get a price of $443, me thinks this is a bit of a rort going on here!!!!

    EDITOR: If you answered all the questions exactly the same on each site (eg: age of drivers, post code, no claim bonus amount etc) you should get the same price

  35. hey guys,
    i did the comparison check and there was one that i have never heard of called ‘Zurich’ and wanted to know if you are familiar and if so is it a good company as the quote on your site was only $321 with them which considerably cheap compared to $610 with every other company.

    EDITOR: Zurich is a huge multi-national insurance company, I’ve had CTP with them before. If they’re the cheapest than go for them

  36. I dont know why this is.. but i am now being quoted $614 for a green slip and all the previous years it has been half this amount!

    thats almost $1000 with the Rego renewel just for a CTP!

    i am 24years old and drive an alfa romeo 147 which is only 5 years old!

    Why is this so expensive?

    i have called, cheap green slips, aami, nrma and zurich and they all quoted in and around $600- $614!

    this is ridiculous- how can i get a cheaper ctp?

  37. Just tried to get a quote for our ISUZU TRUCK but the website will not allow me to enter answers for Q2 a,b, and c.
    Can you please help me
    thanking you
    Jeanette Cartwright

  38. Hi

    I turned 21 this August, my mom helped me buy a 2001 Toyota Camry. When it came due for registration recently, I searched around for CTP Greenslips. The number and types of questions I had to put up with to obtain quotes which were very high in price anyway were silly. Wasting my time and effort over phone and internet I had a swing of qoued prices from $652 to $520.

    The simplest mob with only 5 questions to give me the quote were some samll guys at; the girl there helped me with most relevant information that I needed to know to register my car unlike me providing all the information to all these big advertising giant insurance company’s just to get a CTP Greenslip quote. I saved huge money on my CTP Greenslip and the process was so simple and it was all electronic.


  39. Anyone enlighten me as to why the CTP system is so incredibly expensive compared to Victoria’s system ? If i do a CTP quote comparison for NSW, then go to Vicroads and do a registration enquiry (which includes the TAC charge, its 1/2 the price of the NSW green slip even if i fiddle the questions to be the best driver in the world and give myself a nice new holden family car ?

    Might be time to reg the car back in Vic


  40. Just a heads up:
    QBE showed $389 on your website but their real quote was $414. QBE explained that this is because your site doesn’t take vehicle shape into account (my vehicle shape = PVM, not normal sedan). Otherwise good website thanks.

  41. What gives with the huge difference in quotes off the Internet? My motor died and is not worth repairing. I had 8 months to run on my green slip (Cost $292 in January). I have a suitable unregisterd car. I shopped around the Net, and generaaly prices were $480 – $498. All these web sites had facility to pay by credit Card. I then went to our local Green Slip shop front.
    They offered a Green Slip for $314 from my current Green Slip provider, and assured me they would issue the documentation to enable me to recover a refund for the unexpired part of my old Green Slip.
    Is this a systemic racket? I have no doubt that once the higher amount was paid there would be no recourse.

  42. I have a 1993 Mazda 626. I got my Green slip done today thru NRMA and saved about 148 dollars. I would never have found out but for your website. So thanks a lot.

  43. Thanks for providing information about CTP, it has saved me lots of time and money. AAMI quoted me $690 but i got my ctp greenslip from ValueGreenSlips in $450… great deal.. thanks VGS..

  44. I just got a quote for CTP for $430.
    5 minutes later I put in the same details and got one for $516.
    I wonder if I do it some more will I get a cheaper one?
    Makes you wonder……….

  45. spoke to a real person, went through all the prices on greenslips.
    Found budget greenslips was the deal I could find.
    Call them on 1300 369 022 – only cost me a local call.
    You will be mad not to ring them – give them a call
    great service.

  46. Value greenslips are very very slow i paid two days ago not approved my credit card was charged and greenslip not approved GO SOME WHERE ELSE

  47. value greenslips are agents for several insurance companies I found same price online at insurance company’s website without, the two days to process as value greenslips do a licence check mine took three days and 6 calls to get my greenslip, go direct ,faster same price

  48. screw the MAA calculator , there are rates that cant be published online due to MAA guidelines and only available to brokers for business use.

    I discovered this when I called valuegreenslips on 1300 659 608 and they saved me $308 from the MAA best prices greenslips they were the cheapest online.

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