Freelance Journalist Work for December 2011

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This is a list of articles, photography and other media work I’ve done as a freelance photographer/journalist during December 2011. I intend to continue writing freelance articles and do more radio interviews in the future. They will be linked to on a regular basis.

Interviews, Talks and Events

Hurstville City Council Library, Museum & Gallery asked me to use my experience as a qualified Research Librarian as well as professional Blogger and Journalist to train their outreach staff in effective text/photo/social media blogging.

Online Reviews & Analysis

I regularly write feature articles for GEARE magazine. The editor published my current GEARE issue #68 feature story about the pros/cons and obstables facing high speed rail in Australia on the publisher’s website.

Fast Tracked – all aboard my high-speed train investigation to see what the new proposals for East Coast rail might achieve. – Australia has no “high speed” trains. A train is considered high speed if it is capable of travelling at over 200km/h on upgraded existing train lines, or over 250km/h on new tracks especially designed for high-speed rail. Our fastest are Queensland’s Tilt Trains, which can travel at speeds of up to 160km/h. They run between Brisbane and Cairns, but the services are aimed strictly at tourists, not business travellers. Tourists aside, few people use trains to travel between Australia’s capital cities. They’re simply too slow and expensive for the service offered.

Technology Spectator: Tablets Take To The Skies on 8th December 2011.

Airlines around the world are issuing pilots iPad 2’s for use on the flight deck as an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) to replace weighty carry-on flight bags filled with paper documentation and manuals. I flew on a domestic flight recently with South African budget carrier 1time, the first airline in Africa to deploy Apple’s iPad 2 in the flight deck as an EFB. Instead of carrying a 22.6kg fully loaded flight bag of paper manuals and documentation, 1time pilots synchronise the data on their 601gram iPad2 to the server prior to flights.

ABC Drum Unleashed site: Busting interest rates myths on 14 December 2011. ANZ will soon disprove the myth perpetuated by many parts of the Australian media and backed by disingenuous statements from federal politicians that implies the Federal Government and Reserve Bank of Australia directly control interest rates charged on mortgages and other loans.

Technology Spectator: Photo-finish on 16th December 2011. I explore the ongoing ignorance of copyright laws for photos used by the media. Examples abound of major news organisations around the world being accused of using photos and/or videos taken by citizen journalists without permission or offering payment including: The Daily Mail , The Independent, Agence France Press, The Sydney Morning Herald , The Age and News Limited , BBC, US based TV networks ABC News and CBS News as well as CNET.

Technology Spectator: REVIEW: Motion CL900 SlateMate on 22nd December 2011. 2011 has been a stellar year for iPad sales including some infiltration of the Microsoft Windows dominated enterprise environment. However, the iPad isn’t designed to be rugged, doesn’t have an inbuilt method of acquiring data from swipe cards or bar codes and needs a VPN app paired with network connectivity to be able to use Windows applications. Enter the Motion CL900 SlateMate , a 10.1 widescreen Windows 7 tablet that’s purpose built for business users such as medical staff, field force utilities crews, service technicians and sales people.

Be Ready: Traders Hotels
In-ear vs Full Size Noise Cancelling Headphones on 23 Dec 2011, Top 5 Free Android Travel Apps January on 25 Dec 2011, How to: Tether your laptop to your Android Phone on 31 Dec 2011.


On December 11th I stayed awake to watch and photograph the Lunar eclipse after midnight.

Lunar Eclipse 10/11 December 2011 - Viewed from Sydney Australia just after Totality

My favourite photos for December are both signs.

The first is this black and white shot of a Sydney pedestrian crossing sign mistake “LOOK LFET”.

LOOK LFET - Sydney pedestrian crossing sign mistake

The second is this scrolling sign at the Pyrmont Bridge Hotel “THE USUAL SHENANIGANS”

The Usual Shenanigans - Australian Pub at Night

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