Freelance Journalist Work for July 2010 #7

freelance journalist/press

This is a list of articles / other media work I’ve done as a freelance journalist during July 2010. I intend to continue writing freelance articles and do more radio interviews in the future. They will be linked to on a monthly basis.

Product Launches & Events

PC Authority: First Look-Millennius Apanda A60 Android phone review and photo gallery

Reviews & Analysis

Worked on a lot of articles for the print edition of GEARE magazine. These will be published roughly at the end of August/beginning of September.

ABC Newcastle Radio on 20th July from 240-3pm regarding the Future of TV, Digital Radio and How to measure appliance electricity use to help save money. Audio/Video slideshow of the discussion below.

ABC Newcastle Radio on 29th July from 115-130pm about The Plastiki Expedition arrival in Sydney, how they communicated with media and their families using an Inmarsat satellite phone and how you can reduce the use of, reuse and recycle plastic waste like bottles.

I often have good ideas for articles that don’t fit the audience of my blogs or deserve a bigger audience so I’ve decided to pitch those ideas to various other publications.

These articles will mostly be categorised as Reviews, Product Launches & Events or Public Interest/Consumer protection. Please contact me by email if you have a good idea for an article I could write in 1 of those categories.

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