Freelance Journalist Work for May 2012

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This is a list of articles, photography and other media work I’ve done as a freelance photographer/journalist during May 2012. I intend to continue writing freelance articles and do more radio interviews in the future. They will be linked to on a regular basis.

Online Reviews & Analysis

Technology Spectator on May 9th 2012. The NBN’s backup potential – Amidst the sound and fury about the billions being poured into the NBN the one big benefit of vastly faster NBN upload speeds has been largely ignored.

Radio Interviews

I spoke for 15 minutes on 14th May 2012 at 8:15pm on ABC Local Radio NSW and Canberra regarding how electronics manufacturers such as Sony, Samsung and Panasonic are losing money on their TV manufacturing divisions, even though the trend is towards replacing them more often and buying bigger and bigger TV’s eg 55″ inch. Selling more TV’s at a loss just means you’ll make…a bigger loss.

ABC Radio guest / visitor pass

Articles for CeBIT/Hannover Fairs

I wrote about a variety of information technology related topics for CeBIT/Hannover Fairs until June 2012. These are some of the more interesting stories I wrote for them during May and one of the stock photos I took for them:

CeBIT Flag - Circular Quay

Guest lecture at UTS

Some time ago, I had a conversation with University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Associate Professor Kenneth Dovey. He was very interested in how I work simultaneously in several fields at once (Journalist, Librarian, Photographer and more).

This led him to invite me to give a guest lecture to his students enrolled in the UTS Master of Business in Information Technology Management (MBITM) course about Careers, the Future of Work, Technology, Entrepreneurship and more. The accompanying slides can be viewed below, press the full screen button to make reading easier:


My favourites from the photos I took during May are:

Supermoon rising over Sydney, Australia

Supermoon rising over Sydney, Australia - 5th May 2012

Wings Over Illawarra 2012 Air Show (Photo Gallery)

Roulettes aerobatic team - Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF)

Roulettes aerobatic team - Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF)

Roulettes aerobatic team - Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF)

Vivid Sydney 2012 (Photo Gallery)

Light Painting - Vivid Sydney 2012

Light Painting - Vivid Sydney 2012

Museum of Contemporary Art - Vivid Sydney 2012

2 Replies to “Freelance Journalist Work for May 2012”

  1. Hey Neerav,
    Nice presentation – wondering what tool/site that is in the slideshow when you get to the part about complaency and managing your time / leveling up your successes (gaming term)?

    It looks like Adwords but that doesn’t make sense with the context of the piece.

    EDITOR: It’s a Google Adsense all-time earnings report

  2. Awesome work Neerav! Eclectic mix of media, technology and communications! Randomly got to this blog whilst googling freelance journalism – just as a sporadic interest! Good to see you doing so well!!!

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