Movie and TV series DVD price comparison: DVD Plaza

If you buy a lot of DVD movies and tv shows then you should use the free DVD Plaza website to compare prices, payment and delivery options, it’s the best DVD price comparison service for Australians.


For example when this article was written EzyDVD had several box sets of Star Trek: Next Generation on sale including free delivery for $100.00 which is roughly half price and the difference in prices between the cheapest and most expensive store selling X-Men (Special Edition) was $14.40 vs $33.45!

Other features of the site include movie reviews, popular forums where you can sell your old DVD’s, discussion forums, daily news, a constantly updated list of special prices and offers and comprehensive information about Australia’s best online DVD stores including : DeVoteD, DVD Crave, InfocusDVD, dvdorchard, EzyDVD, DVD Station, Family Box Office and Atlantic DVD (as of Nov 2006).

Another really nice feature you can use if you become a DVD Plaza member is “Email Me if the price drops” for any number of dvd titles that you have on your wishlist but can’t afford at current prices. That way whenever it goes on sale you’ll be the first to know and take advantage of the reduced price.

DVD Plaza has been ranked as one of Australia’s ten most heavily accessed movie related websites every quarter since 2000.

4 Replies to “Movie and TV series DVD price comparison: DVD Plaza”

  1. Definately a great idea for a website. I normally purchase my films from EzyDVD as I have found them pretty cheap, but I have bookmarked DVDPlaza to check out my future purchases.

    Thanks for the link 🙂

  2. Thanks for heads up on cheap DVD buying and getting good prices on DVD purchases online. DVD Plaza seems like a winner.

  3. I have been shopping with for a couple years now. Earlier this year they added dvds to their product line and I tell ya, I’ve been doing a bit of price comparisons and they are by far one of the cheapest. You should check em out and see for yourself.

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