Freelance Journalist Work for August 2012

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This is a list of articles, photography and other media work I’ve done as a freelance photographer/journalist during August 2012. I intend to continue writing freelance articles and do more radio interviews in the future. They will be linked to on a regular basis.

I’ve been involved with a time consuming local community event this month so didn’t spend as much time doing journalism work.

Online Reviews & Analysis

Technology Spectator: Google’s nexus of complaints on 1st August 2012. Google’s move into hardware may have impressed its fans, but it still has plenty to learn about logistics and keeping its customers happy.

Technology Spectator: Nexus 7 Review on 2nd August. The combination of a competitive price, premium quality hardware from ASUS and new Android 4.1 Jellybean software from Google, make the Nexus 7 the clearly superior seven inch tablet option on the market. Also syndicated to Business Spectator.

Technology Spectator: Australia’s role in the Mars Curiosity landing on 7th August. NASA’s Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex (CDSCC) was crucial to the success of Mars Curiosity.

ABC Tech & Games: Nexus 7 tablet review on 14th August. Google’s release of its new Nexus 7 tablet is a break from the company’s standard practice, signalling its frustration with manufacturer partners in the Open Handset Alliance who have not managed to dent the market share of Apple’s iPad in any significant way.

At the end of August I visited Victoria to cover some automotive stories which I’ll write about in early September. This photo (courtesy of my friend Leigh Stark) is of me sitting in Ford Australia’s Virtual Reality 3D Car Simulator, viewing *inside* the car door lock.

Neerav Bhatt sitting in Ford Australia Virtual Reality 3D Car Simulator, viewing *inside* the car door lock


13th August – BBC Birmingham Radio Breakfast Show – Australia Reflecting On London 2012 (2 Minute MP3)


My favourites from the photos I took during August are:

From my Ken Duncan Panasonic Camera Testing 2 day trip on the Central Coast of NSW. It was the first time I’ve seen a Chameleon in real life 🙂

Veiled Chameleon (Green) - Australian Reptile Park, Central Coast NSW, Australia

I had 2 hours spare during my trip to Victoria, which I spent taking photos of some of Melbourne’s famous Street Art such as the red dragon below.

"Here Be Dragons" - Melbourne Street Art

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