FREE Adsense Notifier: View Google Adsense Income in Firefox

Adsense Notifier is an extension to Mozilla’s Firefox browser that displays your Google Adsense earnings on the status bar and updates the stats automatically at an interval you can set eg: every 20 minutes [an example is below with my statistics blurred 🙂 ].

Google Adsense Notifier statistics

This is wonderful for anyone with GAD (Google Adsense Disorder, like ADD, but different in that you constantly find yourself reloading the Google Adsense page to see how many more cents you made) who needs to check their stats every three seconds to see if they have gotten any more clicks 🙂

The Adsense Notifier options (right) can be changed to show:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Click Through Rate
  • Clicks per Million
  • Earnings

Google Adsense Notifier Options

For your Google Adsense for Search and AdSense for Content statistics for the following periods:

  • Since Last Payment
  • Today
  • Last 7 days
  • This Month
  • All Time
  • Yesterday
  • 2 Days ago
  • Last Month
  • This Week
  • Last Week
  • This Week
  • Last Week
  • Last Business Week

2 Replies to “FREE Adsense Notifier: View Google Adsense Income in Firefox”

  1. “GAD” made me laugh – that’s just how I am! I don’t have enough built up in my account yet to cash out, but am so looking forward to the first virtually pain-free earnings in my online career. Thanks for posting about this extension – I’m off to download it!

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