FOZI: Compact Camera Phone Tripod Fits In Your Wallet (Review)

The Australian small business Timetale asked me to review their “FOZI” credit card size compact Tripod designed to be easily stored folded up in a purse, wallet or handbag.

Frankly when it arrived in the post I was a bit disappointed … it looked like a simple plastic sheet with 2 hinges and some ridges along its top edges.

But then I thought about it a bit more and realised that simplicity, convenience and low cost were its main strengths. The hinges enabled it to be stored in a wallet and the ridged teeth kept the camera it was supporting nice and stable.

It’s not aimed at people like me with a large professional camera but the majority of people who have small cameras like the Canon IXUS range or a camera phone and need to take a photo in low light like at a party

These are some of the possible uses for the FOZI:

  • Take photos with yourself in the shot with your digital camera or phone camera
  • Use it to hold your portable media player while it’s playing a movie or tv show
  • To take sharper night time or low light photos. Use the camera self timer to trigger the shot (typically 10 second countdown). Use forced flash for best lighting and to tell when the shot has been taken. No more holding the camera at arm’s length!
  • Use it to hold a torch in place so it points in one direction and leaves your hands free.

Have a look at the video examples below to see what I mean:

You can get a FOZI tripod for FREE as I’m giving away the review sample they gave me to a reader of this blog who makes a comment on this post linking to their own personal photo gallery on Flickr, Google Picasa Gallery etc.

Whichever photo gallery I like the best wins. Entries close January 31st 2008. The winner must have a postal address.

The rest of you can buy the “FOZI” credit card size compact Tripod in any one of 7 colours directly from Timetale for the bargain price of $AUS 5.95 (incl. delivery within Australia) or $AUS 8.95 (for delivery to the USA)

Anyone else who wants their product/service reviewed should contact me for terms and conditions

2 Replies to “FOZI: Compact Camera Phone Tripod Fits In Your Wallet (Review)”

  1. Hm, I’m not sure if I would buy this. Even though it’s pretty neat it doesn’t look that stable to me. Do you think it will last more than a few months? Especially when traveling around alot?

    Cheers from Bali,

    Life is what you make it!

    EDITOR: Hi Christian

    The inventor of the fozi tells me that it should last for at least 1000 open and closes.

    PS I’ve visited your blog before and I agree with a lot of your ideas. Hopefully I can retire in my 30’s or 40’s rather than working until old age.

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