Geo Visitors – Map Where Visitors to Your Website Come From

More and more people are using Google’s vast and disparate service offerings to create new and interesting tools. One such tool is the recently launched Geo Visitors tool by

Follow their instructions by adding a small snippet of HTML to a handy place on your website or blog and it will display a button like this: World Map

Clicking on the button will display the location of visitors to your site in the last 24 hours as the tool automatically detects where in the world visitors are coming from when they visit your website/blog. By default it shows a world map with little balloons to show the location of each visitor (darker coloured balloons are more recent visits). For example I have zoomed in to the map showing the location of visitors to in the last 24 hours to display my European visitors (below)



4 Replies to “Geo Visitors – Map Where Visitors to Your Website Come From”

  1. Does Geovisitors pick up ALL computers or are some (like from Universities) blocked?

    EDITOR: As a free service it’s not perfect. People using internet connections in large companies or AOL may not get mapped correctly

  2. Hello,
    I have added geo visitors to a website but the map displays only a few visitors, whereas I can see they are much more from my stats.
    Are you sure it works for a website with several “static” pages ? … does it mean that I should put it on each page or what else ?
    Thank you very much for your help if you know how to do

    EDITOR: to work properly the geo visitors code should be included on all pages throughout your website eg: in the footer or sidebar.

  3. I´v put it on my “my space” for a couple of days ago, and I can se that there has been at least 4 people on my page. But i cant see shit on my map…?????

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