Free Quotes – Cheapest Queensland (QLD) CTP Certificate


Prices for a Queensland Compulsary Third Party (CTP) Green slip can vary dramatically between the 6 insurers who provide cover (RACQ, NRMA, Allianz, AAMI, Suncorp, QBE)

The FREE CTP Premium Calculator has been developed by the Motor Accidents Insurance Commission to provide Queensland motorists with easier access to CTP premium information.

Within seconds of answering a few questions, it will display a list of quotes from all 6 insurers.

When choosing your insurer, price may be only one factor you consider. Insurers may offer some add-on products or incentives with CTP insurance. You will need to contact the individual insurers to obtain information on their respective CTP product.

The Motor Accident Authority of NSW also offers a FREE CTP Green Slip comparison service

To give you an idea how much you can save: this year renewing with NRMA would have cost us $590, but using the CTP Green Slip comparison service we found out that AAMI was $250 cheaper!!

7 Replies to “Free Quotes – Cheapest Queensland (QLD) CTP Certificate”

  1. “Queensland motorists are set to enjoy a 13 per cent drop in car registration costs from July 1.

    Deputy Premier Anna Bligh said yesterday car owners could expect to save $30 to $40 when renewing their registration because of lower compulsory third-party CTP insurance premiums.”
    – exceprt from Courier Mail article “Rego costs shrink”

  2. Thank you ever so much i also agree with Drew Freyling i will also be changing my CTP insurer because of this!

  3. Why is the CTP insurance premium different depending on when your registration/insurance expires?
    eg: due date 31 December 2007 to 30 March 2008

    NRMA Insurance: $ 261.80

    due date 30 September 2007 to 30 December 2007

    NRMA Insurance: $ 256.80

    EDITOR: not sure but the difference is only $5 anyway so it’s not worth worrying about

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  5. Hi Rambling Thoughts,

    I actually work for a CTP insurer. I just thought I might be able to answer one of your responder’s questions. No need to publish my note – I understand I’m probably not the kind of person you want commenting given I work for an insurance company!

    The prices change every quarter because the government sets the lowest and the highest prices on a quarterly basis. The insurers then have to price their product within this band somewhere.

    There are also added extras you can get with your CTP, so it’s not all just about the price.

    EDITOR: On the contrary informed comments are welcome 🙂

    In fact I recently had a series of guest articles written for my blog by an acquaintance at Raboplus Bank in return for some links to their blog and website

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