Foreign Correspondent (ABC TV) Review

In 2008 Foreign Correspondent has had ten minutes (25%) trimmed from its programme 🙁 Also with the dropping of The Bill on Tuesday evenings, the current affairs series moves to a new starting time of 9:30pm, ten minutes later than usual.

This 10min cut is a terrible cost cutting move by the ABC as Foreign Correspondent regularly has some of the best international news stories seen on Australian TV and has won many international and Australian awards for excellent journalism and reporting.

If you want ABC TV management to change this decision make sure you complain via the ABC TV contact form or call your local ABC TV offices

Each week ABC TV’s Foreign Correspondent takes the viewer on a unique journey to places few others venture, for a colourful look at the culture and lifestyle of people who don’t usually make international headlines.

ABC foreign correspondents travel to places where they are not welcome, telling the stories that governments often don’t want told – of war, famine and the political upheavals that are a tragic reality in today’s world.

Some of the topics they’ve covered in the past include: CCTV Surveillance in Britain, Deadly Injustice in the USA and Kopi Luwack : Extreme Coffee in Sumatra

They draw on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s extensive network of overseas correspondents, who, along with the Sydney-based reporting and production team, present stories that are broadcast throughout Australia on ABC-TV and into Asia via the satellite service Australian Television International.

The Video you can see at right is a 2006 story by foreign correspondent Mark Willacy – Jerusalem attracts foreign pilgrims in their thousands, but each year dozens are diagnosed with the psychotic disorder known as “Jerusalem Syndrome”.

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Below is a selection of some issues they covered in 2006:

U.S. – Canada Grass Wars – Canada’s more relaxed attitude to the growth and use of marijuana is causing problems in the U.S. where laws are enthusiastically enforced.

Alaska Eagles – Declared an endangered species in some states, the bald eagle population in Homer, Alaska is increasing – and some of the locals are not happy about it.

Hejaz Railway – Built to carry pilgrims from Istanbul to Saudi Arabia, it was one of the great train journeys of the world. Now there are plans to restore it.

The Desert Kingdom – Dubai – the jewel in the crown of the UAE – has one of the highest rates of water consumption in the world, yet receives almost no natural supply of water.

Make sure you join the ABC’s network of local and overseas journalists bringing you stories of international importance from around the world when Foreign Correspondent returns to ABC TV on Tuesday February 12th 2008 at 9.30pm

Meanwhile you can watch most of the stories broadcast during the last few years on demand at Foreign Correspondant’s Broadband page in Realplayer and Windows Media Player formats

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  1. Dubai pays no mind to any of nature’s laws so I’m sure the lack of water was glossed over the same way as the current lack of money.

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