FREE Program Rotate Digital Camera Quicktime Movies 90 degrees

I just found a great FREE piece of software called “Movie Rotator” which can rotate a Quicktime digital camera video 90 degrees and save it in 3 easy steps (see below). You don’t need to use the expensive QuickTime Pro software or spend a lot of time editing and converting the Quicktime digital camera movie to other formats using Windows Movie Maker or Virtualdub

I often take videos with my digital camera when I go on holidays but sometimes I hold the camera vertically which means the video gets recorded sideways and you have to turn your head to view it 🙁 Now these videos can be viewed properly thanks to Movie Rotator 🙂

Download Quicktime Movie Rotator for free.

Movie Rotator was created by New Zealander Chris Pierce, please send him an email thanking him for releasing this great piece of software for FREE

rotate quicktime video steps 1 and 2

rotate quicktime video step 3

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  1. Cool, I was looking for that. A friend always comes along that turns my camera sideways…

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